The Skift Global Forum returns with an in-person and online event, bringing the top CEOs and business minds from the world of travel together.

About Skift Global Forum

The Skift Global Forum is the flagship Skift conference for the travel industry, bringing together the top minds, including CEOs and other business leaders, industry analysts, researchers, marketing professionals, etc. The event is held in New York City but will also be available online, providing a global audience.

A combination of interviews, panel discussions, and networking opportunities will allow attendees to explore industry trends, identify opportunities for the future, and understand how areas like hospitality, aviation, travel technology, and customer experiences will shift in the years ahead.

The event is organised by Skift, a world leader in travel news, analysis, and industry resources.

Who Should Attend The Skift Global Forum?

The Skift Global Forum is the company’s flagship event and will interest anyone seeking actionable insights, networking opportunities and industry analysis. With that said, the event will be beneficial for:

  • Travel industry leaders and other professionals who are seeking ways to improve business performance
  • Marketers are looking for new ways to engage audiences, generate interest and attract customers
  • Investors searching for new opportunities and business partnerships to explore
  • Technology companies are looking for ways to innovate and help to reshape the travel industry

What is the Objective of The Skift Global Forum?

The Skift Global Forum is a place for the travel industry’s top minds to come together and try to answer some of the big questions facing the sector. It will consist of compelling interviews and panel discussions, networking opportunities, and insightful presentations and will ultimately seek to:

  • Explore the ways that the travel industry is changing, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Provide insights into how travel companies can balance profits with the actions required to tackle climate change
  • Identify some of the key challenges for travel companies and technology innovators
  • Deliver opportunities for travel industry professionals to network and share ideas

To obtain further information about this event, please visit the website of the Skift Global Forum.

Event Organiser:

Skift Global HQ
145 West 30th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States

Event Location:

New York & Online
Please visit the event website for the exact location.

Date & Register:

The date is not available yet.
Please visit the event website for more information

Event website

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