There are numerous benefits that a corporate traveller can gain by using the services of a professional business travel agency. Those who choose not to use such services not only lose out on exceptional customer support but they also lose money as well. In this article, discover what exactly a business travel management company is responsible for and 9 reasons to use this service.

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What is a Business Travel Agency?

Business travel agencies, also known as travel management companies, provide travel-related services with discounts and perks, which can be adjusted to meet the company’s travel policy and duty of care for business travellers.

These business travel agents are made up of independent or in-house travel experts that are responsible for managing and monitoring travel expenses as well as arranging travel for companies or corporate individuals. The article, “What is Travel Management”, explains the role of TMCs for businesses in more detail.

Business Travel Agency: 9 Reasons to Use One

Business travel management companies can be highly beneficial for businesses for a number of reasons. To get a better idea of just how useful they are, here are 9 of the main benefits for using a business travel agency to manage your corporate travel.

1. Discount Travel

A business travel agency can provide companies with many perks including discounts on flights and accommodation. Business travel agencies who work in the travel and tourism industry often book large volumes of flights and hotel rooms for individuals around the world. This puts them in a favourable position when it comes to obtaining better rates or discounts on flights. By using a business travel agency, you are more likely to get a special rate on your business travel than if you were to make the booking yourself.

But that’s not the only perk for using a corporate travel agent. Since they have been working in the industry for a long time, (the long-established agencies) they can also access flight and hotel room upgrades, VIP lounges, and first-class ground transportation.

2. Save You Time and Money

Saving time and money are clear advantages of using a business travel agency. Due to their industry contacts and expertise, they can easily find you the best deals. Most businesses choose business travel agencies that specialise in dealing with customers in the same industry as them. This is highly beneficial as the experienced business travel agencies will be able to optimise your travel strategy, thus saving you time and money.

3. Round-the-Clock Assistance

Your corporate travel agent acts as an emergency contact, whenever you or your employees need their support before, during, or after their travels. Whether travelling domestically or internationally, it is highly likely that you’ll need the support of a business travel agency, especially if you don’t speak the local language. You may even find yourself stranded in the middle of a political or adverse weather upheaval. This is where your business travel agent will come to your rescue, be it day or night.

No matter where you are in the world, your business travel agency will take the stress out of your problems by reaching out to their contacts and getting everything sorted immediately so you can continue enjoying your business trip.

4. Inside Knowledge

Since business travel agencies have years of experience in their field, they can provide you with inside information, which isn’t openly available to public. Their vast knowledge and inside information keep them on top of the latest happenings with flight price changes.

Another key benefit of their inside knowledge is that itinerary changes can be done without you having to pay any fees. A corporate travel agent can make all types of changes to itineraries at little or no cost to you, thus saving your business money.

5. Complying with Corporate Travel Policy

Any small or large-sized company with employees who travel for work must enforce a corporate travel policy in order to ensure their staff complies with basic rules. These rules include specific flight class, rental car star rates, and hotel class rates.

A business travel agent helps enforce this policy by guiding your employees on all the compliant options. By using a business travel agency, you’ll ensure that your staff members adhere to your company’s travel policy without the need to make an extra effort in tracking travel compliance.

6. Greater Access to Resources

Corporate travel agents can provide you with extensive access to all the resources you need to make your business trip go according to plan. These agents use the best online tools to determine any factors that may affect your business trip. They can also print your flight tickets, find out about potential delays, make sure your driver is scheduled to pick you up from the airport, and various other important processes to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Since business travel agencies have greater access to online tools, they can prevent any mishaps that may occur during or before your scheduled trip. Even if weather changes result in flight delays, your agent will quickly book an alternative flight. When you use a business travel agency, you will not only have peace of mind during your business trip, but you also know that there is a team of competent professionals behind you should any problems arise.

7. The Best Travel Booking Systems

As previously mentioned, business travel agencies have access to the best online systems for making travel bookings. In the modern world of business travel, web-based end-to-end booking is a necessity as it eliminates the hassle of making individual bookings for flights, rooms, etc.
With the help of a business travel agency, you can be sure that you are getting the best rates possible. There are no hidden strategies involved in the process as the agent uses a reliable and consistent booking platform.

A modern business travel agency provides you with all the necessary tools including a mobile app to submit your travel plans on and request changes at any time of the day or night. By using the right technology and software, you can keep the communication line open between you and your travel agent.

Cutting-edge technology plays an important role in this industry. If you were to manage the travel itineraries of your employees yourself, the whole process can take up so much of your time. On the other hand, using a mobile app or software to send your travel plans over to the agent can easily be done within a few minutes.

8. A Fully Comprehensive Service

In addition to booking car hire, flights, rooms, and airport transfer, a corporate travel agent can also take care of the visa arrangements to the destination you or your employees are travelling to. There is also travel insurance, exchange rates, parking, business venues, meetings, events, and much more that a business travel agency can arrange for you. A business travel agency can provide a comprehensive service from the start to the end so you won’t need to worry about anything during your business trip.

9. Dedicated Agents

Finally, the last reason to use a business travel agent is their dedication to get to know your travel needs. Most agencies build company profiles and appoint their agents to specific clients. This makes travel arrangements become simple and precise. Furthermore, your specific requirements will be met every time with a dedicated agent so you won’t have to go over the details with them again and again.

Specific requests can include seat numbers, smoking rooms, dietary requirements, and frequent flyer processing. Agents with company profiles always ensure that travel policies are adhered to with every booking. These are all important in order to ensure a business trip runs successfully.

Finding the Right Business Travel Agency

Choosing the right agent for your company shouldn’t begin with the agent itself. You should first assess your own travel policy. Once you’ve come up with a clear travel policy, the agent you choose will also align their services based on the exact needs of your company. You must also consider the destinations that your employees are most likely to travel to as well as your budget for these business trips. Read on to find out how to choose the best business travel agency for your company.

The type of agent you select should be based on your company size and the industry you work in. For example, if you are a large corporation that needs to attend business events regularly, you will need a travel agent who is equipped to arrange the right venues for your meetings or events. They will also need to be adaptable enough to make last-minute changes to itineraries.

Finally, another key component of finding the best business travel agency is to make sure they fit your company culture. As these agents will be working closely with your staff, they must adhere to your policies. For example, if your company emphasises on work schedule flexibility for the employees who are on business trips, you will want an agent who can also abide by that policy.

How Travel Companies Can Increase Revenue with the Help of A Business Travel Agency

Frequent business travel can be costly and complicated to arrange, especially if the trips consist of multiple travellers with separate itineraries. Most companies don’t have the time or resources to carry out such tasks on their own, which is why they opt for the services of a business travel agency. business travel agencies not only arrange and manage business travel for companies, but they are also highly beneficial for the hotel industry since they need to make multiple room bookings on a regular basis.

To book accommodations and much more, most business travel agencies use a GDS system (global distribution system). This is where hotels can also take advantage and maximise their profits by connecting with a GDS system. This system provides real-time access to your hotel’s room prices and availability, thus increasing the chances of attracting more business travellers and boosting revenue at the same time.

In the detailed guide, “Global Distribution System (GDS): What Are the Benefits for Hotels?” you will find out what exactly a GDS is and how it can benefit the hotel industry.

Top Business Travel Management Companies

Since it’s the job of a business travel agency to arrange business trips and events for the employees of companies, hotels can in turn attract more business travellers by making their rooms and services accessible for business travel agencies to book. If you are a hotel manager or owner and you wish to attract more corporate travellers to your property, take a look at this informative article, “Corporate Travel Agents for Hotels to Gain More Business Travellers”.

A business travel agency not only books business travel, but they also encourage companies’ employees to comply with corporate travel policy. Although a business travel agency can come at a price, most businesses would be lost without them, especially when it comes to getting the best travel deals.

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