If you are seeking or exploring airline jobs, it can be a good idea to arm yourself with background knowledge of some of the main airline companies. This will then allow you to regularly check their websites and social media channels for information about job vacancies and how to apply. In this article, you will find all of the main details you need.

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Everything You Must Know About the Airline Industry

Prior to actually applying for airline jobs, it is sensible to take the time to really come to terms with what the airline industry is, what it does and does not include, how it is defined, and its similarities and differences with the aviation industry. It can also be beneficial to learn about different types of airlines and their business models.

Read through the “Airline Industry: All You Need to Know About the Airline Sector” article for all of this, as well as a whole lot more background information on the nature of the airline industry.

Check All Airline Jobs at the 10 Largest Airlines in the World

Below, you will find a list of the 10 largest airlines in the world. Using this list, it should be possible to identify the airlines that best suit your needs or preferences and then you can search their websites for job vacancies.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is based in Atlanta, Georgia and uses Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport as its main hub. It is a legacy carrier airline, recognised as one of the largest airlines in the world, and offered its first passenger services back in 1929. Today, it provides 90,000 airline jobs, caters for in excess of 200 million annual passengers and operates with a fleet of around 900 aeroplanes. This fleet serves 300 destinations, across around 50 countries worldwide.

Visit the Delta Airlines website for all airline jobs, click here.

American Airlines Group

American Airlines is widely considered to be the biggest airline in the world, as measured by revenue passenger-kilometres, size of fleet and the number of airline jobs provided. The business itself has its main offices in Fort Worth, Texas and provides flights for more than 200 million passengers in total each year. Its fleet of almost 1,000 jets provide services to close to around 350 destinations in total, including around 100 international destinations.

Visit the American Airlines website for all airline jobs, click here.


Deutsche Lufthansa, commonly known by the shorter name of Lufthansa, is a former flag carrier, and one of the largest airlines in Europe, both in terms of airline jobs provided and annual passengers carried. It has its main offices in Cologne, Germany and uses Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport as its two main hubs. Lufthansa has a fleet of approximately 300 aircraft and provides passenger services to more than 200 destinations globally.

Visit the Lufthansa website for all airline jobs, click here.

United Airlines

United Airlines has provided passenger services since 1931 and is the third-largest airline in the world by passenger-kilometres flown, as well as the fourth largest in terms of annual revenue. It is based in Chicago, Illinois, makes use of Chicago O’Hare International Airport as its primary hub, serves around 150 million passengers each year, and has a fleet of around 800 jets. These aircraft then provide flights to more than 300 destinations in total.

Visit the United Airlines website for all airline jobs, click here.

Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM is based at Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris, France and came about as a result of a merger between the airline’s Air France and KLM back in 2004. As a result, the airline has a second major hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. All in all, the amalgamated Air France-KLM airline has a fleet of more than 300 jets, with Air France alone offering passenger and cargo services to more than 200 destinations around the world.

Visit the Air France-KLM website for all airline jobs, click here.


International Airlines Group, or IAG, is an airlines company, which consists of a number of major subsidiary airlines, including British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and IAG Cargo. The company’s various brands provide it with a fleet of almost 600 aircraft and these provide services to almost 300 different destinations across the globe. In total, IAG also provides more than 60,000 airline jobs and serves more than 100 million passengers every year.

Visit the IAG website for all airline jobs, click here.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is based out of Dallas, Texas and has been providing passenger flights since 1971. It is categorised as a low-cost airline and is the largest airline of this type in the world. It provides flights to approximately 100 different destinations and does so using a fleet of around 700 planes. The majority of its services are centred on the United States and Mexico and the airline does not have a central hub, opting instead to use a point-to-point model.

Visit the Southwest Airlines website for all airline jobs, click here.

China Southern Airlines

Based in Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines has provided flights for passengers since 1988. It serves a total of more than 200 destinations around the world and, by most metrics, is recognised as the largest airline in both China and the whole of Asia. It currently operates with a fleet of over 600 aeroplanes and provides around 2,000 flights every day. Its main hubs are Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing Daxing Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

Visit the China Southern Airlines website for all airline jobs, click here.

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, sometimes known as Zennikku, is one of the largest airlines in Asia and the single largest airline in Japan, measured by passenger numbers, revenue and airline job provision. It has its main offices in Tokyo and uses both Tokyo International Airport and Tokyo Narita Airport as hubs. The All Nippon Airways fleet consists of almost 250 aircraft and the company provides passenger services to almost 100 different destinations.

Visit the All Nippon Airways website for all airline jobs, click here.

China Eastern Airlines

Based at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, with a second major hub at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China Eastern Airlines was founded in 1988 and is the second-largest airline in China, based on passengers carried and airline jobs provided. It operates with a large fleet of more than 500 aircraft and provides passenger services to almost 250 destinations altogether, including both domestic and international routes.

Visit the China Eastern Airlines for all airline jobs, click here.

Overview of Airline Jobs Per Airline Per Continent

Below, you will find a list of the various airlines you can approach when seeking airline jobs. For convenience, these companies have been broken down by continent, which allows you to easily identify the best options for your job search, based on the locations you are happy to work in and travel to.

Video: Aviation and Airline Jobs

Below you find a video which presents different airline jobs available within in the airline industry.


Best Job Boards for Finding Airline Vacancies

If you are looking for airline jobs online, it is likely that any job boards that specialise in the airline and aviation industries are going to be among your most reliable options. After all, a large number of major airlines will use these websites to draw attention to vacancies at all levels of their organisation.

Read “Best Job Boards for Finding Airline Vacancies”, where you will be able to access a list of some of the most popular airline industry job boards, enabling you to easily find and apply for almost any airline job you desire.

Recruitment Agencies to Find Managerial Airline Vacancies

Recruitment agencies offer another effective way to identify and apply for airline jobs online and this is especially true for aviation management jobs. As a general rule, recruitment agencies will often be tasked with identifying the best possible candidates and they will also have long-term relationships with specific employers.

Read “Recruitment Agencies to Find Managerial Airline Vacancies” and you will be able to find out much more about the benefits of turning to professional recruiters, along with a list of some of the best agencies to approach.

Airline Manager: Description and the Best Channels to Use

Airline manager positions represent one of the single best airline jobs you can hope to obtain. Yet, before doing so, you will need to have a clear understanding of the role, what it will involve doing on a day-to-day basis, how different management jobs compare with one another, and what the best channels are for actually applying.

Check out “Airline Manager: Description and the Best Channels to Use”, where you can find a full job description, further background information, and a list of some of the most popular and effective channels.

Useful Tips for Finding Flight Attendant Jobs Online

Flight attendant jobs are a good example of a varied and rewarding airline job, which will not require a huge amount of technical knowledge, but which will usually have specific entry requirements and provide daily challenges. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to have as much information as possible about what is expected of applicants.

Read “Useful Tips for Finding Flight Attendant Jobs Online” for details on what the job involves, the skills and qualifications that are necessary, the best channels to use for your application, and a whole lot more.

An Overview of the Various Airport Jobs Available

It is essential to understand that there are many different types of airport jobs available, from relatively low-skilled entry-level positions, right the way through to well-paid, skilled, high-pressure roles. Understanding the range of options available can help you to identify the best possible career paths to explore.

In “An Overview of the Various Airport Jobs Available”, you will not only find a list of the different airport jobs that are available, but you will also find information on what each role consists of and what skills are needed.

How to Hire the Best Airline Staff for Your Company

If you are personally involved in airline management, or with the recruitment of new staff, you are going to want to make sure any airline jobs that come up within your company are filled by suitable candidates. With this in mind, there are a number of important steps you can take to help to ensure this is the case.

Check out the “How to Hire the Best Airline Staff for Your Company” article for some practical tips on how to hire the best airline staff, as well as information on why recruiting new staff is such an important task.

Airlines are a major travel industry employer and airline jobs can vary significantly. Regardless of whether you are interested in becoming a pilot, an air traffic controller, a cabin crew member or involved with aviation management, it is sensible to build up a list of the main airlines and regularly check their websites for job listings.

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