At the Pricing & Revenue Management Summit, leading professionals from global brands will attend to share their unique experiences and discuss the latest trends in the industry

About The Pricing & Revenue Management Summit

The 6th Pricing & Revenue Management Summit will focus on maximizing financial results and improving the overall customer experience by accelerating the pace of digital technology adoption to improve how you track your key performance indicators, interact with consumers and predict market changes.

Who Should Attend The Pricing & Revenue Management Summit

The Pricing & Revenue Management Summit will gather together CEOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Leads, Senior Level Executives and Researchers from the following fields of expertise:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Revenue Management
  • Product Planning
  • Price Segmentation
  • Business Development
  • Business Finance
  • Digital Product
  • Actuary
  • Commerce
  • Financial Planning

What is the Objective of The Pricing & Revenue Management Summit?

  • • Assessing the Potential Price and Value of an Asset by Leveraging Analytics and Adaptable Frameworks to Mimic Payer Decisions
    • Providing Secure, Flexible Payment Verification through Emerging Technologies
    • Redefining Loyalty Programmes to Meet Changing Consumer Demands
    • Utilizing a Revenue Management System to Automate Manual Workflows, Visualize Large Sets of Data, and Forecast Demand Accurately
    • Integrating Your RMS with Other Internal Systems Such as PMS, CRS, CRM, and More
    • Adapting Your Pricing Strategy in an Inflationary Environment
    • The Advantages of Predictive Pricing for Retailers and How to Implement It

Please visit the Pricing & Revenue Management Summit website for further information about this event.

Event Organiser:

Luxatia International
Soukenicka 23
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Event Location:

Berlin, Germany (Hybrid)
Please visit the event website for the exact location.

Date & Register:

First day: 30 March 2023
Last day: 31 March 2023

Please visit the event website for the latest information.

Event website

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