Videos are increasingly important in the world of hotel marketing. The right hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales, raising your profile in the hotel industry. Whether you’re unveiling a new facility, announcing a special offer or letting people know about improvements you’ve made, video is the perfect medium. There are various different types of video that you might want to explore.

Why is a Professional Hotel Video Important?

Video is now the preferred medium for publicity across a range of sectors. It’s important to make your video informative, appealing and engaging — not just a dry overview of your hotel facilities but a strong audiovisual evocation of just what makes your hotel special. A hotel video gives potential guests the opportunity to “experience” your hotel at forehand and is also a great occasion to differentiate your property, facilities and service from competition. As said before, a good hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales. In this article, you’ll learn crucial concepts for creating the perfect hotel video.

Creating The Perfect Hotel video: 5 Crucial Tips

Every hotel video needs to be different, just as every hotel business is different. That said, there are a few key elements to keep in mind when creating your perfect marketing video. Armed with these five magic ingredients, you’ll be able to cook up the ideal hotel video for your business.

1) Go for Quality

Your video is often the first experience that your guests will have of your premises. It’s vital that your video is as polished and masterful as your hotel — this is not the time to cut corners. Attention to detail is key here: your video needs to showcase your hotel at its very best. As well as looking good your video needs to sound good, which means sourcing a quality musical track. Don’t be tempted to grab an off-the-peg royalty-free track and hope for the best. (You should also avoid using any music you don’t have a licence for — copyright infringement is not a good look.)

2) Start With a Strong Introduction

You need to grab the viewer’s attention in the very first few seconds of your video. Today’s consumers are used to a fast-paced online world — they don’t want to wait around. You need to have a really good hook, something that will instantly catch the eye of your target audience and make them want to watch all the way through. Put your best foot forward and begin your video with your major selling points, framed in a way that really intrigues the viewer. Your introduction should be novel, visually appealing and should inspire emotion in your viewer.

3) Set Yourself Apart

You know that your hotel is special. Your hotel video is your chance to tell potential guests why. Do you have the best location in town? The greatest cuisine? The most luxurious facilities? The most helpful staff? Lead with those features. Make them the focus of your video. If your hotel has great views, your video should show them. Does your chef get fresh ingredients from the local market every day? Include that. Really think about the reasons guests keep coming back to your hotel and how you can show that in your hotel video.

4) Add Value

To garner the most shares and thus the most views, your video has to offer your audience something they want. You can add value to your hotel videos by including useful information. What are the main attractions and landmarks in your location? What are the hidden gems that visitors might not know about? Do you have any helpful tips or advice to offer? Including this kind of valuable information in your hotel video makes it more interesting to viewers and also makes it more “shareworthy”. People will want to encourage their friends and contacts to view a video if it offers interesting and engaging material.

5) Share Your Hotel Video

Having a video on your hotel’s home page is good — but it’s just the start. You need to ensure that your hotel video is shareable and easy for your target audience to find. Hosting your video on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram is a necessary step. Keep your eye on up-and-coming video sharing sites like TikTok, which specialises in hosting and sharing very short clips. These can offer a useful platform for video marketing. Don’t forget to include relevant tags and descriptions — you want people searching for “hotels in Yourtown” to find your video in their search results.

Virtual Reality Hotel Videos

These are videos made using omnidirectional cameras, also known as 360° videos. Virtual reality is the coming thing in hotel video marketing. VR lets your audience take a more immersive look at your hotel facilities, letting them look around from every angle just as if they were standing there. These videos are growing in popularity, for obvious reasons; the technology allows you to give your target market the nearest thing to an actual hotel visit well before they book. It’s the kind of approach that really gets your viewers engaged, capturing their attention and encouraging them to find out more.

5 Examples of Amazing Hotel Videos

Here are five hotels, all very different, who’ve created engaging and memorable hotel videos as part of their marketing materials. Note how every hotel has taken a distinct approach, each showcasing the specific hotel’s unique qualities.

#Hotel Video 1: 360 VR Walkthrough – Cape Dara in Pattaya, Thailand

This is a great example of 360° VR technology being deployed in the most effective way. The viewer is able to walk around the hotel, enjoying a spectacular omnidirectional view of the surroundings. Note the direction icon in the corner of the video, indicating that the viewer can grab the screen and change the camera angle.


#Hotel Video 2: Kalima Resort and Spa

This is a more traditional video — but still highly effective. Note how the video packs in a great deal of information about the hotel, switching rapidly between different scenes and using split-screen techniques to juxtapose different activities and locations. This video grabs the viewer’s attention with its fast pace and spectacular images.


#Hotel Video 3: 360 VR Video Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows

This video is another example of 360° video work. The viewer is able to walk along the bridges connecting the bungalows and turn around to admire the glorious scenery of Bora Bora. Next, the video takes us inside the bungalows where we can look around at the decor and meet some of our fellow guests.


#Hotel Video 4: 360 Virtual Tour for Holiday Inn Express Adelaide

In this VR hotel tour, we get to explore the facilities of a Holiday Inn Express. Note how each of the key features is clearly captioned so we can see exactly what facilities are available at the hotel. It’s a smart, professional approach tailored to appeal to the business traveller.


#Hotel Video 5: The Chedi Muscat in Oman

This video makes excellent use of aerial perspectives, taking the viewer on a quick sweep of the hotel’s beautiful surroundings to grab their attention before closing in for some interior shots. We get to see some very effective drone footage of the hotel and its lavish gardens, juxtaposed with footage of the interior.


Hotel videos are growing ever more sophisticated and intriguing, as new technologies and approaches change the way we look at videography. Hopefully this article has given you some useful pointers as you set out to create your own hotel videos.

More Video Marketing Tips

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