For anyone interested in finding the best travel jobs, industry job boards are often some of the best places to look. These platforms are used by various employers across the different travel sectors and allow you to identify ideal roles and apply for them online. In this article, you will find a list of some of the best options to explore.

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Understanding How the Travel Industry Works

Before applying for a travel job, it is beneficial to take the time to improve your overall understanding of the industry and how it works. It is, after all, a varied industry, and it is also important to know about the different sectors and the distinctions between the travel industry and the tourism industry.

Read more in the “Travel Industry: An Overview of One of the Largest Service Industries” article, which defines the industry, breaks it down into its different sectors, and explores fundamentals, trends, and technological advances.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Jobs?

It can also be a good idea to have a clear knowledge of what travel jobs offer and how they can be beneficial before applying. For one, the industry provides excellent opportunities for long-term progression. It is not uncommon for someone who begins in an entry-level role to climb to a managerial position.

The industry offers a lot of diversity, with options to work in fields like accommodation, food and beverages, entertainment, and transportation. Many of the skills you pick up along the way are also transferable, meaning you can jump from one sector to another or from one organization to another with little trouble.

It is also worth considering some of the employee benefits provided along the way. For instance, hotel and transportation jobs may offer opportunities to travel and/or work abroad. On the other hand, working in the food and beverage industry may provide benefits like discounts on meals or dining experiences.

The Best Job Boards for Finding Your Next Travel Job

Job boards are one of your best options for finding travel jobs online. Below, you will find a list of some of the most important options to explore, broken down according to their area of focus.

Travel Jobs Within the Hotel & Hospitality Industry

The following job boards are all examples of platforms focusing on the hotel and hospitality sectors.


Launched in 1998, HCareers is a job board owned by Virgil Holdings. The platform targets the North American market, focusing on hotel jobs. It allows for custom parameters to be set on job searches, while you can also explore business profiles to better understand the employers advertising jobs. Additionally, a score algorithm system has been used in more recent times to help match job seekers to the best roles.

To visit the website, click here.


Also founded in 1998, HospitalityOnline has its main office in Seattle, Washington, and is notable for being one of the most data-focused job boards. Aside from advertising travel jobs and allowing you to apply for them online, the service also includes a range of extra tools, including options allowing employers to conduct behavioral assessments of potential candidates. For job seekers, this can be effective in helping you to find the ideal match.

To visit the website, click here.


Launched in 2011 and based in Geneva, Hosco advertises jobs internationally, with a strong focus on European nations. That said, jobs throughout the rest of the world are also advertised on the platform. Although the service is primarily a website for advertising travel jobs, it also provides access to relevant courses, making it a solid, all-around career service for those interested in hospitality.

To visit the website, click here.

Asia Hospitality Careers was established in 2017 and had offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. The website focuses very much on jobs within Asia, and although a range of travel jobs are advertised, there is a heavy focus on the hotel industry. In addition to allowing you to easily find and apply for vacant jobs, the platform includes a CV-building tool and a guide to salaries in Asian countries, making it easier to know which jobs to apply for.

To visit the website, click here.

The HospitalityJobs platform allows you to browse hotel and hospitality sector jobs and apply for them online. The company itself is based in Clearwater, Florida, and was established in 1996, while the jobs advertised are primarily found in North America. Aside from finding and applying for jobs directly, the website also allows you to create an account and upload your CV, so employers or recruiters can approach you instead.

To visit the website, click here.

As the name indicates, Caterer was originally set up to provide users access to catering jobs, but various other travel jobs are also covered nowadays. The service is based in the United Kingdom and is ideal for people looking for jobs there. It also offers options to upload your CV so employers can seek you out or set up job alerts, notifying you when a job matches your criteria.

To visit the website, click here.

More Travel Job Boards

While the above examples are some of the most popular and widely-utilized job boards, they are far from the only examples of websites that specialize in advertising hospitality and hotel vacancies. Ultimately, the more different websites you access, your job search will be complete.

Read “The Best Hospitality Job Boards for Your Career”, where you will have access to a more comprehensive list of job boards for the travel industry’s hospitality sector.

Travel Jobs Within the Aviation & Airline Industry

The options below are all job boards focused on aviation and/or the airline industry.

Aviation Job Search

The Aviation Job Search platform is owned by Friday Media Group Ltd. and has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, making it a good choice for people seeking travel jobs in either country. However, it focuses on the aviation sector, advertising vacancies for pilots, captains, cabin crew, first officers, and more. It includes options for job alerts and upload your CV too.

To visit the website, click here.


AviationJobNet is promoted as an aviation job marketplace. It is focused on the United States market and is used by thousands of American aviation employers, resulting in an average of around 40,000 new travel jobs being advertised on the platform every month. The job search function allows for a range of parameters to be set, which can also be applied to custom job alerts, ensuring you receive notifications when relevant vacancies arise.

To visit the website, click here.

AV Jobs

AV Jobs is owned by Avjobs, Inc. and was founded in 1988. The company started life as an aviation career business and has since moved many operations into the online sphere. Various registration levels are available, offering an abundance of options, from typical job board features to CV building and hosting tools, interview preparation options, and even a one-click application process, providing maximum efficiency.

To visit the website, click here.

Flight Global

The Flight Global platform advertises travel jobs related to aviation and the airline industry. It is a particularly useful platform for people seeking employment in aerospace engineering and provides access to jobs like cabin crew, pilots, and airline management. Job alerts can be set up, your CV can be uploaded, you can apply for jobs directly, and a careers hub also provides valuable industry information.

To visit the website, click here.

Aviation CV is a platform that has been carefully aimed at pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and those seeking similar roles. The company behind the platform has offices in New York and Singapore, and the website offers truly international service. Aside from providing access to hundreds of travel jobs at any given time, Aviation CV is also notable for providing additional information, such as salary guides and advice on career progression.

To visit the website, click here.

Travel Jobs Within the Cruise Industry

A wide range of travel jobs are found in the cruise industry, and the following platforms can help you to find such a role.

All Cruise Jobs is based in the United Kingdom and is owned by Webix Ltd. The platform’s history can be traced back to 2000, but it has existed in its current form, as a job board, since 2009. The website features advertisements for a huge number of cruise-related travel jobs, from management roles, to deck jobs, entertainment jobs, and roles within restaurants. Once you find your preferred role, you can easily apply online.

To visit the website, click here.

Leisure Jobs

The Leisure Jobs platform advertises a wide range of travel jobs, but its cruise section is largely dedicated to professional roles on cruise ships. The platform offers hundreds of jobs at any given time, with positions advertised by some of the largest employers and recruiters in the industry. The service also operates globally, meaning the various jobs cover almost all parts of the world.

To visit the website, click here.

Cruise Job Finder

Cruise Job Finder is promoted as a cruise industry gateway, providing job seekers with access to roles within the industry. These positions span the full range of cruise-related jobs, from entertainment and catering right the way up to senior travel management positions. The website allows you to create your profile and use an advanced job search feature, while expert insights and other tools are also available.

To visit the website, click here.

Cruise Careers

The Cruise Careers platform is the main career portal for Carnival Support Services India (CSSI), the largest company in India for providing skilled personnel to cruise lines. The service is free for job seekers to use and offers all of the main features you would expect, including a job search engine, the option to upload your CV, the ability to apply for multiple jobs at once, and a custom job alerts system so that you never miss out.

To visit the website, click here.

Finally, launched in 2004 and allowed users to search for millions of jobs online, with these vacancies being situated worldwide and spreading throughout different industries. The cruise jobs section of the website deals exclusively with jobs related to cruise lines and cruise services and allows you to search based on job type, salary, location, and more. Once you find your ideal job, a link is provided to the applications page.

To visit the website, click here.

3 Additional Ways to Find Travel Jobs

While job boards provide excellent access to travel jobs, they are not comprehensive, and some vacancies may not be advertised on these platforms. This makes it important that you explore other options too.

1. Apply Directly at Your Favourite Travel Company

One of the best alternatives to job boards is to identify a company you would like to work for and then apply directly. Most businesses or organizations operating within the travel and tourism industry will advertise opportunities on their website or social media channels, so keep checking back regularly.

The precise companies you choose to target will depend on various factors, including your interests, skills, and personal preferences. For example, you may feel you share the same basic values as a hotel company or have had a positive experience with a specific transportation provider.

2. Let Recruiters Find a Travel Job for You

Recruitment agencies and specialists operating in the travel industry are often one of the best possible routes into a new job, because these recruiters will have excellent contacts. In many cases, they work for employers, identifying the most suitable candidates for available roles.

Many recruiters will, however, also work with job seekers, providing expert advice, matching you up with the most suitable job openings for your skillset, and helping to unlock your full potential in other ways. In some cases, recruiters can explain exactly what an employer is looking for, making the application process easier.

3. Turn to LinkedIn to Find Travel Jobs

LinkedIn allows you to find travel jobs in several ways, including through a traditional job board and professional networking. The former option allows you to easily find the kind of job you are looking for and then apply online, and job alerts can be enabled so that you never miss a key opportunity.

The latter option is based on communicating with people, building relationships, and maintaining those relationships over time. Talk to people about your career goals and help others when you can. This may help you learn about vacancies you would otherwise be unaware of, and some may even put in a good word for you.

Useful Tips for Finding Travel Careers

Travel jobs and careers are extremely rewarding, but before you can enjoy the benefits, you need to find and secure the ideal job for you. This means using the right channels to find work, ensuring your application is strong, taking advantage of networking opportunities, and excelling in interviewing time.

Read our “Useful Tips for Finding Travel Careers” article, where you will come across some useful advice and insights that can assist you in your application to maximize your chances of being hired.

Travel & Tourism Management

Travel and tourism management jobs rank among the best travel jobs you can apply for. However, before doing so, it makes sense to take the time to fully get to grips with what the role will entail, how the position will vary across the different tourism sectors, and what the entry requirements are.

Read “Tourism Management: All You Need to Know About Tourism” for a definition of tourism management, a breakdown of qualifications and skills requirements, and much more information on the topic.

Job boards provide one of your best options for finding and applying for travel jobs, and knowing which job board platforms specialize in which areas of the travel industry can help to make your search much more focused.

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