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Learn How to Triple Your (Hotel) Restaurant Revenue


Many hoteliers and restaurant owners assume booking widgets are only used on their own company websites. But that's not the case. Nowadays, you can't solely rely on your own website for business – you need to be where your guests are online. The Customer Acquisition Guide shows you advanced digital strategies

Mastering Revenue Management with a Reduced Workforce


For better or worse, the credo of "doing more with less" has become an essential competency of today's revenue managers. Maximizing distribution efficiency by optimizing booking profitability while experimenting with new channels and price techniques that might further optimize revenues is critical. Several techniques assure maximum effectiveness while mastering Revenue Management

The Hotelier’s Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting


To accomplish total revenue management and profit optimization, revenue management must extend beyond rooms and include all income streams, necessitating insight and forecasting for your whole organization. In this free guide, "Hotelier's Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting", you'll learn how to guide your business toward total revenue forecasting by aligning

5 Data-driven Strategies for Optimizing Your Hotel Revenue


As you develop your revenue plan, it's vital to focus on departmental alignment and how to leverage data (with the correct technology) to achieve property-wide goals. Without that degree of digital coordination, your efforts may backfire, with departments inadvertently working against one another and wasting money. When all of the proper

How to Master Revenue Management with Reduced Staff


For better or worse, the "doing more with less" mantra has become a core skillset of today's revenue managers. It's imperative to be as efficient as possible with distribution, maximizing booking profitability while experimenting with new channels and pricing strategies to optimize revenues further. Several tactics ensure peak performance to master

5 Key Data-Driven Strategies for Optimizing Hotel Revenue in 2022


As you begin to develop your revenue strategy for 2022, it's vital to focus on departmental alignment and know how to leverage your data (with the correct technology) to achieve property-wide goals. Without that degree of digital coordination, your efforts may backfire, with departments inadvertently working against one other and wasting

How Breakfast Service Can Be a Profit Center for Your Hotel


Taking care of breakfast in various aspects means laying the foundations for significant increases in turnover and profits. Did you know? OTAs show "breakfast included" as a primary search filter for hotel guests. It's not surprising that guests want to maximize their time and energy by enjoying breakfast within the hotel

Hotel Revenue Management in a Time of Great Change


The corona pandemic has influenced many aspects of the hotel sector. Initially, hotel operators and revenue managers who had not been furloughed or permanently laid off rushed to be competent business operators in a period when many standard rules, methods, and assumptions were no longer relevant, feasible, or successful. Revenue management

Revenue Management Outlook Survey Results 2022


What is the outlook of hospitality professionals like yourself regarding revenue management in 2022? We asked several questions like How has your competitive set changed in 2021? What are your revenue expectations for 2022? What are your investment priorities for 2022? What do you project your average occupancy to be in

Revenue Management & Hotel Technology Course


This hands-on course provides practical insights for increasing profitability via cutting-edge hotel technology. After finishing it and the accompanying checklist, you should feel more at ease with revenue management and hotel technology and observe a significant rise in profitability. In this revenue management course, you'll learn: Self-sufficiency with a wide range

Calculator: Missed Revenue From Free Upgrades


Discover how much your hotel can generate revenue from selling upgrades pre-arrival. Giving out free upgrades isn't always negative, but what is the income potential when sold? Download the spreadsheet, complete with calculations, to calculate the income lost by giving out free upgrades. What Will You Get?

Revenue Management System Buyer’s Guide 2022


Revenue management software automates the process of using analytics to determine the right price for hotel rooms to maximize revenue and profitability. The primary goal is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price on the right channel. This Revenue Management System

How Hotels Are Educating Staff in Effective Upselling


If you're in a management role in hospitality, you'll be familiar with the never-ending pursuit of perfection that goes hand in hand with success. We all know what an undertaking optimising your hotel's operations can be – especially when the same processes and SOPs have been followed for years on end.

Revenue Management Foundations Course


In this free revenue management course, you will learn the foundations of revenue management like forecasting, essential factors that influence the forecast, set optimal pricing and much more. Ready to enhance your revenue management skills and knowledge? This free revenue management course will lay the foundation upon which you can build

How Wayfarer Hotel Group Outperformed Their Market by 15%


Like most countries, Japan was hit hard by Covid-19. However, the Wayfarer Group’s Kyoto property was able to weather the crisis and outperform their competition. Please find out how they did it in this case study where the Revenue and Marketing Manager at Wayfarer Hotel Group, Frederic Turpin, shares his insights.

Embracing Total Revenue Management


Managing room revenue only is no longer enough in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced market and ancillary income has become a primary source of revenue for many properties. Within this free ebook “Total Revenue Management” you’ll learn how to get started with applying revenue management principles beyond the room departments. All revenue-generating

10 Things To Know About Revenue Management


Hotel Revenue Management is an innovative economic discipline that involves the harmonious and integrated use of sales channels, distribution strategies and market-oriented dynamic pricing to obtain the highest profits possible from each hotel. This ebook is an introduction to revenue management for executives, general managers and hotel owners. Within the ebook

The Ultimate Revenue Management Buyer’s Guide


Today's global hotel industry is facing the biggest challenge in recent history, and yet the greatest potential for transformational progress and accelerated growth. It would seem that 2020 has dealt us all with a losing card, but there is always a game to be won. This version of The Hotel Revenue

49 Tips to Supercharge Your Hotels Revenue


This free ebook consist of 73 pages with 49 tips to supercharge your hotels revenue. It has been expertly curated to help small hotels make the most of the online marketing, distribution, sales and revenue management opportunities. Below you find an overview of all topics.

COVID Recovery Strategy Revenue Management


We consulted experienced experts in revenue management to get you moving in the right direction. Their advice forms the basis of this detailed “COVID Recovery Strategy Revenue Management” eBook and should ignite some unexplored ideas for your hotel! Below you find an overview of all