For hotel owners, it is important to keep up with the latest video marketing trends, and the 360 video hotel tour is one of the most significant trends of recent times. In this article, you will learn more about 360 movie technology, the ways it differs from the VR hotel offerings, and 10 of the best examples of its use within the hotel industry.

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What is a 360 Video?

A 360 video, also known as a spherical video, is a video recording, which is filmed using an omnidirectional camera, resulting in all directions being filmed at once. As a result, a user viewing a 360 video has the ability to pan around during playback, with a 360-degree field of view and freedom to explore that full 360 degrees at will.

There are a number of ways of actually consuming 360 video content, including on traditional flat displays, head-mounted displays and virtual reality headsets. This includes high-tech virtual reality headsets from the likes of Samsung and Sony, as well as budget alternatives, including Google Cardboard.

It is one of the most powerful forms of video marketing, due to the levels of immersion it can offer.

What is the Difference Between a 360 Video and Virtual Reality Video?

The terms ‘360 video’ and ‘virtual reality’ are sometimes used interchangeably and they do use similar technology. After all, 360 videos can be viewed through virtual reality headsets. However, there are some subtle differences between the two concepts and it is worth familiarising yourself with these differences.

In simple terms, virtual reality refers to a computer-generated simulation where the user is able to interact with the digital environment in a seemingly realistic way, whereas 360 video is made purely to be observed. Additionally, while 360 video can be enjoyed on a range of devices, virtual reality requires a VR headset.

One way to think of the difference is that 360 video resembles a 360 movie, whereas virtual reality has more in common with a video game, due to the potential for interactions with digital environments.

What is a 360 Video Hotel Tour?

A 360 video hotel tour, sometimes promoted as a VR hotel tour, is a form of video marketing, used to advertise the physical qualities of a hotel. Such a tour makes use of 360 video technology to showcase sections of a hotel, such as a hotel room, the hotel lobby, and the pool area, through immersive video footage.

The primary benefit of this is the ability to provide users with a clearer sense of what it is like to be in the hotel.

Why Are 360 Video Hotel Tours Becoming Popular?

There are several factors which explain why 360 video hotel tours have become more popular, including improvements to the technology itself, as well as the increased prevalence of virtual reality headsets. However, there is also a growing belief that marketing works best when it provides its audience with an experience.

In the past, hotel websites and pages on other platforms have had to rely on photographs to convey what the hotel is actually like. With 360 video and VR hotel tours, users can actually experience what a hotel is like for themselves, all from the comfort of their own home. As a result, they can make a booking with much greater confidence.

10 Amazing Examples of 360 Video Hotel Tours

While the concept of 360 video hotel tours has grown in popularity in recent years, it is fair to say that some hotels are making better use of the technology than others. Below, we examine 10 of the best examples to date.

#1: 360 Video Tour of Atlantis Dubai Hotel

An immersive 360 video tour of the Atlantis Dubai hotel. The video tour itself showcases several key sections of the hotel, including the main entrance, the hotel suites and a number of nearby features and attractions. It also provides users with a clear idea of the views on offer from the hotel, and the contents of the hotel rooms. .


#2: 360 degree video of Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

The Pullman Brisbane King George Square is a 5-star hotel in Brisbane, Australia. This VR hotel tour offers a 360-degree view of a number of different sections from it, including the hotel reception area, a variety of different rooms types, and the executive lounge, providing users with a clear idea of the hotel’s aesthetics.


#3: Grand Oasis Hotel 360º Hotel VR Tour

The Grand Oasis Hotel is situated in Cancun, Mexico and this 360 movie provides an intriguing look at some of its best features. The tour is presented with full narration and serves to both show and describe the hotel rooms, along with numerous other features, including its famous gardens.


#4: Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa 360 Video Tour

Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa is a picturesque up-scale hotel. This 360 virtual hotel tour is introduced by the manager and guides users through a number of the most important areas of the building, including the reception, hotel rooms, entertainment areas, and dining areas.


#5: Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel VR and 360 Video Experience

This VR hotel tour for the Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel takes a more understated approach, allowing the 360 video to speak for itself. During the tour itself, the user gets a close look at the hotel’s reception area, lounge, bar, poolside area and hotel rooms, including the view seen from the hotel’s balconies.


#6: Hotels 360 VR, 360 Virtual Tour for Holiday Inn Express Adelaide

This hotel tour from Holiday Inn Express in Adelaide, Australia takes a slightly different approach to video marketing, offering a 360 video with a view of guests engaged in typical hotel activities. Some of the areas shown in the tour include the check in desk, the lounge, a conference room and the hotel rooms.


#7: Vythiri Resort of Wyanad in VR and 360 Video Presentations

The Vythiri Resort of Wyanad tour takes the user through the main hotel facilities, in a fully narrated 360 movie. In particular, it places a strong emphasis on the broader themes of the hotel and on the natural beauty of the resort and its surrounding area, serving as a compelling piece of video marketing.


#8: Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows In 360 Video

This 360 video produced for the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa highlights the beauty of Tahiti and the classic appeal of the overwater bungalows. With the guidance of a narrator, the tour shows users the inside of the bungalows, balcony views, the spectacular surroundings, and the room service, which is delivered by canoe.


#9: Maldives 360 Video, Scuba Spa 360 VR Experience

Centred on the Scuba Spa Floating Resort in the Maldives, this 360 video hotel tour focuses on the fun that can be had during a visit. In particular, it highlights a cocktail lounge, a dining area, professional massage services and more, building up the image of a luxurious resort for those looking to unwind.


#10: Cape Dara in Pattaya, Thailand | 360 Video Presentation

Finally, this 360 movie highlights the main offerings of Cape Dara in Pattaya, Thailand, which is a five-star hotel. These offerings include a beautiful pool area, suites overlooking the beach, views of natural surroundings, jacuzzis, luxurious hotel rooms and quiet, secluded spaces for relaxation.


More Ways How VR can Enrich the Hotel Industry

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Ultimately, 360 video is a powerful video marketing tool, because of the immersion it can provide. This allows users to experience something akin to being in a hotel, without them needing to be physically present, and the 10 examples listed in this article help to highlight the ways hotel owners can use the technology effectively.

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