Enrich digital guest services with direct messaging. Bookboost connects hotels with guests on their preferred messaging app for a highly personalised experience. Become more efficient with guest enquiries and maximise revenue with timely personalised promotions.

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Bookboost aims to help hotels to enhance the guest experience and satisfaction through direct messaging and personalised conversation. With a single inbox for all guest messaging apps, hotels can respond in real time, delegate specific enquiries to team members, and provide the information each guest needs for each part of their stay.

Connecting to the hotel PMS, Bookboost is proven to improve cross-selling and upselling opportunities to drive revenue. Bookboost is widely used by independent hotels and hotel groups.

Articles Written by Bookboost

Tips for Hotels to Optimize Their Contactless Guest Journey

Due to Covid-19, social distancing has advanced the prominence of contactless payments and with it the delivery of digital services. Consumer behavior highlights the growing acceptance and expectation of contactless services, requiring all businesses to adapt to existence. As the hotel industry prepares for the return of travelers, the industry must recognize the new consumer touchpoints to digitalize processes to provide greater confidence while delivering a more enhanced experience in the guest journey. The State

How to Use Guest Messaging to Improve the Digital Experience?

Nowadays, guests are demanding smoother, easier, faster experiences. How a user (customer, partner or employee) interacts with an organization via digital technologies, is what we refer to as digital experience. To manage the digital experience of users, companies need to make sure the interaction with customers at every touchpoint is seamless. The smartest companies are already moving toward digital experience management tools to align their digital experiences. In this article you will learn how guest

How to Use Guest Messaging to Increase Your Return on Experience?

Return on Experience (ROX) has been discussed widely and it is being referred to as “the new ROI” (Return on Investment). Compared with ROI, which directly measures the amount of return on a particular investment, ROX measures the soft business results that a great experience can generate. In this article you can learn why ROX is important and how you can use it to benefit you hotel. What is Return on Experience (ROX)? ROX is

Guest Communication Tips to Improve Hotel Guest Engagement

Guest engagement has never been so important. As we move forward through the next couple of years, travelers will look for peace of mind when planning their trips. Hotels need to clearly communicate to questions, provide tailored offers, and be accessible to guests throughout the guest journey. Guest communication is key to this. Therefore, in this article you can find 3 guest communication tips for hotels. Guest Messaging Provides Opportunities for Guest Communication Guests expect