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About HiJiffy:

HiJiffy is an innovative solution that centralizes, automates, and measures all hotel customer service activities, integrating innovative technology in a simple, reliable, and robust platform, used daily in more than 600 hotels, in 15 countries.

Hotels using HiJiffy have an average automation rate of 70%, being fundamental in a time when the guest’s contacts are more and more complex. With HiJiffy hotels can ensure that they will have instant replies 24/7 digital with the new paradigm of COVID19.

Articles written by HiJiffy:

4 WhatsApp Tips for Hotels to Improve Guest Satisfaction

WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular mobile apps, and the single most popular mobile messaging platform in 128 countries, according to Market Intelligence Insights. Given the fact that hotel guests are rarely far from their smartphones, it is understandable that many want the option to communicate with hotel staff via WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the rise of hotel chatbot technology also makes this a more appealing proposition for hotel owners too. In this post, you

4 Important Hotel Metrics to Measure Your Guest Experience

The majority of hotels tend to ignore that data is essential for their business or tend to think that data gathering and reporting is something reserved for big multinational hotel chains like Accor or Marriott. Yet, the contrary is the case: vital hotel metrics can benefit each hotel. In this article, you will find why having accurate metrics in your hotel could boost your revenue and hotel’s success. Hotel Metrics Essential for Each Hotel The

Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Care

Nowadays, hoteliers can not only rely on their hotels’ amenities, looks, or standardised services, they need to offer more. Happy customers is the key for success in the hotel business. Customer satisfaction is therefore increasingly important and knowing your guests’ needs has become a must for hoteliers. So hoteliers should make efforts to distinguish themselves from the competition. 3 Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Customer Care Below you find 3 useful tips that will help you

How Can a Chatbot Increase Your Direct Bookings?

Hotels often prioritise direct bookings, because they tend to result in wider profit margins and greater overall control. Therefore, many hotel owners are keen to explore new ways to encourage guests to book directly and chatbots are emerging as one of the best options. In this article, you will find out how a chatbot can increase your direct bookings. The Importance of Direct Bookings In order to optimise financial results, hotels try to encourage as