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Revenue Team by Franco Grasso

Revenue Team by Franco Grasso is a worldwide leader in the field of revenue management consulting & outsourcing. In the last 15 years, we have supported more than 1.500 hotels in more than 20 countries on 4 continents. The average growth in revenue per new hotel is 20%.

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Revenue Team by Franco Grasso

About Revenue Team by Franco Grasso

Revenue Team by Franco Grasso consists of more than 40 experienced revenue managers. We monitor your hotel performance seven days a week and maximise your hotel’s profitability by strategically calculating the right price and distributing your inventory via online channels.

An RMS, Revolution Plus, is included in our outsourcing service. Our service is on a “No cure No Pay” basis, so risk-free. No expensive monthly fixed fees are required; we charge a percentage of the achieved incremental revenue versus 2019 (so, before Covid-19).

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How To Increase Hotel Revenue With Easy Pre-Authorizations

While hoteliers know credit card pre-authorization, many don't incorporate it into their reservation policies. Or, if they do, they leave it up to OTAs. Either way, ignoring the impact of well-managed pre-authorizations on your hotel's revenue is a mistake. Flexibility for Guests and Guarantees for Hoteliers Pre-authorizations are a temporary hold of a specified monetary amount made on a guest's credit card when they book. Some guests misunderstand them and think they're a charge, but

Discover Why These Hotels Enjoy a 15%-40% Higher Revenue Than 2019!

When you review your hotel's mid-year numbers, what do you see? Are your occupancy rates up? Is revenue up? Is your hotel enjoying a revenue boost from 2019? A sample of over 400 revenue-managed hotels found they're on track to close 2022 with a 15%-40% revenue boost from 2019. A Decrease in RevPar for European Hotels A review of May STR reports found hotels in many European capitals reported an occupancy rate between 85 and

Why Revenue Management Systems Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

When the desktop computer came along, it needed human input. It's no different with an RMS (revenue management system.) Even an AI-enabled RMS can't think independently (and that's a good thing!) You've probably heard plenty about AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots that learn from biased human language and "deep fakes," which are the 21st c. version of Photoshop. These are just a few real-life concerns in today's emerging AI. Yet, as hoteliers and a society, we

Learn How Breakfast Service Can Be a Profit Center for Your Hotel

OTAs show "breakfast included" as a primary search filter for hotel guests. It's not surprising that guests want to maximize their time and energy by enjoying breakfast within the hotel. It's one less decision they need to make. In this article, you'll see how thinking of breakfast as a profit center – setting, food, service, environment – impacts your hotel's brand reputation and revenue management methodology. The Most Important Guest Habit is Breakfast TripAdvisor's TripIndex

How Does Your 2021 Hotel Performance Affect Your 2022 Forecast?

As a hotelier, you know Occupancy and Revpar (revenue per available room) data are fundamental to your bottom line. Such data helps you interpret and compare the profitability of your property from year to year. As a revenue manager, you can make educated predictions. This article will review the benchmarks of the past two years and will use 2019 data to project possible scenarios in 2022. Introduction For context, this data comes from a representative

Hotel Dynamic Pricing Guide; An Essential Overview of All Price Tags

Revenue management underpins six different main types of hotel room pricing. Called dynamic pricing or "price tags," this article illustrates these various pricing approaches. As you adopt revenue management for your hotel, you'll want to understand these concepts so you can interpret the phases of your property's pricing path accordingly to maximize revenues or minimize damages. Quick menu: Hotel Dynamic Pricing Guide; Overview of All Price Tags What is the Bottom and Starting Price? The

Revenue Management Guide: Calculating Costs & Quality Analysis

As a hotelier, you know many factors go into your room rates. Three of those factors are your costs, current demand, and your hotel’s online visibility. Revenue management is the science of assessing these and other factors and raising your profitability year after year. This article offers a guide to analyzing your costs and improving your analysis with the goal to boost your hotel's profitability. Quick Menu: What Kinds of Hotel Costs Do You Take

An Analyze of How Hoteliers Handled Revenue Management During the Pandemic

Using past data to predict future revenue during a pandemic might seem counterintuitive to many hoteliers. After all, hotel revenue management is always a complex science. How can you predict anything during a pandemic? In this article, you’ll learn how fellow hoteliers dealt with the Corona pandemic. Three Different Paths During the Pandemic As a hotelier, you’ve faced an unusual past year, and you’ve had to make difficult choices. As revenue optimization experts, we’ve seen

How Successful Hoteliers Handle Pricing Strategies for The Recovery

Analyses showed that hotels with a solid revenue management strategy came out of the Covid-19 crisis better than hotels without. In this article, you'll learn how successful hoteliers handle pricing strategies for recovery, and how to deal with spillage, spoilage, overbooking, and oversell. Quick menu: Hotels With a Solid RM Strategy Came Out of the Covid-19 Crisis Well The Results in June 2021 OTA Visibility Favors Those Already Visible Outlook for Next Months A Deep

How to Measure The Profitability of Your Hotel Business

Profitability is the ability of a business to generate earnings from its operations over a given period. To gauge the overall profitability of a business, there are various methods known as profitability ratios. This article explains the different profitability ratios, and you will learn how revenue management can positively impact profitability. Insight in Profitability Ratios Profitability ratios provide insight into how a business is performing and are key tools for conducting an accurate analysis of

Do City Hotels Need to Stay Open or Close During the Pandemic?

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, it is fair to say that the hospitality and tourism industry has been hit hard. It has dealt with an unprecedented economic fallout as international travel became restricted, flights reduced, events cancelled or postponed, and attractions and entertainment venues closed for extended periods. This article addresses whether hotels should remain open or suspend operations entirely during the pandemic based on Italian hotels' performance in 2020. 2020 by the

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