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Tourism Trends: 13 Opportunities for The Tourism Industry

Every industry has trends and innovations -- the tourism industry is no exception. In a rapidly-evolving landscape, new trends are appearing and taking hold all the time. Changing demographics, advances in technology, shifting social mores: these influences and others all help give rise to important new tourism trends. To find out about 13 of the top tourism trends to watch, read on. Keeping up with the Latest Tourism Trends: Why It Matters to Your Business

How the Internet of Things (IoT) can Benefit the Travel Industry

For those in the travel industry, one of the most important and powerful emerging technology trends, which needs to be understood and explored, is the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. It has the potential to fundamentally change how many tourism companies operate, improve their revenue management, and enhance the customer experience. In this article, you will learn more about what the Internet of Things actually is and find out how it can be

10 Amazing Examples of 360 Video Hotel Tours

For hotel owners, it is important to keep up with the latest video marketing trends, and the 360 video hotel tour is one of the most significant trends of recent times. In this article, you will learn more about 360 movie technology, the ways it differs from the VR hotel offerings, and 10 of the best examples of its use within the hotel industry. What is a 360 Video? A 360 video, also known as

Hotel Advertisement; 10 Effective Hotel Advertising Strategies

A hotel advertisement campaign is one of the major ways for hotels to generate interest and promote their unique offerings. However, there are a range of different hotel advertising strategies, and it is usually best to adopt several of these, in order to create a diverse marketing mix. In this article, you will find out more about hotel ads, the different options that are available, and the ways they can benefit hotel owners. What is

How Can Voice Control Benefit the Hospitality Industry?

Successful leaders in the hospitality industry understand the importance of embracing new technology, especially when it has the capacity to improve the customer experience. One example of a technology trend that has seen increased adoption rates in recent times is voice control technology, and it can be of great benefit to hotel owners. In this post, you will learn more about how voice control works, as well as some of its key benefits. Voice Control: In a Nutshell Voice control is a type of voice recognition technology, which enables devices like smart phones, smart TVs and home hubs to understand

Hotel Technology Trends: 11 Upcoming Innovations in 2019 and Beyond

Much like the properties themselves, hotel technology has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years. Not only are "smart" systems entirely prevalent, but guests can expect to enjoy more interactive experiences than ever before. Let us briefly highlight eleven amazing hotel technology trends and what these might signify for the industry as a whole. Why is Hotel Technology Becoming More Important? The notion of "business as usual" within the hotel industry is quickly evolving.

Space Tourism: 5 Space Companies That Will Make You An Astronaut

The concept of space tourism is one of the most exciting emerging features of the wider tourism industry, and companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are already making waves by outlining plans to deliver various forms of commercial spaceflight in the near future. In this article, you will find out more about the space tourism industry, its history, the companies that are most likely to deliver on it, and what the future has in store.

Smart Hotel; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests?

One of the most important technological trends within the hotel industry today is the rise of smart hotel technology. This technology has the capacity to benefit both hotel owners and guests alike, potentially improving financial results, as well as the customer experience itself. In this article, you will learn more

Hospitality Trends: The Latest Trends in The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, and it is important for businesses operating within it to keep up with the latest trends, in order to avoid being left behind. Furthermore, keeping pace with the wider industry is one of the ways owners can help to ensure their business is delivering

7 Key Technology Trends Emerging in the Travel Industry for 2019

For businesses in the travel industry, as well as their customers, technology plays a vital role. It has the capacity to increase the efficiency of business operations and also improve the customer experience, but it is critical that hotels and other companies keep up-to-date with the emerging technology trends so

7 Ways to Transform a Hotel Room Into a Smart Room

The smart hotel room concept is one of the most important technology trends emerging within the hospitality industry today. Indeed, the idea of a smart hotel is attractive to customers, for a whole variety of reasons, including greater convenience and personalisation. However, while a growing number of owners are willing

8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

Hotels, airlines, car rental companies and others in the travel industry prioritise the customer experience, as it is one of the single most effective competitive differentiators. Indeed, companies that deliver in this area are more likely to generate customer loyalty and more likely to build positive reputations. In this article,

5 Ways Personalisation Marketing is Used in the Travel Industry

The travel industry is highly competitive, and one of the best ways to attract and retain customers is to provide them with a personalised experience, where they are treated as an individual. Personalisation marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this, because it means marketing content is more

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