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10 Pricing Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Revenue

For those operating in the hotel industry, maximising revenue is a top priority, and achieving this goal often requires the right pricing strategy, at the right time. In fact, making room rate adjustments based on demand, customer segmentation and other factors can be the key to overall business success. In this article, we offer insight into 10 pricing strategies that hotels can adopt in their revenue management strategy in order to increase the amount of revenue they generate. 1. Pricing Strategy Based on Forecasting The single most important pricing strategy for hotels to master is the use of forecasting to

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Revenue Management System (RMS): What Are the Advantages?

For those working in the hotel industry and looking to maximise business results, a revenue management strategy can be invaluable, and a high-quality Revenue Management System (RMS) can help to ensure success. In this article, you find more detailed information about the importance of revenue management within hospitality settings, as well as some of the main features and advantages associated with RMS software solutions. What is Revenue Management? Revenue management is a key concept within the hospitality industry, because hotels must contend with fixed costs, a perishable inventory and varying levels of demand. Typically, revenue management involves using analytics and

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The Most Used Revenue Management KPI’s for Hotels

A key performance indicator can provide revenue managers and hotel owners with valuable information about the performance of their business. This subsequently has the benefit of allowing them to implement a revenue management strategy, so that they can maximise financial business results. In this post, we look at some of the most widely utilised revenue management KPI’s and how they can help you. What are Revenue Management KPI’s? Within the hotel industry, revenue management is the practice of selling the right room, to the right guest, at the moment, for the right price, via the right distribution channel, with the

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What does GOPPAR stand for?

A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a quantifiable measurement of business performance. The use of KPIs is essential for implementing a successful revenue management strategy, as it allows businesses to identify areas of success and failure, as well as trends related to demand and customer behaviour. GOPPAR is one of the most important KPI used by hotels for the purpose of revenue management. In this article we explain what GOPPAR stands for and why it is important. GOPPAR Explained GOPPAR is an acronym, which stands for gross operating profit per available room, and this is a commonly used key

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