Outsourcing Revenue Management for Independent Hotels

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Outsourcing Revenue Management

Revenue management is a proven concept, based on the idea of using data and analytics to optimise financial results. Yet, capitalising on it fully also requires specialist skills and knowledge. For many hotel owners, outsourcing provides the best solution, because it allows them to benefit from this kind of expertise, without having to hire a full-time revenue manager to work internally, with all the expenses that entail. By outsourcing responsibility for revenue management, you will be able to capitalise on up-to-date knowledge, the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology, helping you to stay ahead of rivals.

Advantages for Independent Hotels

Outsourcing revenue management is especially beneficial for independent hotels, where evidence suggests it leads to better results, on average, than hiring a full-time revenue manager. Your hotel will be able to adopt a more evidence-based approach to decisions around pricing and distribution, improving the chances of optimising occupancy and room rates in the process. Furthermore, one of the significant advantages of outsourcing revenue management is that it reduces the workload for your full-time employees, freeing them up to focus on other responsibilities, such as sales and operations. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing revenue management in our article “Outsourcing Revenue Management: 4 Ways it Benefits Hotels”.

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