None of us want to leave the comfort of our own home and down-grade our lives. We live in a world of smart technology, and we fully expect to holiday in a smart hotel technology world too. We can expect our hotels to lift our experiences up from our everyday lives. The hotels should and could be shining examples of everything that is right with a smart hotel room. Here, we’ll look at seven of the most innovative and productive uses of smart technologies which you would wish to find in your hotel.

What does a Smart Room contain?

Our smart hotel room will be more than just a TV and a stereo. It will house devices which are connected to The internet of Things’. All this means is that the TV, radio, fridge and coffee machine are all connected to the Internet and they can interact with it. The messages they receive and send out, allow us to control them without ever having to touch them.

The whole term ‘Smart’ comes from the machines’ ability to work with us to create a better experience. We no longer have to leave the comfort of our beds, just simply to turn the kettle on. Instead, we can access the coffee machine from our smart phone and control everything about it.

Why Do We Demand Smart Hotel Rooms?

Very simply, why would we not? If we can walk into our hotel room, tell the lights to dim to our preferred levels, ask the speakers to play our favourite radio station and have the coffee already waiting for us.
The benefits to us, the customers, are huge. We get all the perks of the smart devices and none of the hassle of setting them up and none of the expense.

The voice control of the speaker is not going to be limited to the simple choice of music. The speaker becomes a personal assistant, a holiday planner and a friendly guide through an unexplored city.

Then there is the WOW factor that you will find in the best hotels. The latest and the greatest of smart hotel solutions. Room service could become a thing of the past and smart the success of right now.

Smart Hotel Technology; 7 Technologies to Smart Up Your Hotel

1. The Smartest of Room Controls

The most commonly found smart technology in any hotel room is to do centred around the air conditioning and the room temperature. Recently major chains, like Hilton Hotels, have launched apps and digital devices which allow customers to remotely control their rooms.

The IoT connected conditioning ensures that a room is always going to be at the perfect temperature and that you never return to an ice cold room, but instead your smart room is prepared for your return and it knows what settings you would like to experience.

2. The Voice is the Master

We have long waited for the day that we can simply ask a computer to do anything and it will be able to understand everything we are asking of it. With Siri, Alexa and Google Home becoming the benchmarks in audio controls, the hotel industry has seized upon their chance.

Walking into our room and seeing that it has been furnished with the latest smart hotel technology, means that we can order room service just by asking for it. We can play the TV channels we want at the volume we want and even have the lights dimmed to create that cinema effect. All of this without having to lift a finger or even think about figuring out the random buttons on a hotel TV remote control.

3. Bringing Guest Services up to Speed

Making the most of our hotel room is about more than just room service and getting pizza delivered at our whim. The smart room lets us book spa sessions, it recommends excursions, lets us know what is on at the nearest theatre that week.

The smart technology is more than just turning down a set of lights, it steps up and becomes our own personal concierge. It suggests what we should do, it lets us know the availability and the price, then it seamlessly books the whole event.

There’s no waiting on the end of a phone for someone to check what they can find out. There’s no need for anyone to get back to us as soon as possible. The answers are all right at our finger tips.

4. Saving the Planet, Whilst on Holiday

It might seem that all new smart hotel technology is aimed at the customer and their ease of use. The use of any IoT device will undoubtedly increase our enjoyment, yet it’s not all about us.

The very same devices are great at reducing the energy usage of a hotel, they can reduce the carbon foot print and make our holidays more environmentally friendly.

Whereas before, we would leave our air conditioning on all day, to ensure that we returned to a cool room. We can turn it on from an app, just as we are leaving the beach and know that in the ten minute walk back through the bar, our room is cooling down to our exact requirements.

The new devices are great at power saving and ensuring that we are only using electricity when we actually need it.

5. Getting Interactive with the Locals

Why would we look at a map and decide where to go for dinner? What would we be able to see from a piece of paper that would make us interested in a restaurant.

What if we could step inside that restaurant and see the views. What if we could see the menu and enjoy a flavour of the ambience?

This isn’t a thing of the future, this smart hotel technology is currently being used in selection of Holiday Inn hotels. Using the hotel’s specifically created app, guests can point their phones at a wall mounted map and see their options. They get to almost experience their dinning before they even leave the hotel.

6. Walking into Your Own Apartment

The perfect hotel room feels like home. We walk in and it doesn’t feel strange. We don’t need to adjust anything. It just seems to fit.

Smart hotel technology has a huge benefit when it comes to the returning guest. Without collecting any private data, the use of the communal devices allows hotels to tailor our experience before we even get to the hotel. Our radios can be set to our favourite stations. The TV’s can be left on our favourite news channel. We could even have the alarm clock set to the time we needed to get up for breakfast the next morning.

7. Then We Get To Share

As we move further into smart hotel technology and guests grow accustomed to using them, we can start to share our own personal choices. We can walk into a smart hotel room and know that it had synced our phones up to the speaker. We can play our Spotify through the hotel room’s Alexa and when we turn on the TV, it has our NetFlix account, ready to let us resume watching Always Sunny.

Smart Hotel Room; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests

In the article “Smart Hotel Room; What Are the Benefits for Hotel Owners and Guests” you will find out more information about how smart hotel systems can actually benefit hotel owners and guests alike.

Video: Example of a smart hotel room

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Appreciating the role of a smart hotel technology is the best way to leverage the unique benefits associated with your hotel. Not only will you enhance the reputation of your brand, but you can rest assured in the knowledge that guests are being provided with a truly memorable experience.

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