What Will You Learn?

If you’re in a management role in hospitality, you’ll be familiar with the never-ending pursuit of perfection that goes hand in hand with success. We all know what an undertaking optimising your hotel’s operations can be – especially when the same processes and SOPs have been followed for years on end.

In this case report, “How Hotels Are Educating Staff in Effective Upselling”, you’ll not only find the answers to questions about cultivating incremental revenue streams, but evidence to back up the necessity for modern approaches to training and development for hotel staff.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • How can I work with my hotel staff to come back better than ever before?
  • Why the need for a multi-level course?
  • Interdepartmental benefits
  • Promoting ownership
  • Improving motivation
  • Who else trusts The Oaky Upselling Course to train their employees?
  • Elite Hotels
  • Lopesan Hotel Group
  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • Get certified in upselling
  • My hotel doesn’t use a digital upselling platform. Will this course be of value to us?
  • More about the course and how to access it
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