What Will You Learn?

A housekeeping SOP—or standard operating procedure—is a step-by-step guide to completing each housekeeping duty. Management has authorized these protocols, and all housekeepers must follow them to guarantee uniformity, accuracy, and quality.

A significant component of SOPs is a series of checklists, which housekeepers may use to check off each stage of the cleaning procedure as they go through each area.

The download “Ultimate Hotel Housekeeping SOP Checklists” contains 15 housekeeping SOP checklists that help housekeepers tick off each cleaning step as they make their way through each room.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
  • Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
  • Bed/Bedding Checklist
  • General Inspection of Site Checklist
  • General Maintenance – Periodic Cleaning Checklist
  • General Room Cleaning Checklist
  • Guest Belongings Checklist
  • HAVAC and Appliances Checklist
  • Housekeeping Employee Checklist
  • Public Restrooms Checklist
  • Public Spaces Checklist
  • Room Conservation Checklist
  • Room Amenities Checklist
  • Room Inspection Checklist
  • Preventive Maintenance Check
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