The internet can be an invaluable resource when looking for cruise ship jobs, but it is important to know the best places to look and to have some variety in the different online channels you use. Here, you can find a list of websites that will be able to help you on your way to finding work within the cruise industry.

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List of Websites to Find the Best Cruise Ship Jobs

Below, you can access information on some of the most useful websites to turn to, broken down into four categories.

1. Apply Directly for Cruise Ship Jobs at the Best Cruise Lines

Your first option is to visit the websites of cruise lines directly and check their ‘Jobs‘ section for vacancies. Here, you can find out a little more about some of the biggest employers offering cruise ship jobs.

Carnival Corporation & PLC

Founded in 1972, Carnival Corporation & PLC is made up of two separate companies – the UK-based Carnival PLC and the US-based Carnival Corporation. Together, these two companies own a number of the world’s most recognisable cruise brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, AIDA Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard, P&O Cruises and Costa Cruises. These cruise lines offer a total of well over 100,000 cruise ship jobs.

Click here to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Carnival Corporation & PLC

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International was established in 1968 and its cruises attract approximately 5 million passengers every year. The cruise line functions with a fleet of more than 25 cruise ships, with this fleet including four of the largest passenger ships in the world, including ‘Symphony of the Seas‘, which is classed as the single largest passenger ship. The parent company behind Royal Caribbean International also owns Azamara and Celebrity Cruises.

Click here to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Royal Caribbean International

Celebrity Cruises

Founded in 1988, Celebrity Cruises has been under the ownership of the Royal Caribbean Group since 1997. The company itself is based in Miami, Florida, but the majority of the Celebrity Cruises fleet is registered in Malta. Its cruises span a wide range of destinations all over the world, and an emphasis is placed on its luxury appeal and the quality of customer service on offer. Celebrity Cruises’ largest ship is ‘Celebrity Edge‘, which holds almost 3,000 people.

Click here to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Celebrity Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

The Azamara Club Cruises brand is also owned by Royal Caribbean Group and was created in 2007. Compared with the other brands owned by the same parent company, Azamara is focused on providing smaller-scale luxury cruises and has a fleet of three mid-sized vessels, ‘Azamara Pursuit‘, ‘Azamara Quest‘ and ‘Azamara Journey‘, along with some smaller vessels, each offering various travel and hospitality jobs and serving destinations that larger cruise lines do not.

Click here to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Azamara Club Cruises

More Popular Cruise Line Companies for Cruise Ship Jobs

The cruise lines listed above are some of the top employers in the industry, so you should try to check back with them regularly for any vacancies they may be advertising. With that being said, there are a number of other cruise lines that are also worth keeping in mind and the larger your list of options, the more chance you have of finding work.

Check out “Cruise Jobs: Apply Directly For a Job at the Best Cruise Lines” for a more extensive list of cruise lines, complete with information on each one, so you can identify the companies you would most like to work for.

2. Recruitment Agencies Focused on Cruise Ship Jobs

Recruitment agencies are an excellent way to find work, as many agencies have long-term partnerships with cruise lines. Here, you will find some of the best agencies that focus on the cruise industry.

Cruising Recruitment Agency

Cruising Recruitment Agency offers international recruitment services and functions as a hiring partner for cruise companies around the world. It is also a recruitment agency that relies heavily on technology, conducting interviews over the telephone or via Skype, reducing the need for unnecessary travel. As a job seeker, you will receive professional support throughout your application and you can use the ‘Jobs‘ section to easily find vacancies by department.

To visit the website, click here

Sea Agency

Founded in 2002, Sea Agency is based in Serbia and serves as a hiring partner for some of the biggest cruise lines in the world, including Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. You can use the website to find suitable cruise ship jobs and then submit your CV for consideration. The most suitable candidates are then selected for a pre-selection interview and if you perform well at this stage, you will be hired for the role.

To visit the website, click here

Alliance Recruitment Agency

The Alliance Recruitment Agency is based in India, with a major office in the United States. The company is primarily focused on recruiting suitable candidates for cruise ship jobs in the Asia Pacific region, although other parts of the world are catered for too, including the United Kingdom, the Middle East and North America. In addition to connecting you with relevant jobs, Alliance will also work with you to optimise your CV or resume.

To visit the website, click here

Crown Recruitment

Established in 1992, Crown Recruitment is based in the United Kingdom and is operated by people who have previously worked in cruise ship jobs. The company is a hiring partner for some of the most notable cruise lines in the world, including Royal Caribbean International and its sister cruise lines. The roles that can be obtained through the agency include everything from entertainment and guest services, through to casino and diving instructor jobs.

To visit the website, click here

Pro Sea Staff

Pro Sea Staff is a recruitment agency based in France, which can connect you with cruise ship jobs, as well as other tourism jobs. The company has established relationships with a number of cruise lines and has sourced candidates for Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and more. Applying for roles is as simple as finding a suitable vacancy on the website, sending your CV, and waiting to be contacted.

To visit the website, click here

3. List of Cruise Ship Job Boards

Job boards are another great option for finding cruise ship jobs online and the job boards below either specialise in advertising cruise industry jobs, or they place a significant focus on the cruise industry.

All Cruise Jobs was originally created in 2008 under the name, before adopting its current name the following year. It provides hundreds of cruise ship job listings at a time, including housekeeping jobs, deck jobs, entertainment jobs, retail jobs, management jobs and technical roles. In addition to the easy-to-use job search engine, the platform also provides a professional CV writing service and a careers advice section.

Click here to check out all cruise ship jobs on the website of

Leisure Jobs

The Leisure Jobs platform provides access to a range of different travel jobs, but the cruise ship jobs section of the website makes it easy to find jobs in the industry. The service is based in the United Kingdom and most of the advertised jobs are based there too, but other parts of the world are covered. You can also set up job alerts for cruise jobs, meaning you will receive an email notification when a relevant job is posted to the platform.

Click here to check out all cruise ship jobs on the website of Leisure Jobs 

Cruise Job Finder

Cruise Job Finder is a sub-division of M&L Research, Inc. and was established in 2002 as part of the wider network. The company is based in Seattle, Washington, USA and offers cruise ship job opportunities on a global basis. A huge number of jobs are advertised on the platform and the website also includes useful information on choosing the right role within the cruise industry, based on your talents and preferences.

Click here to check out all cruise ship jobs on the website of Cruise Job Finder

Cruise Careers

Cruise Careers is a job board and recruitment company, which is based in Mumbai, India. It is effectively a support services company, working for Carnival Corporation. As a result of this partnership, it is able to provide users with access to cruise ship jobs aboard vessels owned by the likes of Carnival Cruise Line, P&O Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises and Cunard Line. You can apply for multiple jobs at once and registration is completely free.

Click here to check out all cruise ship jobs on the website of Cruise Careers


Founded in 2004, Indeed is an American employment search engine, which covers a huge range of industries. The cruise ship jobs section of the website allows you to easily find vacancies and you can set up custom search parameters, in order to sort results based on things like date posted, estimated salary, job type, location, employer and experience level. You can also upload your resume to the platform, allowing employers to discover you.

Click here to check out all cruise ship jobs on the website of Indeed 

4. Discover Cruise Ship Jobs at LinkedIn

Finally, you can also use the LinkedIn social networking site to find work, and there are two main methods here. The first is to visit the ‘Jobs‘ sub-section and this works in a similar way to a more conventional cruise job board, with advertisements being posted by employers and with job seekers having the ability to apply online.

However, it is worth noting that LinkedIn’s uses extend far beyond this. You can also use it to build a professional network. Once you have done so, you can have conversations about your career and these conversations can potentially lead to job offers, or people putting you in touch with employers they have worked with.

An Overview of the Main Cruise Industry Jobs

Deciding you want to work in the cruise industry is one thing, but it is equally important to pinpoint the sort of role you want. This is an individual decision and there are many factors you will need to take into account, but you will need to know as much as you can about what the different cruise ship jobs actually involve too.

Read the “Cruise Industry Jobs: An Overview of All Cruise Ship Positions” article and you can find descriptions of the main departments within the cruise industry and the individual job roles within those different areas.

Helpful Advice for Starting Your Cruise Career

After you have decided on the kind of job you want, you need to take the right actions to maximise your chances of finding a cruise ship job. This could mean ensuring you have the right education or professional qualifications and it may also mean making changes to your CV. Alternatively, it could involve things like improving your interview skills.

Take a look at “Cruise Careers: Tips to Start Your Career at a Cruise Ship” for more information on these steps – and several others besides – so you can improve your application and begin your career in the cruise industry.

Find Out All You Can About the Cruise Industry

Before actually applying for a job, or while you wait for a response to your application, another step you can take is to try to learn as much as possible about the cruise industry. Doing so will help to ensure you are fully equipped to take on a new job, and that you have the required background knowledge to succeed.

Check out “Cruise Industry: All You Need to Know About Cruises!” for information on the industry, the main cruise lines, the different cruise types, and some of the key concepts that apply to cruise lines.

There are a large number of cruise industry employers, all of whom require people to fill a vast array of job roles. However, finding work within the industry does depend on knowing where to look. All of the websites listed in this article have the potential to help you to find cruise ship jobs, and all are easy to use too.

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