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How Much Revenue Could Your Hotel Make From Upselling? [Including Upsell Calculator]


Upselling is a great way to boost both your guests’ experience and your revenue through paid upgrades and ancillary services. In this article you will learn how you can calculate additional revenue, made by upselling. Additionally you find a handy tool to help you to estimate the potential. Success Factors for Upselling A recently published benchmarking report shows that elements like

How Much Revenue Could Your Hotel Make From Upselling? [Including Upsell Calculator]2020-02-07T10:55:39+01:00

By How Much Can Upselling Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue? [Free benchmark report]


The importance of upselling within the hotel industry has increased over recent years. No wonder, because a good upselling strategy can significantly boost a hotels revenue. But is upselling beneficial for every type of hotel? Is it worth for your hotel? In this article you find a comparison of the upsell performance per type of hotel, based on recent benchmark

By How Much Can Upselling Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue? [Free benchmark report]2020-02-07T11:00:29+01:00

Outsourcing Revenue Management: 4 Ways it Benefits Hotels


Revenue management is extremely important within the hotel industry, because it allows owners to optimise the way they do business, in order to improve financial results. However, it also requires specific skills and knowledge, which means that it can be more effective to outsource revenue management to a third party that specialises in this area. In this article, you will

Outsourcing Revenue Management: 4 Ways it Benefits Hotels2020-02-07T11:20:46+01:00

What is Yield Management?


Yield management is a pricing strategy, which is commonly utilised by businesses in hospitality, air travel and other tourism related fields, in order to generate maximum revenue from a perishable inventory (e.g. hotel rooms, or airline seats). Here, we answer the question 'what is yield management?' and provide an explanation for why it is so useful for hotel owners and

What is Yield Management?2020-02-07T11:30:16+01:00

10 Pricing Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Revenue


For those operating in the hotel industry, maximising revenue is a top priority, and achieving this goal often requires the right pricing strategy, at the right time. In fact, making room rate adjustments based on demand, customer segmentation and other factors can be the key to overall business success. In this article, we offer insight into 10 pricing strategies that

10 Pricing Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Revenue2020-02-07T11:30:42+01:00

The Most Used Revenue Management KPI’s for Hotels


A key performance indicator can provide revenue managers and hotel owners with valuable information about the performance of their business. This subsequently has the benefit of allowing them to implement a revenue management strategy, so that they can maximise financial business results. In this post, we look at some of the most widely utilised revenue management KPI’s and how they

The Most Used Revenue Management KPI’s for Hotels2020-02-07T11:31:56+01:00

What does GOPPAR stand for?


A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a quantifiable measurement of business performance. The use of KPIs is essential for implementing a successful revenue management strategy, as it allows businesses to identify areas of success and failure, as well as trends related to demand and customer behaviour. GOPPAR is one of the most important KPI used by hotels for the

What does GOPPAR stand for?2020-02-07T11:32:35+01:00

9 Revenue Management Strategies to Grow Your Hotel Business


For hotel owners looking to grow their business, a robust revenue management strategy is of the utmost importance, helping to optimise business results. However, under the broader revenue management umbrella, there are many smaller strategies that can help to facilitate growth. In this article you find nine revenue management strategies that those in the hotel industry can employ to achieve

9 Revenue Management Strategies to Grow Your Hotel Business2020-02-07T11:33:08+01:00

Revenue Management; clearly explained!


Revenue management is concerned with optimising financial results and is especially popular in industries like hospitality, which must contend with high fixed costs and a perishable inventory. For example, hotels have a certain number of rooms and fixed costs which must be met, regardless of how many rooms are sold. In such industries, revenue management is employed in an effort

Revenue Management; clearly explained!2020-02-07T11:33:26+01:00

What is RevPOR?


Revenue per occupied room, also known as RevPOR, is a KPI used within hotel management to assess financial performance. As a result, it can play a role in a revenue management strategy. Its main value to hotel owners is in giving them an idea of exactly how much revenue they are making from the rooms that they manage to sell.

What is RevPOR?2020-02-07T11:37:19+01:00
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