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Let Oaky work for you – Become a leader in up-selling. Oaky is the personalised pre-stay upsell platform for hotels to maximise profit and enhance the guest experience. With a high conversion, Oaky puts your arriving guests in control of taking offers that both drive revenue and enhance their experience.

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About Oaky:

Since the start, Oaky had one clear mission: to help hoteliers capture incremental revenue and enable a superior guest experience by offering travellers relevant services in a personalised manner based on their preferences and needs.

To fulfil this mission, Oaky’s platform analyses a vast array of data about each guest to gather demographic, behaviour and intent information which is used to deliver individualised offers to the right guest at the right time. Oaky has become the number upsell tool for hotels.

Articles written by Oaky:

How Much Revenue Could Your Hotel Make From Upselling?

Upselling is a great way to boost both your guests’ experience and your revenue through paid upgrades and ancillary services. In this article you will learn how you can calculate additional revenue, made by upselling. Additionally you find a handy tool to help you to estimate the potential. Success Factors for Upselling A recently published benchmarking report shows that elements like property type (e.g. resort, downtown hotel, hostel…) and location (e.g. mountains, beach, downtown…) strongly impact

By How Much Can Upselling Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue? [Free benchmark report]

The importance of upselling within the hotel industry has increased over recent years. No wonder, because a good upselling strategy can significantly boost a hotels revenue. But is upselling beneficial for every type of hotel? Is it worth for your hotel? In this article you find a comparison of the upsell performance per type of hotel, based on recent benchmark report. At the bottom of the article you also find a link to download the

Can Front-Desk and Pre-Stay Upselling Coexist?

Hotels can apply upselling at four main moments in the guest journey: when the guest books, pre-stay, during check-in and during the guest’s stay. Offering extras via the hotel website’s booking engine is an approach many hoteliers are comfortable with, even though it slows the booking process and lowers conversion rates. Instead of that, let’s focus on how pre-stay upselling works and why it should be applied systematically to increase revenue. Front-Desk and Pre-Stay Upselling