Hotel Marketing Courses have never been more valuable. The hotel industry is always dynamic and prone to dramatic shifts, with new technologies, new ideas and unexpected world events constantly disrupting the status quo. In this article, you’ll discover what hotel marketing courses can do for you — as well as finding out about some of the best educators in the field.

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What is Hotel Marketing and Why is it Important?

The term “hotel marketing” covers a varied range of techniques, strategies and approaches to promoting businesses in the hospitality sector. Hotel marketing improves the profiles of individual hotels and chains, making the hotel as appealing as possible to the target demographic and beyond.

Hotel marketing online is increasingly important in the digital era. To stay competitive, hotels need to market via web sites, Online Travel Agency (OTA) platforms, and through social media. Mobile marketing is increasingly important as more people use smartphones to find and book hotels. With that said, more traditional forms of marketing remain strongly relevant in today’s world, from print media to in-person interactions. Check out the article “Hotel Marketing: The Latest Trends in the Hotel Industry” for more information.

Who Should Join a Hotel Marketing Course?

Anyone with ties to the hospitality industry can potentially benefit from a hotel marketing course. They’re especially relevant to hotel owners, particularly those just starting out in the hospitality industry. General hotel management and hospitality professionals, and anyone with professional business experience in the hospitality sector can gain from a course in hotel marketing. These courses are the perfect chance to discover marketing strategies, as well as keep your existing skills fresh and relevant.

What Will You Learn On a Hotel Marketing Course?

A good hotel marketing course will cover a range of techniques and strategies for marketing your hotel, motel, B&B or apartments. You will gain the techniques you need to raise your profile, secure regular guests and boost the number of bookings. You will learn how to generate great feedback to attract future guests, and how to get your hotel to the top of the listings on major OTA platforms. A good hotel marketing course may also cover topics such as recruitment, teaching you to hire the right people to help promote and staff your business.

A hotel marketing course will cover the basics of how to set up your hotel business for success, and teach you how to ensure that your hotel is visible on the market. Your occupancy rate is the lifeblood of your business and a marketing course will give you the tools you need to maximise this. You’ll learn how to make more sales and generate those crucial online bookings.

Guest satisfaction is a key element of marketing your services, so a marketing course will educate you on ways to ensure that your guests come away delighted. As you learn how to inspect rooms and deliver the perfect check-in and check-out experience, your hotel will receive more glowing feedback and online reviews than ever before. With training and guidance on how to stay in touch with your guests once their stay is over, you’ll have all the know-how that you need to make any hotel a success.

Organizations and their Hotel Marketing Courses

Here are some of the top organisations offering hotel marketing instruction and their courses.

Hotel Marketing Course From HMA

The Hotel Marketing Association (HMA) is the premier body for hotel marketing. They provide instruction and advocate for best marketing practice in the sector. As well as helping members to access courses and professional development, the HMA also provides events, seminars and networking opportunities. The HMA offers awards for outstanding achievement in the sector. Click here for the hotel marketing course from HMA Education.

Hotel Marketing Courses From HSMAI

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) focuses on helping hotels and their partners to develop their businesses. The organisation offers expertise and support for companies in the hospitality industry, providing insights, expertise and training to increase revenue and grow businesses. Their training includes short online courses on a range of topics. Click here for the hotel marketing course from HSMA Education.

Hotel Marketing Certificate From Ecornell

Strategic Hospitality Marketing Certificate from Cornell University

Cornell University is a renowned research university in the United States. As a partner of the State University of New York and a member of the Ivy League, the prestigious privately endowed institution delivers outstanding education and training in many fields, including hospitality and hotel marketing. Click here for more information about a hotel marketing certificate from Ecornell.

Hotel Digital Marketing Course From EHL

Founded in 1893 as the Ecole Hôtelière, EHL can claim to be the first-ever hotel school. The EHL Foundation maintains a close relationship with hotelleriesuisse, formerly the Société Suisse des Hôteliers, as well as working with other academic institutions locally and internationally. EHL offers courses on a range of topics of interest to those in the hospitality industry, including a course in digital marketing. Click here for a digital hotel marketing course from EHL.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Course From HIS

International Hotel School is a distance learning organisation specifically geared towards flexible online study. They offer a range of courses on hospitality topics, as well as community-building and ongoing professional support. Their courses feature benefits such as a personal online tutor, automated assessments, and interactive discussions. Courses on offer include both long and short subjects. Click here for the hospitality sales and marketing course from HIS.

Add Your Hotel Marketing Course

Finished With Your Hotel Marketing Course? Websites to Find a Marketing Job

Once you’ve completed your course of study, the next step is to put your new knowledge into practice. Maybe you already have a definite goal in mind, such as promoting your own existing hotel. On the other hand, you may have been drawn to hotel marketing but have no definite outcome in mind. Either way, you can develop your career and skills further by looking at openings available in the industry. A qualification in hotel marketing can open up many new opportunities. As well as general job sites, you can find positions on sites like Hospitality Online and HOSCO. Another option is to check the job listings for major hotel chains such as Marriott.

In the article “List of The Most Important Channels for Finding Hotel Management Jobs”, You’ll find an overview of sites to search for your next hotel marketing job.

10 Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies

When you’re considering a hotel marketing course, it’s helpful to know some of the essential strategies you’ll be studying. A hotel marketing course will cover key tactics like creating the perfect web presence and making sure your site is visible through search engine optimisation (SEO). You’ll learn strategies such as securing recommendations from local travel agents and recruiting the perfect sales reps. Take a look at our Top “10 Hotel Marketing Strategies” to find out more.

The Latest Hotel Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Trends and Tips

The hospitality landscape never stops changing, and hotel marketing has to be very agile to keep up. Top trends include using platforms such as WhatsApp to interact with guests. Multimedia continues to dominate the field, with newer players like Instagram offering hotel marketers some excellent opportunities to connect with the public. Other major trends in the industry include the rise of automated and contactless transactions, personalisation and interactive guest messaging. Read on for more.

In our category “Hotel Marketing”, you’ll find marketing strategies, tactics and tips to reach the right audience and how to grow your business.

No matter what new developments arise, you’ll be fully prepared with expert training in hotel marketing. Updating your marketing knowledge regularly is the surest way to remain relevant. This is true whether you’re a hotel manager or a sales rep yourself. Why not book a hotel marketing course today?

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