Job boards rank among the most popular channels used by job seekers hoping to find airline vacancies online. These platforms are utilised by many employers within the airline industry, making it relatively easy to find options. In this article, we explore some of the industry job boards that are most relevant for exploring airline jobs.

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A Comprehensive View of the Airline Industry

Before browsing job boards for airline vacancies, it is advisable to take the time to learn as much as you can about the airline industry. As a basic guide, it can be useful to have a clear understanding of what the airline industry is, what it does, the types of airlines that exist, the main business models and the most popular airlines.

Explore the “Airline Industry: All You Need to Know About The Airline Sector” article for more details on the industry itself, how it is defined, and the biggest companies that offer airline vacancies.

13 Job Boards With the Best Airline Vacancies

The following job boards all represent excellent options for job seekers hoping to explore airline vacancies:

1. Aviation Job Search

Aviation Job Search is a platform that is owned by Friday Media Group Ltd, with its main office in the United Kingdom and a second office in the United States. It is a specialised job board, with a particular focus on aviation and airline vacancies for pilots, captains, cabin crew and first officers, although other jobs can also be found. You can use the platform to browse and apply for jobs, or upload your own CV so that employers can find you.

To check out all airline vacancies of Aviation Job Search, click here.

2. Flight Global

Flight Global is based in the UK and owns FlightJobs; a job board for those in the aviation or airline industries. It advertises airline vacancies all around the world and provides options to narrow down your search and apply for jobs online. In addition, the platform has a careers hub, containing some useful information on things like negotiating your salary and writing a high-quality CV, while also offering tips on how to advance your career.

To check out all airline vacancies of Flight Global, click here.

3. Aviation CV

Aviation CV was established in 2011, but has formed part of the AeroTime Hub since 2019 and is recognised as one of the world’s top platforms for finding airline vacancies. The platform advertises a range of different jobs, including pilot and co-pilot positions, cabin crew jobs and roles for maintenance engineers. You can use the platform to find jobs on a global basis and it is easy to search by the region of the world you would most like to work in.

To check out all airline vacancies of Aviation CV, click here.

4. launched in 2012 and has quickly emerged as one of the most popular job boards for identifying airline vacancies. In comparison to many other platforms of this kind, it is very focused, with a particular emphasis on pilot and cabin crew positions. The listed jobs are located all across the globe and the platform is used by some of the largest airlines in the world, including Air France, FedEx Express and Emirates.

To check out all airline vacancies of, click here.

5. FCI

Flight Crew International (FCI) is a careers platform, which helps to connect trained pilots with airline vacancies. The platform allows you to easily search for pilot jobs online, based on factors like location, aircraft type and rank, and it features a ‘quick apply‘ feature, making the job applications process significantly faster. Pilot jobs are advertised on a global basis, with commercial, business and private aviation all covered.

To check out all airline vacancies of FCI, click here.

6. Pilot Career Centre

As the name indicates, the Pilot Career Centre is a platform that connects job seekers to pilot jobs, including new pilots, first officers, captains and more. In addition to allowing you to quickly and easily search for airline vacancies in this area, the platform also provides an abundance of free information for aspiring pilots, as well as support so that you can make sure your CV or resume is optimised for finding such a role.

To check out all airline vacancies of Pilot Career Centre, click here.

7. AeroProfessional

Founded in 1996 and based in the United Kingdom, AeroProfessional is a recruitment platform and job board. You can use the site to find and apply for flight deck, cabin crew, management, engineering and other airline vacancies online and although there is a strong focus on jobs within Europe, global opportunities are posted too. The company works closely with various employers in the industry and job listings outline what the whole application process looks like.

To check out all airline vacancies of AeroProfessional, click here.

8. JSfirm

Founded in 1999, JSfirm is based in Roanoke, Texas and functions as an online aviation job board. Using the platform, you can find everything from aviation management and flight attendant vacancies, right the way through to avionics, engineering and aircraft maintenance jobs. As a job seeker, you are also able to securely upload your own resume for free, making it easier for airlines and other companies to approach you directly with job offers.

To check out all airline vacancies of JSfirm, click here.

9. AviationJobNet

The AviationJobNet platform has its main office in Fort Worth, Texas and is an excellent resource for anyone seeking airline vacancies and other aviation industry jobs. On average, around 40,000 jobs are posted on the website each month and this includes jobs for pilots, co-pilots, engineers, flight attendants and security personnel. The service allows you to search for jobs, apply online and set up custom job alerts, based on your own chosen criteria.

To check out all airline vacancies of AviationJobNet, click here.

10. AV Jobs

The AV Jobs platform is based in Littleton, Colorado in the United States, but it provides users with access to information on job vacancies around the world. You can search for jobs using your own chosen parameters, upload your CV so that employers can find you, and set up job alerts so you do not miss out on any suitable airline vacancies. On top of this, the platform also provides a range of industry data, including salary information, along with useful tips.

To check out all airline vacancies of AV Jobs, click here.

11. AviaNation

Established in 2002, AviaNation is a leading industry job board, which advertises a wide range of airline vacancies, including openings for pilots, airline mechanics, flight attendants, senior managers, flight instructors and much more. You can easily search for jobs based on keywords, category options and location, and you can also create your own account and upload your resume, making all future job applications through the platform much faster.

To check out all airline vacancies of AviaNation, click here.

12. NBBA

The National Business Aviation Association was founded in 1947 and is based in Washington DC. Its members work on behalf of organisations that rely on business aviation and its website includes an ‘Aviation Jobs‘ section, advertising airline vacancies. On top of providing options for finding and applying for jobs, the NBBA website also allows you to upload your own CV or resume for a review, so that recommendations can be made on how to improve it.

To check out all airline vacancies of NBBA, click here.

13. AOPA

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, or AOPA for short, is a political organisation, which helps to promote general aviation. The website includes an ‘Aviation Job Postings‘ section, where you will be able to find and apply for airline vacancies and other job openings connected to the industry. As most AOPA members are active pilots, the platform is geared towards this audience and provides an extensive list of pilot resources.

To check out all airline vacancies of AOPA, click here.

3 Further Ways to Find Airline Vacancies

The following three options represent alternatives to using industry job boards to find airline vacancies.

1. Check Airline Vacancies With Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialise in matching the right employers with the right job seekers and many of these companies place a particular focus on the airline and aviation industries. These experts can not only help you to find the right airline vacancies, they can also help you to improve the quality of your application too.

Read “Aviation Management Jobs: List of Recruitment Agencies To Find a Job!” for more insights about recruitment agencies, complete with a breakdown of the main companies that operate within the airline and aviation industries.

2. Check Airline Vacancies Directly With Airlines

Another option is to actually find airline vacancies more directly, by targeting specific airline companies. Generally, the two main methods here will involve visiting airline websites and checking ‘Careers‘ or ‘Jobs‘ sections, or turning to their main social media channels, including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Explore our “Airline Jobs: List of Airlines to Find Your Next Job!” article for more information on approaching airlines directly, and a list of some of the biggest and most popular airlines to aim your efforts towards.

3. Check Airline Vacancies Through the LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn is a social networking platform, which is aimed at businesses and professionals. It can be particularly useful when it comes to finding work, because it provides you with a range of different options for doing so. The most efficient method here is to make use of the ‘Jobs‘ sub-section to both find and apply for airline vacancies.

However, you can also use the platform intelligently to build up a network of industry contacts and maintain relationships with them. This then has the potential to open doors for you in terms of career opportunities.

Overview of the Main Airport Jobs Available

For understandable reasons, many airline vacancies are situated within airports and the good news is the range of options means there are potential career paths for almost everyone, regardless of skills, education and experience. However, to find your ideal role, it is important to have a rounded understanding of what the main airport positions are.

By reading the “Overview of the Main Airport Jobs Available” article, you can find out much more about the different airport positions that exist, what the main duties are and what skills are required to succeed in each job.

A Breakdown of the Main Airline Careers

It is important to understand, however, that the full range of airline careers on offer extends beyond those that are based in airports. With this in mind, it can be a good idea to form an understanding of the different roles and what they consist of, so that you are able to search for relevant airline vacancies more easily.

Read “A Breakdown of the Main Airline Careers” for a more in-depth exploration of the various airline career paths that exist and the skills and attributes that will be required for each of them.

An In-Depth Look at Airline Manager Positions

When exploring the various airline vacancies that are available, it is possible you will see airline manager roles being advertised. However, before applying, you should spend some time learning about what an airline manager actually does, as well as the entry requirements that are typically associated with such a senior position.

Check out “An In-Depth Look at Airline Manager Positions” where you will be able to find an airline manager job description, information about skills and education requirements, and the best channels to use to find such a role.

Top Tips for Finding Flight Attendant Jobs

Flight attendant jobs rank among the most popular jobs in the airline industry, because they provide people with a varied career, which also gives them the ability to travel the world. Of course, actually landing a job as a flight attendant requires you to identify the right vacancy and then put in a strong application.

In “Top Tips for Finding Flight Attendant Jobs”, you can find out much more about the nature of cabin crew roles, including duties, typical salaries and entry requirements, and you will also find tips for actually finding work.

How to Find and Hire New Airline Staff

If you are involved in recruitment strategy and decision making, it is important that you are filling any airline vacancies that come up with staff who possess the right qualities. Yet, beyond this, you also need to make sure your airline is attracting a sufficient number of candidates and that you take the necessary steps to screen applicants.

Read the “How to Find and Hire New Airline Staff” article for more information on how to hire new staff for your airline, from creating the best possible job description, to asking the right questions during interviews.

Industry job boards provide a convenient means for identifying airline vacancies and then actually applying for roles online. Using the platforms mentioned in this post, you can boost your chances of securing the job you want.

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