What Will You Learn?

Whether you like them or not, online travel agencies (OTAs) are essential to any hotel distribution strategy. According to Phocuswright’s study report, OTAs acquired around 64% of online hotel & motel reservations and have visibility and marketing power that most independent properties do not have.

Working with OTAs is more than just signing up and hoping for the best. To capitalize on potential while avoiding problems, you must actively monitor your listings, price, and inventory and adopt a strategic approach to online distribution.

Adopting the right OTAs as part of your distribution strategy can help drive direct bookings through the “billboard effect” if done correctly. Creating a comprehensive channel mix that includes various OTAs will ensure you reach your target audience and secure a steady stream of reservations.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Why travelers use online travel agencies
  • A year in review: Top trends influencing the OTA industry
  • About OTAs
  • What is a channel mix?
  • Choosing a channel manager to support your mix
  • Highest revenue-generating OTAs
  • Highest revenue-generating OTAs by country
  • Highlighted Niche OTAs
  • Who owns who?
  • How channel mixes differ by property type
  • OTA Directory
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