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Hotel Marketing Checklist + Practical Tips


Embracing digital marketing in the modern world is a proven way of getting more customers on board. Harness these strategies to get your hotel in front of your target guests. This hotel marketing checklist is designed to help you nail your digital marketing efforts, reach prospective guests globally, and turn current

Hotel Website Personalization Tactics to Boost Direct Bookings


Today's traveler is highly attuned to contextual information that's relevant to their given situation, preferences, and mindset. Every day, they interact with platforms like Netflix and Spotify that tailor their offerings to individual tastes. These travelers are also exposed to OTAs and other travel intermediaries that leverage personalization to craft a

The Ultimate Hotel Benchmarking Checklist


It is not always easy to understand your hotel's direct channel performance. Even the most seasoned hotelier may be unclear about examining the findings to discover where to make changes appropriately.That is why we designed this checklist: so you can analyze your hotel's direct channel performance step by step and know which

Calculator: Missed Revenue From Free Upgrades


Discover how much your hotel can generate revenue from selling upgrades pre-arrival. Giving out free upgrades isn't always negative, but what is the income potential when sold? Download the spreadsheet, complete with calculations, to calculate the income lost by giving out free upgrades. What Will You Get?

7 Strategies to Convert Hotel Metasearch Traffic!


Metasearch is an essential channel for many hotels to help manage their traffic acquisition and own their direct channels—and your conversion rate is vital for managing metasearch spend. This ebook covers strategies to optimise hotel websites for converting hotel metasearch traffic. By implementing these principles on your website, you'll start closing

How Hotels Are Educating Staff in Effective Upselling


If you're in a management role in hospitality, you'll be familiar with the never-ending pursuit of perfection that goes hand in hand with success. We all know what an undertaking optimising your hotel's operations can be – especially when the same processes and SOPs have been followed for years on end.

Checklist: Creating The Best Direct Hotel Booking Strategy


Increasing the number of direct online bookings allows the hotel to save money by eliminating intermediary commissions and enabling the hotel to directly connect with the client to obtain information to aid in the loyalty strategy actions. With the Checklist “Creating The Best Direct Booking Strategy”, you learn how to turn

Online Masterclass Upselling for Hotels


Traditionally, hotels focus on acquisition, while ancillary guest revenue is an afterthought. ADR and Occupancy are down in the current world, so hotels need to maximize revenue per guest even after the reservation is made. Hospitality veteran and upsell expert, Jos Schaap explains in this masterclass the psychological underpinnings of the

Hotel Photography Guide – Creating The Best Visuals


Promoting your brand through powerful images has become even more significant over the last years. The aforementioned tips are just some glimpses of what to consider when preparing for new visuals of your hotel. For a full overview on interior, exterior, food and beverage and lifestyle photography as well as more

Free Upselling Course for Hotels


Within this free course "Upselling Course for Hotels" you find 7 Video lessons including interactive quizzes, to become a Rockstar at upselling. Get started in the multifaceted world of hotel upselling! Become acquainted with the many layers of effective upselling, learn key do's and don'ts and find out how it can

Hotel Marketing Canvas – For Successful Marketing Campaigns


The Hotel Marketing Canvas is a strategic framework that helps hotels create and execute solid marketing and communication campaigns. The four building blocks, 'Your Audience", 'Your Brand, 'Brand Fans' and 'The Marketing Funnel' serve as the foundation for activating your brand and making sure that the right guests, get the right

Hotel Upsell Performance Report including In-depth Results


While hoteliers, in general, are becoming well-versed in the multiple benefits of digital upselling, it’s interesting to note how individual hotels find unique ways of using upselling to boost their business. In the report “Hotel Upsell Performance Report including In-depth Results” you find out which deals perform best at the Van

Chatbots in the Hospitality Industry


For far too long, hotel staff has been compensating the lack of automation in the hospitality sector. Think about the receptionist answering the same question time and again. At the same time, customers increasingly require assistance in an instant. In this ebook, you’ll learn about the value of chatbots and how

20 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings


When it comes to optimising revenue and attracting as many customers as possible, hotel marketing strategies have a crucial role to play. In this document, you will learn about 20 of the most important strategies you can use to attract guests to your hotel and generate the best possible financial results.

Google Hotel Ads – Boost Your Online Hotel Bookings


Advertising through Google Hotel Ads gives you the opportunity to reach new guests when they use Google to search for hotels. You improve your hotel’s visibility on Google, which increases the likelihood that new customers will find and book your hotel. This eBook provides you with practical tips to make best

COVID Recovery Strategy Hotel Marketing


To guide you the right way, we consulted experts. This “COVID Recovery Strategy for Hotel Marketing” eBook is based on their recommendations. It should inspire you with some unexplored hotel marketing ideas to get your hotel through these times successfully. Below you find an overview

Hospitality Upsell Market Report Per Region


Without a doubt, the last couple of years have brought countless challenges for hoteliers. But despite that, many creative and forward-thinking teams were able to steer their properties through these challenging times. For many of them, upselling played a significant role in their success. And upselling is here to stay. Within