RoomPriceGenie is a revenue management system for smaller properties. We optimise your revenue by automatically optimising your prices 7 times a day. Transparent, controllable, and time-saving – a full 90% of our hotels trust us on Auto-Pilot. The most common feedback: “It gives us peace of mind”.

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When CEO, Ari Andricopoulos, visited his father’s 15-room B&B he could see that they were not reaching their revenue potential.

With his background in financial algorithms, he decided to work out a way to fix this. Along with great partners, Marvin and Joerg, and a phenomenal team, we have created a product that hundreds of hotels now use to compete with the larger hotels.

The focus is always on simplicity and effectiveness. We hope you like it.

Articles Written by RoomPriceGenie

Pricing Your Rooms in 2022 – Getting The Best Results in Times of Uncertainty

Cast your minds back to midnight on new years eve. You probably weren’t thinking about your room pricing. But if you had been, would you have felt confident about how demand will play out this year? How much would you bet on being right? If you are in charge of setting prices for a hotel, then a lot of money can depend on not getting it wrong. Usually, given the data from previous years, you

Do Small Hotels Need a RMS? How to Overcome the 6 Challenges?

As a hotelier, you have a lot on your plate. From taking care of your staff and guests to managing your online presence, bills and housekeeping - it’s no easy task. But even so, it is imperative you do not overlook one of the most important things to manage: your hotel revenue. In this article, you will learn what the advantages are of a revenue management system (RMS) for smaller hotels and how it helps

Tips for Choosing a Revenue Management System for Your Hotel

Revenue management systems (RMS) are a new way of working for the vast majority of hotels – in fact, for most, this kind of software was not even an option before. But times are changing. Property management systems (PMS) are becoming more user friendly, and such systems can help you to simplify your life, save you time and result in more revenue. Dynamic pricing automation is now available for even the smallest hotels. This article

How High and Low Can You Go With Your Hotel Room Pricing?

Behavioural economics is the study of people’s decision-making processes and how they are not always entirely rational. By understanding people’s reactions to the choices available, you are better able to make pricing strategies that maximise your revenue. For example, evidence dictates that ending your prices with the number ‘9’ increases your revenue. If you charge $119, you should see more bookings than if you charge $117 or $120. This is not ‘rational’ as economists would

Quantifying the Benefit of Using Revenue Management Software

When potential clients reach out to Revenue Management Software (RMS) companies, they often have the same question: “How much extra revenue will I make?”. To which the only honest answer is “We don’t know, exactly”. You may come across companies promising 30% or 50% more than you are receiving now. But, in reality, it depends on so many factors; for example, location, competitor behaviour, what the current pricing is like, and whether the revenue management

Basics of Revenue Management for Smaller Hotels

Revenue management stands for “Selling the right product to the right client at the right moment at the right price via the right distribution channel with the best cost efficiency”. But what does revenue management really mean for the extraordinary hotelier? What should you take care of in order to increase the revenue for your property? Basics of Revenue Management Several aspects should be taken into account if you would like to improve your revenue

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