Images can prompt strong emotions and move people to take action. Since you probably know this already, you use beautiful photos on your website to convince site visitors to make a reservation. But have you ever thought of applying this to pre-arrival upselling and cross-selling to increase your conversions? Read on to learn how you can leverage the power of representative photos to help sway guests in favour of your upsell.

The Right Images for Every Deal

Offering guests personalised deals pre-arrival is a great way to improve guests’ experience at your property and generate additional revenue from every booking.

For the best results, you’ll need to do more than just a customised message. Add relevant photos to every upgrade or service offer to elicit visually-driven wow moments that increase a guest’s excitement with every swipe.

Having more than one photo of your deals on your upselling platform or in your messages allows guests to see several images which highlight various aspects of your offer and underscore its unique selling points.

Using carefully selected photos to visualise the main benefits of F&B, recreational, and transportation deals will help you drive more sales in these areas. However, this approach will likely do best with room upgrade offers, since your images can perfectly highlight both features and benefits of splurging on a higher room category.

Shining the Spotlight on Your Room Upgrades

Research shows (1) you need at least four well-lit photos of the room, plus one bathroom image to convince guests to book or upgrade a room. Also, the beautiful views from the room should be part of your image gallery.

Unsurprisingly, excellent room presentation and lighting are the keys. Handy tips on getting the best shots even without hiring a professional photographer are display special and unique features, use no strange angles, use good lightning, and have a tidy room and of the room. Then, go through the checklists below, so your room upgrade offers tick all the right boxes.

Room Upgrade Photography Checklist

  • 2 photos of the room (from different angles and facing away from the window)
  • 1 – 2 pictures of the room’s window side. Make sure to prevent over-exposed windows
  • If the room has a great view, add one photo through the open window to show the view
  • 1 photo of the bathroom
  • Highlight the upgraded features that set this room apart from the lower category in all photos

Showcasing Your Other Deals

Keep the images for your upsell deals targeted and relevant. Use only the best photos highlighting each aspect of the deal. If possible, feature people as they use and enjoy the service. The following checklist will help you cover all the basic principles when you promote your deals.

Deal Photography Checklist

  • 1 close-up photo of the deal
  • 1 – 2 perspective shots of the deal in context/location
  • 1 image of guests (or models) enjoying your deal
  • If staff will be directly involved in the deal, consider featuring 1 picture of them providing the service
  • 1 – 2 photos of the deal’s unique/special/luxurious aspects

If your deal photos check all the boxes, you’re good to go. Now it’s time to upload them to your pre-arrival guest communication or your upselling platform, so your guests can browse them, get excited and book your offers.

Using a tool like Oaky, which has a brand new image gallery feature, will allow you to showcase your beautiful photos in the best way possible, and increase your upsell conversions from day one.

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With these practical tips, you can create more upselling opportunities and wow moments with evocative images. Using the right picture for the right deal can help your guests to choose for your property or even book an up-sell, which will generate additional revenue from every booking.

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