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The Hotelier’s Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting


To accomplish total revenue management and profit optimization, revenue management must extend beyond rooms and include all income streams, necessitating insight and forecasting for your whole organization. In this free guide, "Hotelier's Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting", you'll learn how to guide your business toward total revenue forecasting by aligning

How Wayfarer Hotel Group Outperformed Their Market by 15%


Like most countries, Japan was hit hard by Covid-19. However, the Wayfarer Group’s Kyoto property was able to weather the crisis and outperform their competition. Please find out how they did it in this case study where the Revenue and Marketing Manager at Wayfarer Hotel Group, Frederic Turpin, shares his insights.

Embracing Total Revenue Management


Managing room revenue only is no longer enough in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced market and ancillary income has become a primary source of revenue for many properties. Within this free ebook “Total Revenue Management” you’ll learn how to get started with applying revenue management principles beyond the room departments. All revenue-generating

Online Masterclass Upselling for Hotels


Traditionally, hotels focus on acquisition, while ancillary guest revenue is an afterthought. ADR and Occupancy are down in the current world, so hotels need to maximize revenue per guest even after the reservation is made. Hospitality veteran and upsell expert, Jos Schaap explains in this masterclass the psychological underpinnings of the

Free Upselling Course for Hotels


Within this free course "Upselling Course for Hotels" you find 7 Video lessons including interactive quizzes, to become a Rockstar at upselling. Get started in the multifaceted world of hotel upselling! Become acquainted with the many layers of effective upselling, learn key do's and don'ts and find out how it can

COVID Recovery Strategy Food & Beverage (F&B)


You may have already opened your food and beverage stores, but are you allowing new laws to reduce your profitability and over-affects your guest experience? In this ebook “COVID Strategy Food & Beverage (F&B)” you find practical information on how to deal with this new situation.

COVID Recovery Strategy Hotel Front Office


The new regulations that hotels must follow in the light of Covid-19 have made hoteliers everywhere reconsider many aspects of their operation. To give you some food for thought, we collected input from seasoned hospitality professionals to create the “COVID Strategy Hotel Front Office” guide.

COVID Recovery Strategy Revenue Management


We consulted experienced experts in revenue management to get you moving in the right direction. Their advice forms the basis of this detailed “COVID Recovery Strategy Revenue Management” eBook and should ignite some unexplored ideas for your hotel! Below you find an overview of all

COVID Recovery Strategy Hotel Marketing


To guide you the right way, we consulted experts. This “COVID Recovery Strategy for Hotel Marketing” eBook is based on their recommendations. It should inspire you with some unexplored hotel marketing ideas to get your hotel through these times successfully. Below you find an overview