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Atomize is a revenue management system for hotels. Atomize RMS includes the latest features and functionalities that will optimize your revenue, drive profitability, save valuable time and outperform your competitors.

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Atomize is an innovative, ambitious, and fast-growing Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider for hotels. Our core focus lies in increasing revenues, lowering costs to drive profitability, and improving operational efficiencies. Harnessing the power of big data, Atomize has provided a basis that proves technology is the better way to achieve an edge, with its sophisticated, machine-learning- and data science algorithm.

Atomize RMS is used in more than 50 countries, across five continents, by properties in the wide range of 50 to 1250 rooms.

Articles Written by Atomize

6 Ways Your Hotel Might be Missing Revenue Opportunities

You'll probably agree that seizing revenue opportunities is more important now than ever - especially with costs increasing in every area of hotel operations and demand only recovering. Otherwise, your property's profitability could take a severe hit, and its long-term business success may be at risk. Luckily, there are many things you can do to capitalize on demand and get your hotel through these times successfully. 6 Ways Your Hotel Might be Missing Revenue Opportunities

Technology & Automation; The Solution to Staffing Shortages in Hotels

Getting guests to return after travel restrictions were lifted wasn't a challenge for most hotels. But winning back the staff who left the industry has proven difficult. As a result, understaffing has become one of the pandemic's toughest consequences for hotels. This creates new problems for an industry still recovering from months of closures. But while there's no one solution, you can tackle several aspects of this challenge at once with the right tools. An

Boost Hotel Revenue by Understanding Post-Covid Guest Booking Behavior

The most challenging period the global hospitality industry has faced to date is finally over in most regions. Lockdowns and travel restrictions are largely a thing of the past, and people are comfortable traveling again. But guest booking behavior has shifted. In this article, you’ll learn about 4 data-driven insights that help you to boost your hotel revenue. Times are Changing, and so is Your Guest Booking Behaviour But while recovery is in full swing

Tips to Take Advantage of Changing Booking Behavior Before Your Competition

While the Omicron variant slowed market recovery in 2021, STR's data reveals a strong positive trend for the hospitality industry for 2022 and beyond. In this article, you'll learn how to stay ahead of the competition by understanding the three data pillars of a forward-looking revenue strategy. Global Occupancy Increased It shows that the net propensity to travel has increased to 32% in February 2022 for domestic and international trips. This is a big leap

Automation in Hotel Revenue Management: Yes, or No?

At the Asian American Hotel Owners Association’s annual event, Tyler Morse, chairman and CEO of MCR Development, recently shared a quote to inspire hoteliers to take revenue maximisation into their own hands: “Increase your rates; do it with confidence. … Stop wasting money … Buy smart technology… This is a very simple business … don’t get swooned by all the complexities of the business… Room rates are where all of the profits are.” You can

Forward-Looking Demand Data: The Secret to Optimising Revenue in Challenging Times

Name an area of life or work that the pandemic didn’t impact. It’s not easy to find one, is it? Especially in the hospitality industry, it feels like hardly anything is as it was before COVID. However, there’s one thing that has dramatically gained importance. It’s your ability as a revenue manager to grasp market trends, foresee demand shifts and implement an optimised, adjustable pricing strategy. Managing your hotel without this is like taking your

The Five Boxes Your New Revenue Management (RMS) Should Check

Today things are different. There's a greater variety of more intuitive RMSs that are easy to use for your team and can be set up faster than legacy systems. Thanks to this development, finding an RMS doesn't have to be hard anymore. In the following article, you'll discover how to find the RMS that will help you do just that. Then, nothing will stand between you and optimized revenue, more efficient processes and higher profits.

Creating a Tech-Powered Operation & Guest Journey at Hotel Made in Louise

The Brussels-based boutique hotel Made in Louise had a major leg up on many competitors during the pandemic thanks to its advanced tech stack. This helped them get through the corona crisis and make the most of the beginning recovery phase. Martin Duchateau, General Manager and owner of the 48-key Made in Louise hotel, shares how he navigated the pandemic at his hotel, the role his revenue management system (RMS) played, how he optimized his

The Power of Lean Revenue Management; Sophisticated But Not Complex

The global pandemic has sped up a trend in revenue operations (RevOps) throughout the business world. Forrester recently published a study that found that many companies are moving towards more centralized RevOps. They’ve understood that revenue is more than an outcome and instead of a result of a business process where commercial teams come together to achieve their goals. Comprehensive RM Standards are Essential for Both Short & Long-Term Success The Forrester study clarifies that

Revenue Management Automation; Does it Answer All Your Questions?

Over the past year, many discussions about revenue management have come up. This raised the debate around the relevance and importance of historical data. And, of course, the corona crisis tested revenue professionals’ trust in automated tools like Revenue Management Systems (RMS). The latter brought many hotels great results despite the pandemic. This article describes how revenue managers can make the most of automation in revenue management to drive business during recovery. How Automation in

Intelligent Pricing Automation: Learning from Satellite Navigation

In the mid-90s, when satellite navigation (sat-nav) starting to get popular, the navigation systems based their route recommendation on static data. The result: drivers often didn’t trust the sat nav because the recommended route was not the optimal one. Well, things have changed in the sat-nav landscape. In this article, sat-nav is used as a metaphor for revenue management: going from dated to advanced navigation systems by leveraging various data sources. The Satellite Navigation as

Tips to Simplify Your Revenue Strategy With Analytics & Automation in 2021

As a revenue manager, analytics and automation probably aren’t new to you. But recent developments in tech, like predictive analytics, forward-looking data and live insights, take revenue management to a whole new level. Especially in the looming recovery phase, these capabilities can drastically increase your chances of success even with unpredictable markets. Leaving Historical Data Behind Before Covid-19, your historical data was a reliable base for forecasts and business predictions for the upcoming year. But

Revenue Management in 2021 – Basing Every Decision On Data

In 2020, revenue managers were forced to make a massive shift. Instead of leaning on in-house on-the-books (OTB) data, historical and compset information, you now need to focus on much broader data sets. But collecting and evaluating more data takes your team more time. In this article, you'll learn how hotels can use data for a successful post-covid recovery strategy. Data Gives You a Deciding Edge If your hotel is among the 87% of properties

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