One of the major issues facing the hotel industry is implementing the most effective methods to promote their premises. As clients now rely heavily upon the digital domain, it should come as no great surprise that the Internet represents an indispensable tool. One of the most innovative options is to highlight the associated amenities with the help of a VR hotel tour. Let us take a closer look at this concept.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is essentially a digital augmentation of the real world through the use of computer-generated simulations. In regards to the hotel sector, this often takes on the form of virtual reality video marketing. One amazing way to highlight what your property has to offer is with the use of a digital walkthrough.

What is a VR Hotel Tour?

A VR hotel tour provides website visitors with a means to obtain a digital first-person point of view of your premises. This is particularly useful when presenting the rooms that you have to offer, as customers will be able to obtain a “feel” for what is in store. Another interesting point to make is that such a perspective is capable of illustrating the dimensions of a room and even how to navigate throughout the property itself.

Why are VR Hotel Tours Becoming Popular?

One of the main reasons why hotel VR marketing has taken on a viral tone arises from the fact that guests will be provided with a hands-on point of view when making important rental decisions. Furthermore, such technology clearly illustrates that the hotel in question is keeping abreast of the latest digital trends. It should also be stressed that VR tours can be easily placed within an online presentation through the use of cost-effective software packages.

Ten Stunning Examples of Virtual Reality Hotel Tours

Are you curious to learn about the possibilities associated with these hotel VR tours? If so, please take a quick look at the amazing examples which have been compiled below.

#1: Atlantis Dubai Virtual Tour

Whether referring to its traditional arched entrances or its palatial gathering rooms, this first-person virtual tour highlights all of the major features associated with Atlantis Dubai. The inclusion of technological amenities likewise stresses the fact that guests will enjoy nothing less than top-notch services during their stay.


#2: Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel VR Tour

This hotel VR tour adds a nice touch by including an audio guide along with the associated images; providing an extra sense of amicability. It likewise supplies important information such as the types of guests who use this hotel as well as the number of available rooms (510). Focusing upon the spacious and luxurious qualities of the property, this hotel tour is an excellent way to represent the entire brand.


#3: Grand Oasis Hotel 360º Hotel VR Tour

After describing the location of the hotel in relation to Cancun, the virtual reality narrator highlights some main features as as their new “pyramid” addition as well as a large open-air atrium (thus emphasising the “oasis” quality of this hotel. A nice mixture of detailed room descriptions and views of the surrounding gardens highlight this hotel as a true “Grand Oasis”.


#4: Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa 360 VR Tour

One unique attribute of this VR hotel tour is that it begins with a personalised introduction from the manager; an excellent way to build a digital rapport with potential guests. This introduction is then followed by a walkthrough which displays the reception area, a live entertainment centre, an outdoor dining terrace, and finally, the rooms themselves. This virtual reality presentation is imbued with a personalised feel due to the fact that the viewer is allowed to remain within each area for a short amount of time before moving on.


#5: Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel VR and 360° Video Experience

Although there is no lengthy introduction or presence of a human voiceover, this VR/ 360 video hotel presentation is simple and elegant thanks to its streamlined navigation as well as the presence of relaxing musical undertones. This is often a great way to emphasis the straightforward, elegant and transparent nature of your property.


#6: Holiday Inn Express Adelaide VR Hotel Tour

Holiday Inn Express has taken on a rather proactive feel with this VR hotel tour; allowing the viewer to watch guests performing normal activities such as checking in, enjoying a cocktail in the lounge or attending a meeting within the opulent conference room. This type of presentation is often used to illustrate the functional nature of a property.


#7: Vythiri Resort of Wyanad in VR and 360 Video Presentations

This 360-degree visual tour has taken an entirely different approach due to the fact that it highlights the traditional nature of the property as well as stressing its reputation as a “getaway” as opposed to a mere hotel. The viewer is left with an impression of tranquillity as well as a down-to-earth flavour.


#8: Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows In 360 Video VR

Unsurprisingly, the main focus of this VR marketing presentation involves the sheer natural beauty associated with the islands of Tahiti. By displaying how guests will be able to interact with this splendid environment, the viewer is provided with a first-hand glimpse of what he or she can expect to enjoy.


#9: Maldives 360 VR, Scuba Spa 360 VR Experience

Simple and straight to the point, this VR hotel video marketing tour highlights some of the main activities which guests can expect to enjoy such as a bespoke cocktail lounge, a private massage parlour, splendid views of the maritime environment, and exquisitely private accommodations. The upbeat nature of the music also signifies a sense of peace and rejuvenation.


#10: Cape Dara in Pattaya, Thailand | 360° VR Presentation

This final VR tour immediately stresses the main strengths of the property. Examples include five-star accommodations, superior levels of seclusion and the amenities offered within each one of their beachfront suites. The speaker focuses upon a second-to-none attention to detail; reinforcing the fact that guests can expect nothing less than the very best during their stay.


More Ways How VR can Enrich the Hotel Industry

Virtual reality is one of the biggest emerging technology trends and the business world is gradually coming to terms with the various opportunities it provides. In the article “How Virtual Reality (VR) can Enrich the Hospitality Industry” we describe three of the best current uses of virtual reality.

A VR Hotel Tour as Part of the Hotel Metaverse

The value of a VR hotel tour for marketing purposes is difficult to overstate, but VR headsets and other metaverse devices can also play a major role in helping to establish the idea of the hotel metaverse. This refers to the creation of virtual spaces, where users can interact with one another, powered by VR, AR, and similar technology.

Read “How Can the Hotel Industry Take Advantage of the Metaverse?” for an in-depth analysis of what the metaverse is, how it is currently used, what the potential of this technology is, and the ways that those operating in the hotel industry can capitalise on all that the metaverse has to offer, in order to improve the customer experience.

These ten examples of enticing VR hotel tours all serve to highlight the fact that digital technology is now able to provide you with an excellent means to represent your branding within the digital domain. If you have been looking to increase occupancy rates and the number of positive guests review, such tours will be able to offer an amazingly competitive edge.

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