With 123COMPARE.ME hotels regain ownership of their own guests and increase direct bookings. We monetise traffic from OTAs, as hotel website visitors come to finalise the booking process in the hotel booking engine.



123COMPARE.ME helps hotels own the guest. We focus on increasing hotel direct bookings and revenue. We create conversion rate optimisation products that are fully integrated on top of any other digital tools and platforms the hotels work with. We use CRO to minimise the gap between website lookers and bookers.

Our products include: Rate comparison, Cart Recovery, Email remarketing, SMASH – personalised messages, OTA Control & Disparity alert, Conversion Audit, Metasearch Surveillance.

Articles Written by 123COMPARE.ME

Why is Rate Parity Vital for Hotels? & Tips to Win the Parity Game

Hotels want the best price for their room. Therefore, the same price is set throughout all digital distribution channels.  But what if a distribution channel uses lower prices? In this article, you can learn about rate parity and how hotels can prevent distribution channels from undercutting the direct price. What is Rate Parity? In simple words, rate parity is a sales strategy that allows hotels to set an equal price throughout all digital distribution channels.

20 Hotel Website Mistakes To Fix To Avoid a Low Conversion Rate

The hospitality industry has strong competition and the rivalry for guests is going to be even more fierce these days. Hotels compete online for guests not only with other hotels but with other players, such as OTAs and Search Engines Hotel Markets. Therefore, hotels should ensure that their website attracts customers. In this article, you’ll find the 20 most common “deadly” mistakes that kill your website’s conversion rate and you can learn how to turn

6 Personalization Tips for Hotels to Increase Conversions

Travel behavior has changed quite a bit in the last decade and the online booking journey has become more complex. Your website visitors have a lot of options for booking a place to stay on their next trip. You compete against other hotels, Airbnb, the many choices on OTAs and review platforms. In this article you will learn concrete actions you can take to provide a highly personalized guest journey from the first visit to

SEO vs CRO: What Gives Hotels a Higher ROI?

How much should you invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your hotel to increase your sales by 5%? If you have a limited budget, what is the smartest way to use it? Can Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) be a better solution? In this article you will learn the meaning of SEO and CRO, and what you should focus on. How To Best Spend Your Limited Resources Today, available resources

How Hotels Can Combine Revenue Management and CRO?

One of the best and most common definitions of Revenue Management is “Selling the Right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment at the Right Price in the Right Distribution Channel with the best commission efficiency”. Both Revenue Management and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) are data-driven, but they are slightly different. In this article, you can learn about the myths of CRO, how it relates to Revenue Management and how best to combine