What Will You Learn?

The corona pandemic has influenced many aspects of the hotel sector. Initially, hotel operators and revenue managers who had not been furloughed or permanently laid off rushed to be competent business operators in a period when many standard rules, methods, and assumptions were no longer relevant, feasible, or successful. Revenue management has become a strategic discipline, critical to a successful recovery, as they have come to comprehend the much-changed travel market.

This revenue management ebook discusses how revenue management procedures have altered due to changing markets, changing needs and how technology supports these changing demands.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • A New Beginning for Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management – A Profession in Constant Evolution
  • New Tools in the Revenue Manager’s Toolkit
  • Spreadsheet Limitations Become Evident – and New Option Emerges
  • Two Routes to RMS Access
  • Heightened Regard and Responsibilities for Revenue Managers and their RMS
  • Growing Respect for the Revenue Management role Continued Evolution
  • Revenue Management But Still-limited RMS Implementation
  • Setting Priorities for a Revenue Manager’s Time
  • Streamlined, “Leaner” Revenue Management Processes
  • Early 2020 – The Pandemic Changes Everything
  • The Lasting Effects of the Pandemic on Hotel Revenue Management
  • Change Will Continue – Including in Hotel Revenue Management
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