The I Meet Hotel UK event is where hospitality professionals meet, share knowledge, and work together to build the industry’s future.

About I Meet Hotel UK

This February we’re bringing you I Meet Hotel, the UK edition. We all have questions about the future, and the impact of Covid and Brexit on hospitality. We’re bringing together industry experts to shed light on the critical issues like marketing, distribution, sustainability, collaboration, and how to build those increasingly-important relationships.

Who Should Attend the I Meet Hotel UK Event?

This event is for anyone who works in hospitality, and related industries (tourism, food and beverage etc.), who want to know more about upcoming industry trends, developments, and changes to focus on now.

What is the Objective of the I Meet Hotel UK Event?

I Meet Hotel, the UK edition, is about examining the most critical challenges facing the hospitality industry today. We’ll be taking a look at growing your direct bookings, marketing, sustainability, differentiation, and much more based on our speakers’ own experience and knowledge. This month, we look to the UK for our experts and case studies, but the lessons and insights are applicable globally.

To obtain further information about this event, please visit the website of I Meet Hotel UK.

Event Organiser:

I Meet Hotel
Keizersgracht 241
1016 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Event Location:

The I Meet Hotel UK is a virtual event.

Location Online webinar:
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Date & Register:

25th of February 2021

Event website

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