Virtual reality is experienced through sights and sounds in an artificial environment provided by a computer. The travel and tourism industry has started adopting this tool to enhance customer experience and maximise engagements. If you want to use this innovative tool to promote your travel business, take a look at this overview of virtual reality marketing (Also known as VR marketing), its importance for the tourism sector, and 5 advantages of using virtual reality to increase sales.

What is a VR Video and How Does it Work?

Technically speaking, virtual reality is a 3D computer-generated environment that looks just like the real world. You can combine videos, images, and photos of the destination you are promoting together with your website’s booking functionality into a VR video, thus enabling the user to get all the information they need in one single experience. This can save you time and lead in strong conversion.

What is Virtual Reality Marketing and Why is it Important in Travel?

The travel industry proverbial glove is virtual reality as it enables brand owners to present their services to potential customers right before their eyes. VR marketing provides valuable advantages to businesses by allowing users to have an immersive experience by connecting directly with a service or product. This immersive experience can be anything from flying in a helicopter to the holiday resort, to taking hotel room tours. There are countless ways you can give your audience an enjoyable experience through a virtual reality video.

5 Advantages of Virtual Reality Marketing

While virtual reality can eliminate the need for taking a trip, it appears that most people will want to experience the destination for real after watching it on a VR video. If you are considering using this marketing tool to increase bookings, take a look at the following 5 advantages:

1. Be One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

To attract online visitors to your website and boost sales or bookings, you must give Web users unparalleled access to your VR video without prompting them to leave your website. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep your potential customers longer on your homepage by allowing them to interact with your services. A simple click of a mouse will not suffice since you need to build trust with your audience. A virtual reality video will allow your business the opportunity to develop experiences that reach your audience through unique interaction rather than plain text.

2. You Can Showcase Your Services to Potential Customers in Advance

VR videos allow potential customers to explore the destination first before making a booking. You can even incorporate a travel app or an interactive map with your virtual reality video to pinpoint directions, routes, and places of interest to your customers. Remember this is your chance to showcase the hotel resort or tour you are promoting in a vivid and convincing way rather than just giving the customer a brochure of the destination. By presenting your services to potential customers in advance using a VR video, you will convey the message that your travel company is transparent and authentic.

3. VR Offers Enhanced User Experience

A VR video gives users the opportunity to embark on an immersive journey through the hotel’s rooms, explore its facilities, take a walk around the resort, and even make a direct booking. In fact, this unique sensory experience can be like storytelling since the user can visit the desired places of interest and learn more about their history, check out the menu of the hotel restaurant, and explore the spa treatments in a 360-degree virtual walkthrough. Virtual reality videos can enhance all kinds of on-site experiences for users so it’s understandable why they are increasingly becoming the ultimate marketing tool for the travel industry.

4. VR Marketing Helps Boost Sales

The equipment needed to create your first VR video doesn’t have to be expensive as all you need is a good camera that can take 360 video degree shots. Simultaneous shots can easily be captured using drones, which you can rent cheaply for a day. If you have a creative team to help you with the project, you will be able to create an ultimate VR video that allows users to interact with their environment in like a ‘try before you buy’ marketing strategy. By investing a little time and money in creating your VR marketing video, you will help boost your brand’s sales.

5. It’s a Perfect Tool for Content Marketing

Quality content is essential for online marketing and every business owner knows the importance of giving their audience consistent value. Content marketing through virtual reality is a revolutionary way to present your business to potential customers directly from their VR headset. The video must be shared on social media sites for maximum exposure. Keep in mind that your content should be as engaging as possible where your online users can even drive or ride the experience. Content marketers must always stay on top of the evolving tech trends by taking advantage of virtual reality for their travel business.

3 Examples of Virtual Reality Marketing in Travel

Some of the world’s biggest travel companies are already integrating virtual reality into their travel marketing strategy. If you’d like to get a better idea of how to use this powerful tool in your business, take a peek at the 3 most innovative examples of VR marketing videos that offer users an exciting and immersive experience.

#Virtual Reality Marketing 1: Virtual Reality Hotel Tour

This 4-minute VR hotel tour of the luxury resort hotel Sandy Lane in Barbados takes the viewer on a virtual reality experience to all the hotel’s top attractions and highlights, including its golf course, spa, changing rooms, suites, and the stunning marble reception area.


#Virtual Reality Marketing 2: Virtual Reality Tour of Travel destination

This is a 7-minute video of Australia’s Hamilton Island. The interactive video starts from flight landing in the destination airport and takes the user to the hotel before an ultimate flying experience in a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef and scuba diving in the reef. Guests can explore the hotel’s spa facilities and check out all the water activities they can take part in.


#Virtual Reality Marketing 3: A Virtual Reality Guided City Tour Through London

This 5-minute 360 VR video features a guided city tour through London’s most famous landmarks and attractions via public transport and on foot. The guide explains the history of the capital as well as its iconic streets with tips on the best ways to travel around London and what to see in the city.


Virtual Reality Marketing and the Metaverse

Virtual reality marketing is just one of the technologies that is helping to shape the metaverse. In simple terms, the metaverse describes metaverse virtual words – powered by virtual reality devices, augmented reality, and similar technology – which serve as a digital space where meaningful social interactions can take place.

Take a look at the “Metaverse Tourism: Overview, Benefits, Examples and More” article for more on precisely what the metaverse is, its connection with virtual reality tourism offerings, the ways in which the metaverse is already being utilised, the benefits, and its potential in the months and years to come.

Beyond virtual tours and destination marketing, travel and tourism companies are now taking virtual reality to another level through creative and innovative methods in order to attract audiences. It won’t be long until travel companies use virtual reality catalogues to help their customers plan and book trips from the comfort of their own home.

More Video Marketing Tips

Videos are a powerful marketing tool, especially for the hospitality and travel industry. After all, they have the ability to capture the attention of the audience much quicker than text or images. In the following articles you will learn more about video marketing:

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