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Let’s Get Digital: Creating a Smart Guest Journey for Your Hotel

Coronavirus threw a lot of well-established routines and best practices overboard without warning. Within only a few months, almost every aspect of hotel operations had to be re-examined and updated in ways nobody would have predicted at the start of 2020. To help you navigate this transition, this article sums up actionable tips on how you can adapt your guest journey to the new reality. New Automation Standards Due to The Corona Pandemic New, strict

20 Hotel Website Mistakes To Fix To Avoid a Low Conversion Rate

The hospitality industry has strong competition and the rivalry for guests is going to be even more fierce these days. Hotels compete online for guests not only with other hotels but with other players, such as OTAs and Search Engines Hotel Markets. Therefore, hotels should ensure that their website attracts customers. In this article, you’ll find the 20 most common “deadly” mistakes that kill your website’s conversion rate and you can learn how to turn

Tips for Hotels to Optimize Their Contactless Guest Journey

Due to Covid-19, social distancing has advanced the prominence of contactless payments and with it the delivery of digital services. Consumer behavior highlights the growing acceptance and expectation of contactless services, requiring all businesses to adapt to existence. As the hotel industry prepares for the return of travelers, the industry must recognize the new consumer touchpoints to digitalize processes to provide greater confidence while delivering a more enhanced experience in the guest journey. The State

Tips for Choosing a Revenue Management System for Your Hotel

Revenue management systems (RMS) are a new way of working for the vast majority of hotels – in fact, for most, this kind of software was not even an option before. But times are changing. Property management systems (PMS) are becoming more user friendly, and such systems can help you to simplify your life, save you time and result in more revenue. Dynamic pricing automation is now available for even the smallest hotels. This article

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Marketing Tips to Attract More Travellers

6 Personalization Tips for Hotels to Increase Conversions

Travel behavior has changed quite a bit in the last decade and the online booking journey has become more complex. Your website visitors have a lot of options for booking a place to stay on their next trip. You compete against other hotels, Airbnb, the many choices on OTAs and review platforms. In this article you will learn concrete actions you can take to provide a highly personalized guest journey from the first visit to

4 Important Hotel Metrics to Measure Your Guest Experience

The majority of hotels tend to ignore that data is essential for their business or tend to think that data gathering and reporting is something reserved for big multinational hotel chains like Accor or Marriott. Yet, the contrary is the case: vital hotel metrics can benefit each hotel. In this article, you will find why having accurate metrics in your hotel could boost your revenue and hotel’s success. Hotel Metrics Essential for Each Hotel The

How to Use Guest Messaging to Increase Your Return on Experience?

Return on Experience (ROX) has been discussed widely and it is being referred to as “the new ROI” (Return on Investment). Compared with ROI, which directly measures the amount of return on a particular investment, ROX measures the soft business results that a great experience can generate. In this article you can learn why ROX is important and how you can use it to benefit you hotel. What is Return on Experience (ROX)? ROX is

SEO vs CRO: What Gives Hotels a Higher ROI?

How much should you invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your hotel to increase your sales by 5%? If you have a limited budget, what is the smartest way to use it? Can Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) be a better solution? In this article you will learn the meaning of SEO and CRO, and what you should focus on. How To Best Spend Your Limited Resources Today, available resources

Technology & Software Tips to Improve Processes

How the Internet of Things (IoT) can Benefit the Travel Industry

For those in the travel industry, one of the most important and powerful emerging technology trends, which needs to be understood and explored, is the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. It has the potential to fundamentally change how many tourism companies operate, improve their revenue management, and enhance the customer experience. In this article, you will learn more about what the Internet of Things actually is and find out how it can be

The Benefits of Reputation Management Software for Travel Companies

Companies operating in the travel and tourism industry can live or die based off of their online reputation. For this reason, a reputation management strategy is crucial, and reputation management software can play a major role in achieving sustainable business success. Here, you will find out more about the importance of a good reputation, the value of high-quality reputation software packages, and the main features you should look out for. Quick menu: Understanding the Word

5 Benefits of Virtual Reality Marketing for The Travel Industry

Virtual reality is experienced through sights and sounds in an artificial environment provided by a computer. The travel and tourism industry has started adopting this tool to enhance customer experience and maximise engagements. If you want to use this innovative tool to promote your travel business, take a look at this overview of virtual reality marketing (Also known as VR marketing), its importance for the tourism sector, and 5 advantages of using virtual reality to

Hotel App: Optimise Your Guest Communication, Experience & Revenue

The use of mobile apps for performing everyday activities has become more commonplace and this has led to the rise of hotel apps. These hotel apps can then allow users to access a range of services, or to perform a range of different actions. In this article, you will learn more about hotel apps, the benefits of them, and the ways in which hotel owners can use them to improve communication, revenue and the customer

Revenue Management Tips to Optimise Revenue

By How Much Can Upselling Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue?

The importance of upselling within the hotel industry has increased over recent years. No wonder, because a good upselling strategy can significantly boost a hotels revenue. But is upselling beneficial for every type of hotel? Is it worth for your hotel? In this article you find a comparison of the upsell performance per type of hotel, based on recent benchmark report. At the bottom of the article you also find a link to download the

RMS System: An Overview of the Most Important Features

Revenue management is an important concept for those in the hotel industry, and a revenue management system (RMS system) can go a long way towards ensuring you are making informed decisions, based on evidence and data. In this article, you will find out more about RMS software, and the most important features to look out for. What is Revenue Management? Broadly speaking, revenue management is the practice of making the right strategic and tactical decisions,

Outsourcing Revenue Management: 4 Ways it Benefits Hotels

Revenue management is extremely important within the hotel industry, because it allows owners to optimise the way they do business, in order to improve financial results. However, it also requires specific skills and knowledge, which means that it can be more effective to outsource revenue management to a third party that specialises in this area. In this article, you will find out more about revenue management and the benefits of outsourcing. What is Revenue Management?

What is Yield Management?

Yield management is a pricing strategy, which is commonly utilised by businesses in hospitality, air travel and other tourism related fields, in order to generate maximum revenue from a perishable inventory (e.g. hotel rooms, or airline seats). Here, we answer the question 'what is yield management?' and provide an explanation for why it is so useful for hotel owners and others working in hospitality. Defining Yield Management In simple terms, yield management is a strategy