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Hospitality & travel professionals use Revfine.com to find strategies, tactics and solutions to get inspired, optimise revenue, innovate processes and improve customer experience. Our expert solution partners provide you with high-quality information and practical solutions to help to grow your business.

Below you find an overview of our Expert Solution Partners.

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Below you find an overview of our Expert Solution Partners.


The Hotels Network

The Hotels Network Offers a full-stack growth platform for hotels to power their direct channel. Our mission is to improve the online booking experience, grow direct bookings and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands and


Franco Grasso Revenue Team

Franco Grasso Revenue Team Franco Grasso Revenue Team is a worldwide leader in the field of revenue management consulting & outsourcing. In the last 15 years, we have supported more than 1.500 hotels in more


Orange Hotel Marketing

Orange Hotel Marketing Orange Hotel Marketing helps pro-actively the finest hotels grow and thrive. Focus on giving your guests an extraordinary experience, while we mastermind your growth. We activate your marketing strategy in conversion-driven websites,



RoomPriceGenie RoomPriceGenie is a revenue management system for smaller properties. We optimise your revenue by automatically optimising your prices 7 times a day. Transparent, controllable, and time-saving – a full 90% of our hotels trust



Adchieve Reaching potential travellers, exactly at that point in time when they’re searching online for the best offer. Matching the specific needs that they have. Complete with up-to-date booking information. And all of this, fully



HiJiffy Hotel Chatbot and Hotel Communication Platform. Increase your direct bookings and your customer satisfaction with our cutting edge AI-powered chat booking assistant and a one-stop platform for all your communication channels. HiJiffy



Cendyn Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing, and



Atomize Atomize is a revenue management system for hotels. Atomize RMS includes the latest features and functionalities that will optimize your revenue, drive profitability, save valuable time and outperform your competitors. Atomize website



Hotelchamp With Hotelchamp, everybody wins. An easy way to bring your hotel online, attract highly converting traffic & encourage guests to book direct. Hotelchamp website



Quicktext Quicktext is a chatbot and messaging hub for hotels & resorts that reduces the workload at the front desk, increases direct bookings and improves the hotel’s guest experience. Our Chatbot Velma speaks as a


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Revfine.com is a knowledge platform for the hospitality and travel industry. Professionals benefit from our marketing, revenue management, software & technology insights, strategies, and actionable tips to optimise their business.



IDeaS IDeaS is the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services. IDeaS website About Articles Ebooks



Oaky Let Oaky work for you – Become a leader in up-selling. Oaky helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior experience to their guests. Oaky website



ROOMDEX ROOMDEX is the hyper-intelligent hotel upgrade and upsell platform. The software uses hotel reservation, guest data, proprietary persona, and price algorithms to deliver personalized digital offers, resulting in high margin revenue and a substantial



Bookboost Enrich digital guest services with direct messaging. Bookboost connects hotels with guests on their preferred messaging app for a highly personalised experience. Become more efficient with guest enquiries and maximise revenue with timely personalised



Marvia Activating Local Marketing Potential for Brands. Marvia is a cloud-based Local Marketing Automation platform. Our software simplifies every aspect of distributed marketing and enables organizations to centrally control their marketing materials while customizing and

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