What Will You Learn?

This hands-on course provides practical insights for increasing profitability via cutting-edge hotel technology. After finishing it and the accompanying checklist, you should feel more at ease with revenue management and hotel technology and observe a significant rise in profitability.

In this revenue management course, you’ll learn:

  • Self-sufficiency with a wide range of hotel software and understanding of the best fit for your hotel
  • A greater grasp and sense of revenue management
  • Several suggestions to help you raise your revenue even more
  • An understanding of the advantages and control you have with price automation
  • A high degree of expertise in branding and digital marketing related to hotels
  • Optional expert courses, such as advanced revenue management or Google My Business
  • Significant revenue growth as compared to your competitors

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Introduction to Hotel Digitalization
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Hotel Revenue Management
  • Digital Hotel Marketing
  • Cloud Technology, Distribution and More
  • Going more in Depth
  • Checklist
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