The Revenue Management Summit will look deeper into; How the prices should be managed after the holiday period? What is the prediction for Autumn? What revenue management solutions are worth implementing?

About The I Meet Hotel Revenue Management Summit

This summer we saw growing demand for so-called ‘Revenge Travel’. But, things had become different for demand, patterns, and reliable data for strategy. Revenue Management is evolving and we need to apply a new approach to data and work activity. The Revenue Summit will run for 1 hour, and it will feature 3 speakers, including a 5-minute audience Q&A for each expert. This event is complimentary and brought to you by Bidroom.

Who Should Attend The Revenue Summit?

The Revenue Management Summit is for anyone who works in the hospitality or connected industries, like tourism, food and beverage etc. It’s also for anyone who wants to learn more about upcoming technology trends and developments, and how best to implement them.

What is the Objective of The Revenue Management Summit?

How should prices be managed after the holidays? What are the predictions for the autumn season? What solutions/tools for revenue management are worth implementing? And, how should a professional optimise revenue – in short, what to focus on, and which new strategy to apply? Learn everything you need to know at our new Revenue Management summit!

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Event Organiser:

I Meet Hotel
Keizersgracht 241
1016 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Event Location:

The I Meet Hotel Revenue Summit is a virtual event.

Location Online webinar:
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Date & Register:

First day: 30th Of September 2021

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