What Will You Learn?

Today’s global hotel industry is facing the biggest challenge in recent history, and yet the greatest potential for transformational progress and accelerated growth. It would seem that 2020 has dealt us all with a losing card, but there is always a game to be won.

This version of The Hotel Revenue Management Ultimate Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you not only survive – but succeed. Break down silos and learn about increasing guest value in fundamentally different ways, take bold steps to increase the property’s net income, and be strategic about commercial success.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Prepare your company for the introduction of RMS and determine the amount of training and assistance that your hotel may need
  • Determine the best system capability for your hotel type and user role
  • Understand the central role of RMS in the organization’s broader embedded technology ecosystem
  • Formulate a business rationale for investment in RMS
  • Evaluate and pick a technology partner on a scale
  • Measure the continued success of your RMS business impact accurately
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