The app behind great hotel teams. The most comprehensive hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. We empower hoteliers to automate daily operations, organize workflows and improve team communication. Get more productive with preventive maintenance, checklists, and housekeeping schedules.

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Flexkeeping is a game changer in hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration. We help hotels thrive by digitizing key daily operations.

We are flexible. Completely customizable for your property size and needs. Big or small, we are trusted all across the globe.
We are fully committed. Once everything is set up, we won’t abandon you. Our stellar customer service will never leave you on “Seen.”
We help hotels succeed. Forget overwhelming data. Your reports will focus on the team’s (in)efficiency and direct your attention to where it’s needed the most.

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Hotel Operations Success: Save Time & Money with Housekeeping SOPs

Housekeeping SOPs ⁠(standard operating procedures⁠) and digital checklists are not there to help managers guarantee consistency, accuracy, and quality. Their value lies in saving you time and money by ensuring your housekeeping team is full of hardworking, detail-oriented members. Learn how to unlock the true potential of housekeeping SOPs and download the essential checklists to launch your hotel to success. Why are Housekeeping SOPs & Checklists necessary? Cleanliness is everyone's #1 priority when staying in

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