Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry
. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing, and sales teams with centralized data, applications, and analytics, so they can capture more demand and accelerate growth.

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When hoteliers are being forced to do more with less, hotels are embracing rapid digitization and automation of products and services to keep up with ever-evolving consumer expectations. The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud provides a broad range of applications and services for activating your unified data across revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing, and sales – at scale, in real-time, and across every channel.

This unified view of every guest puts hoteliers in control – driving demand, personalizing guest experiences, enhancing loyalty, and accelerating profitable growth. Visit Cendyn.com for more information.

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Tips to Optimize Your Hotel “Book Direct” Strategy With SEO and SEM

As core tactics in the digital marketing strategy toolbox, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are potent drivers of direct bookings. A carefully balanced mix of SEO and SEM will give your hotel “full-funnel” visibility, which means that guests will be exposed to your brand several times throughout the consideration journey. Increase Direct Bookings A successful “book direct” strategy requires a modern booking engine that’s easy to use. It encourages upsells, an

Top RMS Reports Every Hotel Revenue Manager Needs to Know

Revenue managers have no shortage of data at their fingertips. To visualize that data in an understandable and actionable way, here are some top RMS reports that every revenue manager should be familiar with. RMS Reports Every Hotel Revenue Manager Needs to Know Below you'll find top revenue management reports that every revenue manager should be familiar with to visualize data understandably. Pace Report The pace report reveals how well your pricing strategies are working:

7 Smart Ways to Generate Non-room Revenue & Encourage Loyalty

Generating revenue and nurturing loyalty is about finding new ways to connect with your guests. This means looking beyond room rates to get people excited about your property’s amenities, dining, and other ancillary programs. To help get you started, our checklist below covers a variety of tactics designed to keep guests coming back again and again – even if they don’t stay overnight. 7 Ways to Generate Non-room Revenue & Encourage Loyalty Below you’ll learn

Pricing Personalization & the Future of Hospitality

Pricing personalization allows hotels to move towards total profit optimization by combining the power of the guest profiles in your CRM with revenue management forecasting to deliver the right price to the right guest at the right time during the guest journey. Guests Have Increased Expectations for Personalization Personalization is an evolving topic within the hospitality industry, from technology and guest perspectives. Over the last few years, especially with the influx of online shopping, guests

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