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Immerse your guests in an exclusive online experience and boost your revenue. Studio Xscape produces stunning, immersive experiences through interactive videos and photography for the luxury hospitality market. The art of immersive online hospitality experiences starts with Studio Xscape.

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StudioXscape offers immersive virtual experiences for your guests. Your luxury hotel, resort, or venue will captivate your future guests when you offer interactive video experiences, virtual staging, and personalized virtual tours.

Your luxury hospitality experience starts when your guests discover you online. You’ll stand out from the competition and drive more direct bookings and leads with a high-quality virtual experience.

StudioXscape helps luxury hospitality venues drive more leads and revenue by delivering a premium online experience to your guests.

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5 Essential Video Marketing Tips for Hotels

Videos are an undeniably powerful marketing tool, especially for the hotel and travel industry. After all, they have the ability to capture the attention of the audience much quicker than text and have the power to generate extremely high traffic to your website. No wonder video marketing has taken the Internet by storm. This effective tool is so versatile that you can use it for promoting your hotel’s services and building customer rapport. Quick menu:

8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

Hotels, airlines, car rental companies and others in the travel industry prioritise the customer experience, as it is one of the single most effective competitive differentiators. Indeed, companies that deliver in this area are more likely to generate customer loyalty and more likely to build positive reputations. In this article, you will find out about eight of the most effective ways for those in the tourism industry to improve the experience for customers. 8 Ways

6 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have a Virtual Reality Video

The use of interactive virtual reality video technology within the hospitality industry can provide a competitive advantage and allow customers to experience what a hotel is really like before committing to a booking. However, there are also other advantages to utilising this particular marketing method as well. In this article, you will learn more about six of the key reasons why every hotel operating today should have its own virtual reality video. What is Virtual

5 Benefits of Virtual Reality Marketing for The Travel Industry

Virtual reality is experienced through sights and sounds in an artificial environment provided by a computer. The travel and tourism industry has started adopting this tool to enhance customer experience and maximise engagements. If you want to use this innovative tool to promote your travel business, take a look at this overview of virtual reality marketing (Also known as VR marketing), its importance for the tourism sector, and 5 advantages of using virtual reality to

5 Tips to Create The Perfect Promotional Hotel Video

Videos are increasingly important in the world of hotel marketing. The right hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales, raising your profile in the hotel industry. Whether you're unveiling a new facility, announcing a special offer or letting people know about improvements you've made, video is the perfect medium. There are various different types of video that you might want to explore. Why is a Professional Hotel Video Important? Video is now

10 Amazing Examples of 360 Video Hotel Tours

For hotel owners, it is important to keep up with the latest video marketing trends, and the 360 video hotel tour is one of the most significant trends of recent times. In this article, you will learn more about 360 movie technology, the ways it differs from the VR hotel offerings, and 10 of the best examples of its use within the hotel industry. Quick menu: What is a 360 Video? What is the Difference

How a Virtual Reality Company Can Help Hotels with Hotel Marketing

A growing number of hotel owners are turning to virtual reality companies to assist with their hotel marketing strategies. Indeed, in many ways, virtual reality is the ultimate marketing tool for those in the travel and hospitality industries, helping to showcase facilities and increase bookings. Moreover, modern VR video tours can be viewed on all devices, including desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet, meaning specialist VR headsets are no longer a necessity. In this article, you

6 Must-Read Tips to Create The Perfect Virtual Reality Video

The hospitality and travel industry today have access to more marketing tools than ever before. While having a strong brand with high social media presence may sound great, you need to focus more on interactivity in order to be one step ahead of your competitors. For example, virtual reality videos enable users to be fully immersed in the hotel’s or resort’s experience as though they are already there. The following tips will help you create

How Virtual Reality (VR) can Enrich the Hospitality Industry

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is one of the biggest emerging technology trends and the business world is gradually coming to terms with the various opportunities it provides. For those in the hospitality industry, virtual reality has particular appeal, because it can digitally transport potential customers to a hotel or travel destination. In this article, you learn various ways hotels can leverage virtual reality to boost business results. What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality

How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Travel Industry

Virtual reality technology has taken the world by storm in recent years, with VR headsets becoming a mainstream consumer product. While home adoption has largely been driven by the gaming industry, those within other fields, including the travel industry, are increasingly realising and exploring the technology's potential, especially as a marketing tool. In this post, you learn how VR is transforming the travel industry. Virtual Reality (VR) Technology Explained Virtual reality technology typically involves the

VR Hotel Tour; 10 Amazing Examples of Virtual Reality Hotel Tours

One of the major issues facing the hotel industry is implementing the most effective methods to promote their premises. As clients now rely heavily upon the digital domain, it should come as no great surprise that the Internet represents an indispensable tool. One of the most innovative options is to highlight the associated amenities with the help of a VR hotel tour. Let us take a closer look at this concept. What is Virtual Reality?

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