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What is TRevPar?


Total revenue per available room, or TRevPAR, is a KPI used by those within the hotel industry to assess business results. It is concerned with total revenue generated from rooms, and space available. As a result, it can play an important role in a revenue management strategy, and can provide a useful snapshot of overall performance. What does TRevPAR stand

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Boost Your Hotel Profits With An Interim Revenue Manager


Revenue management is more of a philosophy that a set in stone strategy. When it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry, revenue management is all about selling the right room to the right guest and the best possible time, and always at the best possible price. What's more, a good revenue manager will be able to identify which distribution

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RevPAR versus GOPPAR


Revenue per available room, or RevPAR, and gross operating profit per available room, or GOPPAR, are two of the most vital KPIs available to hotel managers and both form an important part of any effective revenue management strategy. Both metrics concern themselves with occupancy rates, but they detail very different things, as one is centered around money being brought in,

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RevPAR versus RevPOR


Revenue per available room, or RevPAR, and revenue per occupied room, or RevPOR, are two KPIs used within the hotel industry, especially for revenue management purposes. Although the two metrics have similar names, what they measure is actually quite different, meaning neither KPI is necessarily more useful than the other. How Do You Calculate RevPAR and RevPOR? The formulas for

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4 Reasons Why Resorts Outsource Revenue Management


For resorts, hotels and other hospitality companies, revenue management plays a vitally important role, allowing financial results to be optimised. However, many opt to outsource revenue management to a third-party, rather than handling it internally, because it requires specialist knowledge and tools. In this article, you will learn more about revenue management strategies, as well as some of the key

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What is Hotel Revenue Management?


For those operating in the hotel industry, revenue management is a key concept, as it enables hotel owners to predict levels of demand and optimise things like distribution and pricing, in order to maximise financial results. In this article, you will find out more about hotel revenue management, the reasons it is so valuable to hotel owners, and the necessary

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Revenue Management Consulting; Benefits of Hiring a Consultant


It is becoming increasingly common for hotel owners and others in the hospitality industry to acquire revenue management consulting services, in order to optimise prices, distribution and occupancy rates, and maximise financial results. In many cases, these services will be acquired from a revenue management consulting firm and in this article, you will learn about the benefits of enlisting a

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