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Revenge travelling: What Will Travel After COVID-19 Look Like?

Many trips had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, but recent consumer surveys show that many people will want to catch up on those missed travel trips after the crisis; so-called revenge travelling. But now the question is: will demand bounce back as quickly as some seem to think? Will the way we can travel change a lot after this pandemic? And how should you as a hotelier prepare for the arrival of

Tips for Hotels During the Corona (COVID-19) Crisis

The Corona (COVID-19) virus global pandemic is an unprecedented crisis and hotels are among the many businesses feeling the effects, as global travel restrictions come into force and entire countries face 'lock down' procedures. This article will offer tips for hotel owners looking for ways to optimise revenue and limit the damage. Quick menu: What is the Effect of the Coronavirus Crisis on Hotels? 11 Tips for Hotels During the Corona (COVID-19) Crisis Tips to

Marketing Tips For the Hospitality & Travel Industry During the Corona Crisis

During the Corona (COVID-19) crisis, there is a lot of uncertainty in the travel industry. Billions of damage are imminent for the travel industry. Only relief from measures against the Corona (COVID-19) virus can ease the economic pain. The hope of travel organisations is focused on summer and autumn business. But how do you deal with online marketing during this crisis period? And how can you prepare your organisation for what’s to come? In this

12 Tips for Hotels to Optimise Revenue in Low Demand Periods

For hotel owners, low season and other periods of low demand represent a major challenge, as fewer rooms being booked means less money coming in and that can have serious cash flow repercussions. This is why it is so important to optimise revenue and ensure you are able to bring in as much money as possible from the guests you are able to attract. Here, you will find 12 tips that will help you to

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Contactless Payments Are Becoming More Important Within Hospitality

Contactless payment methods are becoming increasingly popular throughout the hospitality sector, and for good reason. They embrace some of the most cutting-edge technology while providing your guests with a more user-friendly experience. It is important to take a look at this concept in greater detail. Quick menu: What is a Contactless Payment? How Do Contactless Payments Work Within the Hospitality Sector? 4 Reasons Why Contactless Payments are getting Popular in the Hospitality Industry 1. A

How to Use Guest Messaging to Increase Your Return on Experience?

Return on Experience (ROX) has been discussed widely and it is being referred to as “the new ROI” (Return on Investment). Compared with ROI, which directly measures the amount of return on a particular investment, ROX measures the soft business results that a great experience can generate. In this article you can learn why ROX is important and how you can use it to benefit you hotel. What is Return on Experience (ROX)? ROX is

SEO vs CRO: What Gives Hotels a Higher ROI?

How much should you invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your hotel to increase your sales by 5%? If you have a limited budget, what is the smartest way to use it? Can Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) be a better solution? In this article you will learn the meaning of SEO and CRO, and what you should focus on. How To Best Spend Your Limited Resources Today, available resources

The Benefits Of Automated Advertising in Search Engines

Reaching potential travellers exactly at that point in time when they’re searching online for the best offer. To succeed these days as a travel company on search platforms, you need to be rapidly adapting to changes. Using search technology & software can help you with this. Here, you will find

Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Care

Nowadays, hoteliers can not only rely on their hotels’ amenities, looks, or standardised services, they need to offer more. Happy customers is the key for success in the hotel business. Customer satisfaction is therefore increasingly important and knowing your guests’ needs has become a must for hoteliers. So hoteliers should make

How High and Low Can You Go With Your Hotel Room Pricing?

Behavioural economics is the study of people’s decision-making processes and how they are not always entirely rational. By understanding people’s reactions to the choices available, you are better able to make pricing strategies that maximise your revenue. For example, evidence dictates that ending your prices with the number ‘9’ increases

Increase Your Direct Bookings With Google Hotel Ads

Millions of travellers around the world use Google on a daily base to search for their place to stay during their holiday. Whether it’s for inspiration or information, every brand wants to show up for interested travellers. Google Hotel Ads displays availability and prices of a property, whether it’s a

7 Tips to Choose The Right Hotel Technology For Your Property

The ever-evolving technology has been changing the working style, guest experiences, and travellers’ expectations in the industry. Therefore it is wise to assess the right technology and partner for your business. But, how can you make this decision process simple and find the right partner? Let’s find out. Why Hotel

List of Hotel Metasearch Engines to Grow Your Hotel Bookings

Hotel metasearch engines provide an excellent opportunity for those in the hotel industry to reach a wider number of customers. This is because many potential guests turn to these platforms for price comparison purposes before making a booking. In this article, you will find out more about these platforms, along