In the highly competitive hotel industry, optimising revenue means attracting plenty of attention and generating the right levels of interest from customers. Marketing plays a key role here, and while many hotels handle this internally, others opt to outsource their marketing efforts to a dedicated hotel marketing company. In this article, you will find out more about hotel marketing and the ways a marketing company can boost your revenue.

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What is Hotel Marketing?

In simple terms, hotel marketing refers to a range of different techniques and strategies, which are used by hotels in an effort to advertise and promote their property. The objectives will typically be to build brand awareness, generate more interest, enhance a hotel’s reputation and ultimately increase bookings.

Hotel marketing can occur both online and offline, but the internet-based component has become increasingly important in the age of social media, website bookings, online travel agencies and search engine optimisation.

Why is Hotel Marketing Important?

Hotel marketing is crucial for long-term success, because the hotel industry is extremely competitive. An effective marketing strategy can go a long way towards helping a hotel to separate itself from its main rivals, highlight some of its unique features and develop a positive reputation more generally.

Ultimately, however, the value of hotel marketing is in increasing the number of bookings that are made – both in terms of hotel rooms and other hotel services. This is vital for optimising financial results.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Hotel Marketing Company?

For those in the hotel industry, there are numerous reasons to turn to a marketing company which specialises in working with hotels, resorts and other hospitality brands. You will find some of these below:

1. Benefit From Specialist Knowledge

Perhaps the single biggest reason you should consider turning to a hotel marketing company for assistance is that it is their specific area of expertise. This means they are not only specialists in the field of marketing, but they also have the first-hand experience of applying their skills to the hotel industry.

With this expertise comes in-depth knowledge of how hotel marketing works, the major tricks of the trade, and wider industry trends. It also means they understand how to deal with industry-specific challenges.

2. Gain a Fresh, Outside Perspective

Aside from their expertise in this area, you may find the services of a hotel marketing company valuable precisely because they are external from your business. This means that they will be able to approach marketing efforts with a fresh, outside perspective, and may be able to notice things internal employees cannot.

For internal employees, it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the way things are currently done. Outsiders are, therefore, more likely to notice flaws with existing marketing strategies, and to point them out to you.

3. Reduce Some of Your Staff Costs

Enlisting the help of hotel marketing experts can actually help to reduce your own staffing costs, in a number of different ways. For one, rather than employing somebody on a full-time basis to handle these responsibilities, you can pay a hotel marketing company for the work they do, when you need them to do it.

Additionally, the professionals working for that company will also already be fully trained and have access to the latest technology, whereas you would otherwise have to invest in bringing your own staff up to that level.

4. Optimising Your Branding Strategy

One of the main ways a hotel can stand out from rivals in the nearby area – and even on a global level – is through effective branding. A hotel marketing company can be of enormous help here, because they work with hotels of all kinds and have extensive knowledge of the industry and how other hotels brand themselves.

By taking advantage of this knowledge, you can make sure you position your hotel in a way that generates as much interest as possible, so that you achieve the best possible financial results in the long run.

5. Help With Your Pre-Opening Strategy

In addition to helping with the branding, hotel marketing experts will also be able to assist with a range of pre-opening services, helping you to position your hotel in the right way to attract initial interest, and to adopt the right marketing approaches so that you hit the ground running.

These pre-opening services can also be useful in situations where a hotel re-brands itself, changes ownership, or re-opens after an extended closure, such as after a major refurbishment project.

6. Assistance With Building a Website

With a hotel, more than almost any other business, having a high-quality website is essential. After all, modern customers research hotels online before making a booking, and your website is likely to form a large part of their research. A hotel marketing company can assist with this by optimising your website for success.

A professional hotel marketing company will be able to design your website so that it puts your hotel in a positive light, and also facilitates as many direct bookings as possible, improving its revenue-generating potential.

7. Distribution Management Success

For those in hotel management, distribution channels actually form a key part of a marketing strategy. After all, OTAs can make customers aware of your hotel, and the ‘billboard effect’ means customers who see a hotel on an OTA website are more likely to book a room directly with that hotel too.

An experienced hotel marketer will know the best distribution channels to choose, based on brand values, business objectives, hotel type, target audience and so on, resulting in the best possible exposure.

8. Optimising Online Marketing Efforts

There are a number of specialist areas of online marketing, which hotel marketing companies will have a working knowledge of, and also be more likely to keep pace with. Examples of this include search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), display advertising, re-marketing, and conversion optimisation.

A hotel marketing company will not only understand how to get the most from these various techniques, but they will also have experience of using them to assist hotels and resorts, rather than businesses in other industries.

9. Capitalising On Content Marketing

Another area where a hotel marketing company can excel and deliver real value is through high-quality content marketing. This includes everything from email marketing campaigns and social media management, through to influencer marketing, video marketing, blogging and copywriting.

The best companies will know exactly how to integrate content marketing with the aforementioned online marketing techniques, attracting more website hits, more social media followers and more bookings.

10. Management of Your Hotel Reputation

Your hotel will live and die based on its reputation and while your property, services and staff go a long way towards determining what that reputation is, a hotel marketing company can play a key role in helping to manage it. This might involve managing accounts on review platforms, and responding appropriately on social media sites.

A hotel marketing company will know the best methods for generating feedback from satisfied guests, and also the best approach to responding to criticism and turning negatives into positives.

11. Hitting the Right Notes With PR

Finally, using hotel marketing experts can also pay dividends when it comes to public relations. Whether you have a press release that you want to be picked up by as many sources as possible, or your hotel has encountered a controversy that needs to be handled delicately, it pays to have some experienced heads around.

In some cases, a hotel marketing company will also be able to assist with PR in languages other than your own, which can be extremely valuable in helping to attract a greater number of international guests.

Outsourcing Hotel Marketing

Although many hotels use marketing companies to handle very specific aspects of their hotel marketing strategy, there is also the possibility of outsourcing hotel marketing in its entirety, meaning the company would handle all aspects of marketing strategy moving forwards, with a view towards facilitating growth.

If you choose to outsource hotel marketing in this way, you are likely to work very closely with your chosen hotel marketing company, forming a growth partnership. The advantages of this approach include freeing up more of your own time, and ensuring that all aspects of your marketing strategy are consistent and fully aligned.

10 Must-read Hotel Marketing Strategies

To get the most out of your hotel marketing efforts, it is crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest and most effective strategies. Doing so allows you to reach as wide an audience as possible, in ways that are most likely to actually produce the results you want. You can learn about 10 of the biggest hotel marketing strategies in the article “10 Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies”.

The Latest Hotel Marketing Trends

In addition to focusing on the latest marketing strategies, it is also important to keep pace with wider hotel marketing trends, including the latest technology in this area, such as voice search, artificial intelligence and the use of virtual reality. You can find out more about these trends in the article “Hotel Marketing; The Latest Trends in the Hotel Industry “.

The hotel industry is extremely competitive, and effective hotel marketing can be the difference between revenue management success and failure. For this reason, many owners seek help from a hotel marketing company and these firms can be used to handle specific aspects of marketing, or to oversee an entire marketing strategy.

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