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IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services. With over 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 14,000 clients in 140 countries.

Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Discover greater profitability at ideas.com.

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10 Tips in Building a Business Case for an RMS

When you're trying to get your team on board to purchase a revenue management system (RMS), there are a few key things you'll need to keep in mind. Of course, you already know the benefits of utilizing an RMS. Your company will earn more revenue, become more efficient, free up time, and make better-informed decisions. You're already on board. Now it's time to get the rest of your team on board, too. How do you

Role of a Revenue Manager is Shifting Thanks to Automation

Like much of our world today, the hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving beyond what revenue managers and leaders of the past could have imagined. During unprecedented change, automation and new technology have become essential to successfully navigating the post-COVID hospitality landscape. Revenue Managers Becoming Strategists But with any change, comes reservation and distrust. As the industry continues to automate, some hoteliers worry that automated systems may not be able to respond to change

Staffing Considerations for a Revenue Team

There is a recognized need for proactive revenue strategy and technology investment for many hotels. However, once the new technologies are integrated, there remains an open question: who’s going to keep this operation running smoothly and profitably as opening day approaches and beyond? Factors to Help You Identify the Best Staff Below you find some factors that will help you identify the best personnel and staffing approach to get your revenue operation started on the

Tips for Maximizing Revenue Potential Before Opening a New Hotel

Opening a new hotel or resort property is thrilling and daunting. Wherever you are on your new hotel journey, it's never too soon to assess your revenue optimisation needs. Your new hotel's revenue management approach will play an impactful role at every stage of development, from staffing decisions to tech budgets to sales, marketing, and distribution tactics. Pre-Opening Considerations Given the rapid change in modern market conditions, hotels and resorts should develop a comprehensive commercial

Revenue Science Essentials: The 3 Pillars of Dynamic Pricing

When applying revenue science to your hotel or resort’s dynamic pricing tactics, there are three areas ripe for optimization: demand, capacity, and price sensitivity. Taking the time to review the basics and reassess how each of these factors into your revenue strategy is critical to positioning your hospitality business for maximum revenue performance and growth. For the Right Price… One of the hospitality industry’s most important goals is also one of its most significant challenges:

The Limits of Rules-Based Revenue Management Technology

There are automated revenue management decision-making systems, and then there are revenue management support tools that rely on a rules-based approach to setting and changing prices. While perhaps an efficient method for some proficient users, rules-based technology requires consistent manual intervention and will undoubtedly struggle as market conditions shift and staffing changeover occurs. Keep reading to understand the limitations of a rules-based system and the undeniable benefits of full RMS automation. Greater Automation Equals Greater

Protecting Your Hotel’s Cash Flow & Improving Asset Valuation

Hotel revenue management plays a central role in protecting, forecasting, and strengthening a hotel's cash flow and overall financial position by enhancing the cash position of the asset. Additional revenue generated by a revenue management system directly flows into the amount of cash available. This higher rate of cash flow—combined with detailed forecasts which enable expense management—has a number of benefits critical to operating through this era of business disruption. Cash Is King From giving

A Few Thoughts on Your Hotel’s Distribution & Channel Strategy

When engaging with online travel agencies (OTAs) in these volatile times, hoteliers must adequately understand the value and costs of all distribution channels. Any relationship weighted in favour of an OTA to the detriment of a hotel’s bottom line needs to be reviewed, and steps should be taken to maximise direct bookings. Hoteliers Should Explore OTA Alternatives For many hoteliers, OTAs are an accepted distribution strategy due to their marketing power and high traffic. However,

Don’t Open Your New Hotel Without a Revenue Management System

Hotel owners, developers, asset managers, and other stakeholders charged with successfully launching a new hotel property—in a marketplace that may already be quite competitive—know they’ll need more than attractive features and amenities that entice and cultivate a loyal customer base. As the industry adapts to a post-pandemic world, the team behind a new property also must assess key behind-the-front-desk requirements - paramount being its approach to revenue management. For those about to launch a new

How to Measure The ROI of Your Revenue Management System?

The revenue management system (RMS) plays a vital role in the modern hotel technology stack, driving greater profitability and efficiency. Still, the demonstrating return on investment (ROI) in a hotel’s revenue management technology investment goes deeper than year-over-year RevPAR uplift measurements. Understand the True Impact of Revenue Technology The additional revenue from properly utilizing revenue management software and strategies directly impact a hotel’s bottom line, making it a valuable tool for increasing a hotel’s valuation

Optimising Extended-Stay Hotel Revenue

Pricing of extended-stay hotels and serviced apartments, also known as ‘aparthotels,’ has traditionally been a challenge for revenue managers as rates can vary drastically depending on the length of stay a guest seeks. However, it is vital hotel groups enhance their approach to pricing for this sector given the revenue opportunities it presents, especially as long-stay traveller demand ramps back up in 2021. Unique Business Model = Unique Business Challenges Extended-stay hotel rooms differ from

Overcoming New Tech Pains: RMS Change-Management Tips

Whether ditching a subpar revenue management system (RMS) provider for something better or implementing automated revenue tech for the first time—change is hard. But not changing could be disastrous for hotel businesses hoping to remain competitive and run efficiently and profitably in the new industry landscape of 2021 and beyond. Keep reading for tips on navigating the tech change for your hotel and overcoming the pain and obstacles of implementing a new RMS. Navigating Change

Tips for Hotel Revenue Forecasting in a Constant State of Uncertainty

The global hospitality industry has had its fair share of large-scale disruptions since COVID-19 first struck, and the hotel sector faces an uncharted recovery period ahead. Hoteliers can gain ground by using agile, accurate, and holistic revenue forecasting. Modern Tools for Modern Challenges Are you using outdated technology at your hotel? Advanced, cloud-based solutions will help fulfil your security, connectivity, accessibility, and monetary needs. Using accurate, real-time projections to look at actual occupancy and space

How Revenue Leaders Can Generate New Business

Hospitality revenue management teams have long been expected to manage demand. But for the hospitality industry's new climate in 2021 and beyond, revenue leaders will need to do more than manage demand—and now it’s up to hoteliers to find creative ways to align their marketing and revenue teams to generate new business. Break Down (or at Least Align) the Silos Hospitality teams can no longer act in silos. Hotel revenue management and sales & marketing

Tips for Reconsidering Your OTA & Direct Booking Strategy in 2021

When engaging with online travel agencies (OTAs) in this era of uncertainty, hoteliers must properly understand the value and costs associated with all distribution channels. Any relationship weighted in favour of an OTA to the detriment of a hotel’s bottom line needs to be reviewed, and steps should be taken to maximise your direct bookings. Capture More Direct Bookings For many hoteliers, OTAs are an accepted distribution strategy due to their marketing power and high

Pushing Profit Beyond the Guest Room in 2021

Hoteliers are under unforeseen pressure to make magic happen in the new year and get their profitability back on track. Three words: “Total Profit Optimisation.” You’ve likely heard them spoken before in hushed whispers. It’s the ever-elusive and seemingly unattainable holy grail of hotel revenue leadership. Maximising Your Business Revenues by Total Profit Optimisation Total profit optimisation considers costs associated with acquiring and servicing every hotel reservation and the profit of each revenue stream associated

The Hard Truth About Revenue Management Right Now (+5 Do’s and Don’ts)

Let’s be blunt. COVID-19 is a global disaster, and this pandemic has brought the hotel industry to its knees—full stop. But the time has come to rise from the ashes and show the world what you are made of. You are innovative, agile, and your hotel fulfills the most amazing experiences for guests around the globe. In this article, you can find tips to be smart and strategic with your hotel’s revenue. Don’t Forget About

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