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Offers a full-stack growth platform for hotels to power their direct channel. Our mission is to improve the online booking experience, grow direct bookings and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands and guests.

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With The Hotel Network’s tools and analytics, hotel brands can attract, engage and convert guests throughout the user journey.

In addition to price comparison, review summaryies, and a full suite of personalization options, THN’s latest innovation, BenchDirect, is the first benchmarking product for the direct channel, providing hotels with competitive data that completely changes the rules of the game. What’s more, it’s free for hotels, forever.

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Articles Written by The Hotels Network

4 Tips to Appeal to MICE Planners on Your Hotel’s Website

Along with a surge in business travel, in-person events have returned with full strength, bringing a new scope for hotel properties. Therefore, if your hotel has a meeting or event space, you should capitalize on this golden opportunity by optimizing your website. In this article, you'll learn how to capture the MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) market segment of direct bookers. MICE Guests: The Opportunity Most likely, your hotel website is designed under the

3 Steps to Fight Price Disparities on Your Hotel Website

As travel comes back in full force, everyone is trying to claim their slice of the pie. So it’s no wonder you are running into price disparities between your hotel’s rates and those available on OTAs (online travel agencies) and metasearch engines. They’re inevitable, and as a savvy hotelier, you’ve got two options: accept them, or take action. In this article, you'll find actionable tactics you can use to fight price disparities and boost your

Small but Mighty: 3 Strategies to Increase Your Hotel’s Website Conversion

You've spent precious time and resources building the best hotel website, yet you're not seeing much of an improvement in converting those lookers into bookers? Your benchmarking insights show that your hotel's website conversion is underperforming compared to the market, but you're unsure how to act on it? In this article, you'll find 3 effective strategies to increase your hotel's website conversion and outperform the competition. 3 Quick-win Solutions That are Proven to Convert The

Netflix & Hotels: What Can You Apply to Your Hotel’s Marketing Strategy?

Who isn’t familiar with Netflix? With over 222 million subscribers, this streaming platform has become the favorite of thousands of binge-watchers across the globe. You might wonder what hoteliers could learn from such a different company. Probably more than you would expect, hoteliers can replicate so many elements from Netflix’s strategy, but for today, let’s dive into their online user experience and how to apply it to your hotel website. 3 Strategies Your Hotel Can

5 Hotel Website Personalization Tactics to Boost Direct Bookings in 2022

Picture this. You want to surprise your partner for Valentine’s day with a romantic getaway. You start exploring options, but after entering your search dates on the hotel’s booking engine, the following message pops up: “Early bird offer. Enjoy an incredible 20% discount on family bookings this summer!” How random. Chances are you would leave the website to look for other more relevant hotel options. Hotel Website Personalization is No longer a Trend But an

5 Steps to Master The Basics of Hotel Benchmarking

Whether your hotel brand contains five-star luxury hotels or serviced apartments, having precise data and knowing how to leverage it, is critical to building a successful hotel revenue plan. When it comes to implementing a hotel benchmarking strategy, there are multiple questions to consider. How do I define my compsets? What metrics should I analyze? How do I go about interpreting the results? In this article, you can read 5 steps to take to be

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