What Will You Learn?

The Hotel Marketing Canvas is a strategic framework that helps hotels create and execute solid marketing and communication campaigns.

The four building blocks, ‘Your Audience”, ‘Your Brand, ‘Brand Fans’ and ‘The Marketing Funnel’ serve as the foundation for activating your brand and making sure that the right guests, get the right message at the right time and the right KPIs are analysed. It also ensures that you build a solid marketing database, as a base for long term growth.

In the document “Hotel Marketing Canvas – For Successful Marketing Campaigns”, you’ll learn how to use each building block when creating a marketing plan for your hotel. We will also illustrate the use of the Hotel Marketing Canvas with specific examples and tips.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • The Hotel Marketing Canvas
  • Building Block 1: Your Audience
  • Building Block 2: Your Brand
  • Building Block 3: The Marketing Funnel
  • Examples: Inspiration
  • Examples: Awareness
  • Examples: Consideration
  • Examples: Conversion
  • Building Block 4: Brand Fans
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