What Will You Learn?

Many hoteliers and restaurant owners assume booking widgets are only used on their own company websites. But that’s not the case. Nowadays, you can’t solely rely on your own website for business – you need to be where your guests are online.

The Customer Acquisition Guide shows you advanced digital strategies for increasing restaurant visits. It breaks down reservation channels, finds new sources for guests, and analyzes and optimizes your new customer acquisition.

What Are The Topics?

Below you will find an overview of all topics.

  • What is a booking widget, and why do you need one?
  • How to get the most out of your booking widgets
  • How to Get More Bookings From Google
  • What are Google Reservations?
  • Why is Google Business Important For Restaurants?
  • How to Add Reservation Link to Google Profile?
  • How to Get More Bookings From Google Posts
  • What are Google Posts?
  • Why Are Google Posts?
  • Important For Restaurant Owners?
  • How to Add Google Posts?
  • How to Use Google Posts to Increase Online Reservations?
  • How to Get More Bookings From Facebook
  • Why is Facebook a Great Reservation Tool?
  • How to Add “Book Now” Button to Your Facebook & Instagram Page?
  • Continue to activate your “Reserve” Button
  • How to Get More Bookings From Instagram
  • Using Instagram to Generate Reservations?
  • How to Add Reservation Link to Instagram Profile?
  • 3 Tips for Optimizing Instagram Reservations
  • How to Get More Bookings From Your Restaurant Website
  • Website Reservation Links?
  • What to Consider When Adding Booking Widgets to Your Website
  • Need a Reservation Button on Your Website?
  • Ready to Experience the Power of Booking Widgets?
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