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Each event introduces an unrivalled selection of luxury travel brands to ILTM’s extensive network of hand-picked luxury travel advisors, through bespoke appointment programmes and networking sessions.

Alongside the global flagship events in Cannes and Asia Pacific, ILTM has four core local events; ILTM Arabia, ILTM China, ILTM Latin America and ILTM North America, as well as one specialist event; ILTM Africa.

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All ILTM events:


ILTM North America | September 2023

ILTM North America (International Luxury Travel Market North America) brings together luxury travel agents and advisors from Canada, Mexico, and USA. About ILTM North America The ILTM North America (International Luxury Travel Market North America) event is a invitation-only travel trade show, where the top travel agents and advisors from Canada, USA, and Mexico gather together to meet the world’s most luxurious travel experiences. With over 19,000 tailor-made appointments over three days, luxury travel


ILTM Asia Pacific | 2023

ILTM Asia Pacific (Pacific (International Luxury Travel Market Asia Pacific)” offers the opportunity to meet and network with leading luxury travel buyers. About ILTM Asia Pacific The ILTM Asia Pacific (International Luxury Travel Market Asia Pacific) event takes place in Singapore and introduces leading luxury travel buyers from the Asia Pacific regions to international travel experiences. This travel trade show provides the platform for building business relationships with suppliers of luxury travel brands. Who


ILTM Latin America | May 2023

ILTM Latin America (International Luxury Travel Market Latin America) unites luxury travel agents with international suppliers of travel experiences. About ILTM Latin America Luxury travel agents from São Paulo, Brazil, and Latin America gather together for meetings with suppliers of travel experiences from all over the world. At the ILTM Latin America event, you can build networks and establish unique business relationships with Latin America’s elite travellers. This travel trade show delivers business in


International Luxury Travel Market Arabia | May 2023

ILTM Arabia (International Luxury Travel Market Arabia) is an exclusive event for luxury travel providers to attract new clients from the Middle East. About ILTM Arabia The International Luxury Travel Market Arabia event takes place in Dubai and showcases high-end travel experiences including sought-after destinations, first-class transportation, and exclusive accommodation to wealthy travel buyers. This travel trade show is by-invitation only and highlights the most effective networking strategies as well as the best ways


International Luxury Travel Market Africa | April 2023

ILTM Africa (International Luxury Travel Market Africa) is an exclusive event, where African luxury travel providers meet buyers from across the globe. About the ILTM Africa ILTM Africa is South Africa’s first luxury travel B2B event that was launched in 2013. This exclusive event introduces luxury establishments of travel providers to the world’s buyers and travel planners with unique sets of experiences for travellers who are interested in exploring Africa. Who Should Attend the


International Luxury Travel Market Cannes | December 2022

ILTM Cannes (International Luxury Travel Market Cannes) promises to be the biggest event of the year for the global luxury travel community. About ILTM Cannes This event provides the perfect opportunity to meet luxury travel experiences. It opens the doors to an established international community of elite travel buyers. At the ILTM Cannes (International Luxury Travel Market Cannes) event, select suppliers will be introduced to exclusive buyers, and some of the most desirable and