Hotel amenities can make a huge difference to a guest’s experience. There are certain amenities that guests simply expect as a matter of course, such as high-speed broadband, a well-stocked mini-bar, and so on. Today’s discerning guests, however, are unlikely to be impressed with these basic amenities. Read on to find out how you can use the right amenities to really wow your guests.

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What Is the Hotel Industry?

At its heart, the hotel industry provides guests with overnight accommodation. In contrast with the wider hospitality industry, the hotel industry provides places where guests can sleep for one or more nights. Yet the hotel industry is so much more than that. As well as offering hotel amenities and serving the needs of weary travellers, the hotel industry also provides a great deal to the local community. It offers a range of opportunities in different fields and at different skill levels, from management and accountancy to housekeeping and security.

The hotel industry is important economically. representing a large percentage of the world’s financial transactions. The hotel industry also provides experiences. Great hotel management can create experiences that make an enormous difference to a guest, whether they’re a holiday-maker looking to relax for a while or a business traveller who needs to be fresh and rejuvenated for the big meeting. To learn more, read “Hotel Industry: Everything You Need to Know About Hotels!”

What Are Hotel Amenities?

Hotel amenities are those additional items and services in a hotel room that can transform a guest’s stay from a pleasant rest to an outstanding experience. Amenities are things provided at no additional charge to make a guest’s stay more convenient and comfortable. Most hotels provide things like toiletries, hair dryers, shaving supplies, sewing kits, etc. These have come to be expected by guests, who might be disappointed or even annoyed if they weren’t provided.

As well as these essentials, hotels may also provide additional amenities to make their service stand out. Increasingly, hotels are looking for items that guests will find useful and enjoyable without increasing the hotel’s budget unreasonably and making it easier to execute for hotel operations. A few wisely chosen additional items can make a huge difference to a guest’s experience while not representing a large additional expense. Hotels need to exercise a degree of creativity and imagination to provide items that will really impress the discerning guest.

Basic Hotel Amenities In Most Hotels

These are the essential amenities that most hotels will provide. They are the basics that any hotel guest would usually expect.

Toiletries & Personal Items

Hotel amenities almost always include a few personal items and toiletries. Soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion are usually provided, as are towels and bathrobes. A hotel might also provide toothpaste and mouthwash. Items like razors and shower caps are common. Many hotels also provide appliances such as hairdryers, irons and ironing boards, and washer/dryers.

Free Wi-Fi

The days of expecting guests to pay steep fees for Wi-Fi are long gone. Nowadays, guests expect Wi-Fi internet access as one of the most basic hotel amenities. Guests expect it, like shampoo. Take your amenities to the next level by allowing guests access to streaming platforms on hotel TVs.

Free Parking

Charging guests for parking can often be a deal-breaker. Many short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, come with free parking; if your hotel charges a fee to park, guests are more likely to choose a short-term rental instead. While free parking isn’t universally expected, it can be an attractive hotel amenity.

Free Breakfast

When you’re competing with short-term rentals that often include kitchens (and sometimes free food), a free breakfast can make a big difference to guests. A continental breakfast buffet is a convenient and popular option, while a sit-down hot breakfast at no extra charge can really impress guests.

Charging Stations

Today’s guests are likely to travel with a variety of devices. As well as standard power points, it’s a good idea to offer USB charging ports for your guests to use. Guests will especially appreciate USB charging close to their beds. If your guests include international travellers, consider offering universal sockets or adapters.

In-Room Coffee & Tea

Tea and coffee facilities are one of the most popular hotel amenities. A sad little collection of instant coffee packets and an electric kettle are unlikely to impress guests accustomed to capsule coffee-makers at home. Consider offering a capsule coffee-maker and complimentary bottled water for guests.

Luxury Hotel Amenities

For truly discerning travellers, only the best will do. Upscale establishments need to think outside the box when it comes to hotel amenities.

In-Room Tablets

An in-room tablet takes your hotel amenities into the digital age. A tablet can display your guestroom guide in digital format, allowing guests to find out everything they need with a couple of taps. A well-chosen app can let guests find out information about the hotel and its environs, order room service and request items such as towels or toiletries. Some hotel apps allow guests to chat with the front desk over instant messenger. In-room tablets are one of the easiest hotel technologies to implement and can make a guest’s stay much more convenient and enjoyable.

Free Bikes

If your hotel is in a bike-friendly area, your guests may want to take full advantage of the opportunity to see the sights from a bicycle. This is a great opportunity for you to provide an attractive hotel amenity: a fleet of free bikes that your guests can use at no extra charge. If circumstances allow, you could even offer your area cycling tours so guests can enjoy their destination to the fullest. A daily or weekly cycling tour gives guests something to look forward to and lets them know that your hotel cares about their enjoyment.

Smart TVs

After a long day of sightseeing, guests often want to relax with their favourite streaming shows. Smart TVs allow guests to log onto their usual streaming platforms and enjoy films and programmes from the comfort of their hotel rooms. Smart TVs can also be used for interactive hotel apps, allowing guests to access room service and other services through the TV. Another hotel amenity to consider is the addition of Bluetooth speakers so guests can play music from their smartphones or MP3 players. Good-quality sound is something that guests will appreciate.

Free Library

Holiday reading is one of the classic ways to relax: ditching digital devices and taking a traditional paper book to the beach or the hotel patio and escaping the world for a while. We’ve all had the experience of finishing a book before the end of the trip and being left with nothing to read. Providing your guests with quality reading material helps to create a more relaxing experience. A hotel book exchange doesn’t just furnish your guests with entertainment — it can also promote a feeling of community as guests can share the experience of discovering a new favourite title together.

Creative Hotel Amenities To Exceed Your Guests Expectations

These creative amenities will really make your hotel stand out from the crowd.

Relaxation Devices

Relaxation is something that most guests really want from a hotel stay. They may have just endured a long trip or a hectic day of meetings and presentations. You can help your guests to relax by providing spa-like amenities in their rooms. Soothing eye-masks, scent diffusers and white noise machines are easy to implement and don’t cost a great deal.

Unique Technology

Every hotel is different and caters to a distinct variety of guests. You can harness these distinctions to make your hotel special. As an example, if golfers often frequent your hotel, you could add a golf simulator to your amenities. Take the time to investigate the profiles of your guests and see how you could add hotel technology that fits their interests.

A Touch of Local History or Flavours

Guests are probably visiting your hotel because they’re interested in their destination. You can improve their experience by adding more local elements, which is becoming a growing hotel trend. Local food and drink, local history, sites of specific interest — you can bring these into your guests’ rooms. Examples might be small samples of local food or a souvenir guidebook.

In-Room Cocktail Sets

Sure, most hotels offer a mini-bar and facilities for hot drinks. You can take things up a notch by offering a cocktail station in your guest rooms. Some guests enjoy the satisfaction of mixing their favourite drinks just the way they like them. If there are local beverages and flavours that your hotel’s area is known for, include these along with a recipe so that guests can mix their own delicious drinks. A cocktail station is a stand-out hotel amenity, providing an additional touch of luxury for your guests.

Air Purification

A guestroom air purifier is a great amenity for a city hotel. As well as reducing odours, these devices filter pollutants and allergens. This makes for a healthier and more relaxing room environment. An air purifier might be an absolute necessity for guests with allergies or respiratory issues. Providing one will be a major point in your hotel’s favour.

Video: 9 Over-the-Top Luxury Hotel Amenities

The Importance of Hotel Amenities for Different Hotel Guests

It’s important to tailor the hotel amenities you offer to different guest profiles. Families travelling with children will appreciate different amenities to business travellers — for instance, a family might be wowed by a smart TV but left cold by a trouser-press, which the business traveller might need.

With this guide, you’ll be able to identify key demographics and target them more effectively. Read “Different Types of Hotel Guests and Tips on How to Appeal to Them” to learn how guest profiles can work for you.

One of the Essential Hotel Amenities – Hotel Breakfasts

Hotel breakfasts are some of the most popular and universal hotel amenities. The right breakfast is a great way for guests to get their day off to an excellent start. There are multiple different types of hotel breakfasts you can offer your guests depending on their needs and expectations.

In “Hotel Breakfast: Types, Overview & Tips to Impress Your Guests”, you’ll learn about different types of hotel breakfasts and how to make yours stand out.

Exceeding guests’ expectations will mean different things for different hotels. What you choose to provide will depend on your clientele and their specific needs. Creating a memorable experience doesn’t require huge changes — a few well-chosen additions can make all the difference.

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