In recent years, mobile check-in apps for hotels gained in popularity, due to the efficiency for guests and hotels. Since the whole check-in process is contactless and therefore more hygienic, it got an extra boost since the corona pandemic. Not only do these methods cater to the needs of tech-savvy customers, but they are able to enhance the brand reputation of the property in question. Let us now examine each of these concepts in greater detail.

What is Mobile Hotel Check-in?

We are all aware that hotel technology plays an important role within these modern times. As a growing number of individuals are leveraging the power of wireless connectivity, it only makes sense that these very same services are becoming present throughout the hotel industry. Mobile check-in methods will now enable guests to secure a room as well as to gain access the property without the need of a traditional key. However, we are only beginning to scratch the surface. Let us now take a look at how this innovative solution works in greater detail.

How do Mobile Check-In Services Function Within Hotel Settings?

This type of key-less entry method essentially embraces technology that already exists. For instance, guests are often provided the opportunity to perform specific actions within a hotel thanks to a dedicated smartphone application. Examples include ordering food, reserving transportation and discovering nearby attractions. It therefore makes sense that wireless check-in technology has become a reality.

Typically, guests will first register for some specific type of preferred guest programme. They can then book a room directly via the associated smartphone application. Upon approval, the hotel will send a confirmation containing a personal identification code as well as the associated room number. Customers can then enter the property and simply place your smartphone in front of the wireless key reader attached to the door. Assuming that the information is read correctly, the door will unlock and they can enjoy a seamless check-in experience.

Six Pronounced Benefits Associated with Mobile Hotel Check-In Services

Now that the mobile check-in process has been explained from a general point of view, it is only logical to highlight some of the main advantages that your property can expect to leverage. Let us examine six windfalls which would not be possible with traditional check-in services.

1. Enhancing the Customer Experience

Client engagement is crucial in this day and age, as guests are (rightfully) more demanding than ever before. The ability to offer them a streamlined means to complete the check-in process is therefore pivotal in terms of sheer convenience. Furthermore, mobile check-in systems clearly illustrate that the property in question is well aware of the latest technological trends. This mindset will enable guests to feel that other needs can be catered to in a timely fashion. It is a well-known fact that end-user experiences ultimately define important metrics such as your RevPAR.

2. Temporal Considerations

There are many instances when guests are pressed for time during the check-in and check-out processes. It therefore makes perfect sense that modern hotel trends have been focusing upon the ways in which such daunting logistics can be addressed. Key-less entry systems are highly efficient in terms of the overall customer experience. Furthermore, they reduce the logistical burdens that would otherwise be placed upon in-house staff; enabling your employees to deal with other concerns.

3. Pronounced Sales and Marketing Opportunities

It is a well-known fact that up-selling is an important trend within the hotel management sector. This strategy works especially well during the initial stages of the booking process. Guests can be presented with unique opportunities including (but not limited to):

  • Preferred restaurant bookings;
  • Rebates if they choose to upgrade their room;
  • Luxury options such as on-site spas and saunas.

This is just as relevant when referring to off-site options such as discounted tours at a local museum or guided excursions to nearby landmarks. It may even be possible for your hotel to accrue a small commission through such third-party options. Either way, guests can access these and other possibilities with the mere click of a button.

4. Rising Above the Competition

It is no secret that the hotel industry is facing more competition than ever before. While traditional metrics such as the condition of a room and the disposition of representatives are obviously important, we have witnessed a massive paradigm shift towards the digital age. This is why even smaller boutique properties have been incorporating such methods into their current sales and marketing strategies.

Being able to cater to the needs of modern guests is crucial in terms of how your hotel is rated and it will often serve to to determine whether a client chooses to employ your property in the future or instead looks elsewhere (perhaps to one of your main competitors). It therefore makes perfect sense that mobile check-in platforms have enjoyed such a pronounced presence in recent times.

5. Boosting Online (and Real-World) Brand Loyalty

Hotels are obviously concerned with the notion of brand loyalty. This is achieved through several methods such as:

  • Providing guests with an unforgettable experience;
  • Offering personalised services;
  • Reducing logistical complications while enhancing convenience;
  • Money-saving discounts and similar strategies to evoke a real sense of value.

Mobile check-in services can be seen as adding “another string to the bow” in terms of what your property is able to offer its guests. As a result, even first-time customers are likely to view their experiences in a favourable light; increasing the chances that they will choose your property in the future.

6. Ensuring Future Bookings

Future bookings are key to long-term success within the hotel sector. The use of key-less entry systems essentially signifies that your property is in the pocket of the guest; all services can be accessed with a single swipe of the finger. Furthermore, it is possible to include important information within the application itself such as:

  • The location of the hotel;
  • Check-in and check-out times;
  • Straightforward booking procedures;
  • How to immediately contact a representative.

Another immensely beneficial strategy is to offer discounts in the future should guests choose to book a reservation directly through the application. The future of the hotel sector does indeed look bright!

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The Marriott Bonvoy Check-In App

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We can therefore see why mobile check-in services are set to become the mainstay of the entire hotel sector. This is also why it is important to adopt these techniques sooner as opposed to later if you hope to remain well ahead of the competition.

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