Before becoming an airline manager, it is sensible to really take the time to learn as much about the role as possible. This includes understanding what the job involves, what is expected of you and what skills you will need to rely on. In this article, you will find all of this information, along with details of the best channels to use to apply for a job.

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What is an Airline Manager?

The job of an airline manager is an especially important one within the wider aviation industry. Working in this role, you will be tasked with overseeing all of the core airline operations, ensuring things run smoothly. This will mean keeping track of what individual departments are doing and ensuring that the airline is complying with regulations.

A significant part of the role of airline manager involves actually managing people too. This will mean helping to coordinate different departments, stepping in when sections of the airline need extra support, but also overseeing recruitment strategies and ensuring the existing staff are sufficiently equipped to carry off their roles effectively.

What Education Do You Need to Become an Airline Manager?

While it is possible to work your way through the ranks and become an airline manager through gaining relevant experience and completing relevant training, in the vast majority of instances, aviation management jobs will require a bachelor’s degree. For example, a course related to aviation or aerospace engineering may be deemed relevant.

Some universities actually offer specific airline, airport and/or aviation management courses, and these are designed to fast-track individuals into these roles. With this in mind, obtaining one of these degrees and achieving a good grade can be extremely advantageous, but other business management courses can also appeal to employers.

What Are the Duties of an Airline Manager?

In terms of what an airline manager will actually do on a day-to-day basis, the job will involve everything from writing and filing reports and creating work schedules, to maintaining records and helping to coordinate different departments. You will also have to ensure that everyone is working together toward the same strategic objectives.

You are likely to be involved in both the hiring and firing of staff members and you will need to report to executives, providing progress reports and feedback from the ground. Additionally, you will need to be able to step in at different times, whether to help flight crews to prepare for their next flight, or help check-in agents to serve customers.

What Skills Will an Airline Manager Require?

In order to actually succeed as an airline manager, you will need to possess excellent communication skills and an ability to organise other people. You must be able to think clearly and make good decisions, even when you are working under pressure. Meanwhile, both mathematics and time management skills are of critical importance.

You will need to develop a strong working knowledge of airline procedures and also wider industry rules and regulations. Given the fact that a key part of the job is then adhering to these regulations, you must also possess a keen eye for detail. Finally, you will need to be able to motivate other people and inspire confidence.

4 Channels to Find an Airline Manager Job

Once you are confident that you have the necessary education and experience, you need to think about actually identifying the ideal airline manager job and applying for it. To do this, it is best to use a combination of channels, as this will provide you with the best chance of landing a role. Below, you will find out more about four of these channels.

1. List of Airlines to Find an Airline Manager Job

When it comes to actually find an airline manager job, the first option is to go to airlines directly, either through their website or through their social media channels. In many cases, airlines will advertise vacant positions on a ‘Careers‘ or ‘Jobs‘ section of their website and you may even find positions that are not advertised elsewhere.

Check out our “Airline Jobs: List of Airlines to Find Your Next Job!” article for a breakdown of 10 of the biggest airlines in the world, so that you know the best companies to focus on with your job search.

2. List of Job Boards to Find Airline Manager Jobs

Another important channel to focus on when looking for airline manager jobs is specialised, industry-focused job boards. The primary benefit of these platforms is the ability to view a greater number of job advertisements, because you can view vacancies from multiple employers at the same time. Additionally, job boards often provide extra resources.

Read the article “Airline Vacancies: List of Job Boards to Find a Job at an Airline”. Within it, you will find a list of industry job boards that you can refer back to during your search for an airline manager position.

3. Use Recruitment Agencies to Search for Airline Manager Jobs

Many airlines and other aviation industry employers will make use of professional recruitment agencies, who can help them to identify the most suitable candidates for any job openings they may have. Therefore, for anyone trying to become an airline manager, these recruitment agencies represent another potential way to find work.

The “Aviation Management Jobs: List of Recruitment Agencies To Find a Job!” article includes more information about professional recruiters, along with a list of some of the main recruitment agencies you might want to turn to.

4. Find an Airline Manager Position via LinkedIn

Finally, a great alternative to the aforementioned options is to turn to LinkedIn for assistance with your search. There are a number of different ways the platform can be used to find airline manager jobs, including by visiting the main ‘Jobs‘ sub-section, which functions as a job board. However, the options extend beyond this too.

One of the major uses of LinkedIn is to build a professional network of contacts. By communicating with these contacts regularly, you can potentially open new doors for yourself in terms of your own career. Remember, however, that networking is a two-way street and you cannot expect to simply take without giving back.

Video: Airline Manager Duties

The video below shows the tasks of an Airline Duty Manager.


A Breakdown of the Different Airport Jobs

The role of airline manager is just one of the many airport jobs that exist and it can be important to take the time to fully understand the other potential career paths. After all, these roles appeal to people from different backgrounds and each has different entry requirements, so it can be beneficial to know the positions you are best suited for.

Read “A Breakdown of the Different Airport Jobs” for a comprehensive overview of the different job positions that are based within airports, so that you can make a more informed decision about the best role to apply for.

Tips for Identifying Flight Attendant Jobs

You might feel that you do not currently possess the necessary skills, qualifications or experience to work as an airline manager, in which case it might be worth considering flight attendant jobs instead. Working as a flight attendant will provide you with a lot of responsibility, along with unique opportunities to travel and see the world.

Read our “Tips for Identifying Flight Attendant Jobs” post, where you will be able to find some useful advice on how to actually find flight attendant vacancies online and then successfully apply for a job.

An Overview of the Main Airline Careers Available

While the airline manager role is a particularly desirable one, it is worth keeping in mind that airlines employ people in a number of other roles too. These positions range from engineers and customer service staff, through to pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants, with each role having different responsibilities and requiring different skills.

View our article, “An Overview of the Main Airline Careers Available”, for further details on the positions that airlines employ people in, complete with information on what each of the jobs entails and what skills are going to be needed.

Tips for Hiring the Best Airline Staff

If you are working as an airline manager, or take an active part in the recruitment process for any other reason, you will need to know how to hire the best possible airline staff. This will involve taking the right steps and using the right channels to identify suitable candidates. Then you will need to make your final selection wisely.

Read “Tips for Hiring the Best Airline Staff”, where you will find insights on when to hire new staff and the benefits of bringing in new recruits, along with tips for making sure you hire the right people to enhance your airline.

Important Information on the Airline Industry

To become an effective airline manager, there is a huge amount you will need to know about the wider airline industry. For example, you will need to know how it compares to the aviation industry and what the differences are, and you will need to understand different airline types, as well as the different business models that exist.

Read our article, “Airline Industry: All You Need to Know About the Airline Sector”, for an extensive overview of the industry itself, information on the biggest airlines in the world, websites for booking tickets, and a whole lot more.

The job of an airline manager includes a wide range of duties and the entry requirements are tougher than many other airline roles. However, you can significantly boost your chances of landing the management position you have always wanted by using a range of channels, including airline websites, job boards, recruitment agencies, and LinkedIn.

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