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Smart Hotel; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests?

One of the most important technological trends within the hotel industry today is the rise of smart hotel technology. This technology has the capacity to benefit both hotel owners and guests alike, potentially improving financial results, as well as the customer experience itself. In this article, you will learn more about what a smart hotel actually is, why the technology is becoming so important, and what the various plus points are. What is a Smart

7 Key Technology Trends Emerging in the Travel Industry for 2019

For businesses in the travel industry, as well as their customers, technology plays a vital role. It has the capacity to increase the efficiency of business operations and also improve the customer experience, but it is critical that hotels and other companies keep up-to-date with the emerging technology trends so they do not fall behind competitors. In this article, you will find details about seven of the most important tech trends in today's tourism industry.

7 Ways to Transform a Hotel Room Into a Smart Room

The smart hotel room concept is one of the most important technology trends emerging within the hospitality industry today. Indeed, the idea of a smart hotel is attractive to customers, for a whole variety of reasons, including greater convenience and personalisation. However, while a growing number of owners are willing to embrace the idea, many are unsure of how to go about actually implementing smart room technology. To help out, in this article, you will

8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

Hotels, airlines, car rental companies and others in the travel industry prioritise the customer experience, as it is one of the single most effective competitive differentiators. Indeed, companies that deliver in this area are more likely to generate customer loyalty and more likely to build positive reputations. In this article, you will find out about eight of the most effective ways for those in the tourism industry to improve the experience for customers. 8 Ways

5 Ways Personalisation Marketing is Used in the Travel Industry

The travel industry is highly competitive, and one of the best ways to attract and retain customers is to provide them with a personalised experience, where they are treated as an individual. Personalisation marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this, because it means marketing content is more tailored and relevant. In this post, you will learn more about personalisation marketing and find out about five ways it can be used within tourism. What is Personalised Marketing? In simple terms, personalisation marketing refers to a strategy where promotional content is delivered on a more individual basis. The goal

5 Ways Big Data Can Benefit the Travel Industry

Within the travel industry, big data is one of the most important concepts to get to grips with, because most other businesses are already utilising it and reaping the rewards. These rewards include the ability to make more informed decisions, learn about customers and competitors, improve the customer experience and increase revenue. In this article, you will learn more about big data, and how it can benefit companies in the tourism industry. Understanding Big Data First,

Outsourcing Revenue Management: 4 Ways it Benefits Hotels

Revenue management is extremely important within the hotel industry, because it allows owners to optimise the way they do business, in order to improve financial results. However, it also requires specific skills and knowledge, which means that it can be more effective to outsource revenue management to a third party that specialises in this area. In this article, you will find out more about revenue management and the benefits of outsourcing. What is Revenue Management?

4 Ways Facial Recognition Can Be Used in the Travel Industry

Until relatively recently, facial recognition technology was a concept most commonly associated with science fiction. However, the technology has now advanced to the point where it is mainstream, compatible with smartphones, and used by social media sites. Another area where facial recognition is being introduced more frequently is the travel

How Can Voice Control Benefit the Travel Industry?

Voice control is one of the most exciting technology trends to have emerged in recent years, and thanks to home hubs and smartphones, it has become a part of many consumers' everyday lives. For tourism companies, it is important to respond to this, embrace new approaches and capitalise on the

Robots in the Travel Industry: 8 Real-World Examples

One of the most exciting technological developments within the travel industry in recent years has been the increased prevalence of robots, with examples ranging from text-based chatbots and front desk robotic assistants, to security robots and robotic travel cases. This article takes a closer look at the way robots are

10 Pricing Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Revenue

For those operating in the hotel industry, maximising revenue is a top priority, and achieving this goal often requires the right pricing strategy, at the right time. In fact, making room rate adjustments based on demand, customer segmentation and other factors can be the key to overall business success. In

Key Digital Trends in the Travel Industry for 2019

For hotel owners and other business leaders operating in the travel industry, it is important to keep up with the latest digital trends. Failure to do so can result in rivals gaining a competitive advantage, while it can also negatively impact upon the customer experience, potentially harming your reputation as

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